The Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials, About Cars

The big game is over, and everyone outside of New Orleans is back at work talking about the commercials. Here at, we had our own entry in the big game, but we also wanted to weigh in on the other spots that focused on cars. Our top 10 is below; let us know what you thought in the comments.

1. Audi: Green Police
The whole premise of overanxious greenies policing our bad environmental habits was exceptionally well done. Showing off the Audi A3 TDI at the end seemed like an afterthought, though, and it didn’t even list the car’s mileage. It’s 30/42 mpg city/highway in case you’re wondering.

Why is it our top ad? It’s the only one we heard people pointing to as a standout for the entire night’s commercial lineup.

2. Hyundai: 10 Years Strong
In probably his best acting role since “There’s Something About Mary,” Brett Favre from 10 years in the future really resonated with football fans and was a unique way to illustrate Hyundai’s 10-year warranty.
3. Kia: Childhood Friends
It’s likely only parents will recognize some of the characters in Kia’s Sorento spot, but overall the concept still worked for everyone, and it showed off the crossover at the same time. Who would have thought, show the car for more than the last two seconds.
4. VW: PunchDub
The setup of the classic punch bug game, now punch dub, wasn’t established right away, but even we have to admit the final punchline – pun intended – with Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan was pretty funny.
5. Dodge Charger: Man's Last Stand
There’s no doubt that men are likely the target market for the Dodge Charger, especially the Hemi-powered R/T in this ad. But we didn’t know these manly men had been completely emasculated at home. This followed a slightly more sophisticated ad by Dove in somewhat the same vein. But the end of the Dodge ad had more impact, and at least one female staffer thought it was a terrific ad. Another wondered, “Does that mean all Dodge Charger owners overcompensating?”
6. Hyundai: Painted Sonata
Yes, this ad was pretty boring. Yes, associating the name Sonata with classical music is kind of lame. But the red Sonata is a good-looking sedan, and the rest of our choices were pretty forgettable.
7. Bridgestone: Whale of a Tale
Watching the trio of men racing with a killer whale sticking out the back of the truck was funny, and showing how much good tires matter was done well. The line about the bachelor party fell pretty flat, though.
8. Hyundai: Body Pass
How many Hyundai ads were there? A lot. This one tried to highlight the improved quality of the brand’s cars, but was all around a dud.
9. Bridgestone: Your Tires or Your Life
While some ads tried to paint men as inadequate in some ways, this Bridgestone ad was aimed at men who clearly find it OK to devalue their better halves. And even if you come from that mind-set, it still wasn’t funny.
10. Honda Crosstour: Pixalated Squirrel
The graphics and concept were pretty slick, but we had to ask around the office for a 10th car commercial to round out this list, and no one remembered the Crosstour was even highlighted.
By David Thomas | February 8, 2010 | Comments (10)


I'm gonna throw some support behind VW for running 60 minutes of people punching one another. Someone's likely to whine about it being violent or irresponsible, and this is exactly why American automakers don't take chances with their ads. Even if they did produce this commercial, they'd probably pull it at the slightest sign of pressure. That, in the words of Yoda, is why they fail.

(that car) Super Bowl commercial

The Audi (that car) Super Bowl commercial that depicted a "green" police state is an insult. It is not even funny considering the recent events that have led to the erosion of American's personal liberties.

I have not had a desire to own "that car"; however, considering the tone of "that car's" recent commercial, I can say with 100 percent certainty that I will NEVER EVEN CONSIDER buying "that car"!

I will communicate this opinion to people I meet during the course of my business and will be sure "that car" maker's attitude toward their potential customers is known.


The Green Police commercial just shows that if you have enough money, it's easy to be "green". I hate Audi.

Major Fahrter

All I could think of when I saw the Audi commercial is how cramped the people in that little A3 looked. Hyundai had the best spot because of the Farve factor and that Sonata, which really looks good in the commercial. If it looks that good in real life they're gonna send Toyota, Honda and the aforementioned German brand back to the drawing boards.

Glenn H

The paint on the cars in the Hyundai ads were awesome! The best red car I've ever seen.

Glenn H

Did anyone noticed how Toyota was using the old marketing tricks of advertising the Tacoma pickup and never used the word quality at all? Would have been a good time for that apology commercial that ran today.


You missed the point of the commercial as not mentioning the word 'quality' was the whole point. Toyota does not have too as their quality is legendary - even with the recent recall.

I loved the Audi commercial.

Audi managed to poke fun at both over-zealous eco-fascists, as well as unconscientous slobs who like to dig in their heels for their 'right' to pollute. At the same time....some civil libertarians and some environmentalists both think the ad reinforces their respective position! Haha Brilliant. Oh...the car is nice too. I think Audi is very much ahead of the curve.

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