Toyota RAV4 Issues Come Under Scrutiny

As if it didn’t have enough on its plate, Toyota is now coming under scrutiny for denying an extended warranty to owners of 2001-03 RAV4s experiencing transmission failures, according to Wheels. Toyota began an inquiry into the issue last August after more than 300 complaints were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The complaints involved the vehicle jerking, failing to accelerate or suddenly slowing down. Many of the complaints included descriptions of the transmission failure as “dangerous” and “scary.”

It’s important to note that drivers can severely damage their transmissions just by driving poorly and that the transmission is covered under Toyota’s powertrain warranty of six years or 60,000 miles.

California might create a problem, though, if the California Air Resources Board determines that it is unreasonable for the transmissions to fail and create increasing emissions. If California persuades Toyota to offer an extended warranty, owners in other states may feel slighted.

In 2006, Toyota sent dealers a technical service bulletin warning of the transmission problem, but the automaker has never notified owners.

In other Toyota recall news, the Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan Democratic congressman Bart Stupak will hold the chairman’s seat Feb. 23, when the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations examines Toyota’s sudden acceleration recall.

This angered members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee because Stupak moved his hearing ahead of theirs by two days, making it the first government hearing on Toyota’s much-publicized recall. Because Stupak is a Michigan Democrat, his move will surely spark outcry from lawmakers who see Stupak’s ties to Detroit automakers as compromising.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has now joined other governors with Toyota plants in their states to defend the company against recent scrutiny, according to the Detroit News. He wrote a letter to Congress calling Toyota “a valued employer and corporate citizen and an integral part of the Texas economy.”

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is heading to Washington for the hearings as well in a show of support for the automaker.



This proves that Toyotas suffer from the same kind of problems as other cars.Toyotas are not bulletproof,regardless what their brainwashed owners may think.
People buy Harleys not because they are troublefree,but because they "think" they have to.Totally ignoring the fact their satisfaction ratings are at the bottom of the industry. need a reality check.


I tend to agree. I currently have a Toyota and it hasn't been anymore reliable than any other vehicle I've ever owned. In fact, one of my friends just put $5k into her 04 Camry and was shocked because she was under the impression that they will go 100s of thousands of miles without problems.


Toyota's are just like every other car on the road, take care of them and they'll last as long as you need em to. I met a guy once who has nearly 500,000 miles on his 90s Corolla and he showed me all his maintaince receipts, every time a service was due he did it, body and interior was in poor shape though.


It depends. Remember when BMWs and Mercedes seem like they could go forever? It seems like after a car reaches such high popularity, the automaker loses focus on what made the cars popular in the first place, then quality seems to go down. Sometimes the fun factor gets sucked out overtime as well, as the automaker tries to please too many people. I remember my 1991 Honda Accord was a blast to drive and was bullet-proof reliable. You can't say that about the Accord now. It's now over-sized, boring, and I don't think reliability is what it used to be. Same goes for Toyota here...

Derek Bill

Toyota has enjoyed an economic advantage by locating their factories in lower-wage states: the South, where unions have historically weaker influence. Those states have also offered tax and other incentives to draw those factories to their region, at the expense of the economies of Detroit and other Northern towns.

In other words, the playing field has been uneven for years. But of course the South has a centuries-old tradition of exploiting workers, so it's business as usual in Dixie.


In the short-term we'll continue to see more of this as the White House rat, Raul Emmanuel, continues to use the NHTSA as a bully against Toyota. This is fooling no one.

We don't have ANY problems or complaints about the Toyota RAV4-EV, all-electric NiMH SUV last sold in Nov., 2002, and still running strong on the same batteries.

Toyota had to stop making them because Chevron bought control of the battery patents from GM and sued them, the settlement included an agreement that Toyota wouldn't use NiMH for plug-in cars.


Several years ago the real estate bubble burst--now the Toyota bubble.

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