Tested: WeatherTech DigitalFit Floormats

By now you’ve likely seen a commercial or two for WeatherTech’s custom-fit all-weather floormats. You know the ones. They promise the clumsy dad spilling coffee all over the floor that he’ll be saved the shame of ruining his car’s resale value. And that the soccer team can wear their muddy cleats in the minivan.

The commercials seemed too good to be true. So we went out and ordered a set to see if the WeatherTech promise of all-weather protection supremacy is really true.

The first problem we had was just getting the mats. In November I wanted to order a set for our 2005 Passat Wagon as winter approached. No luck. WeatherTech doesn’t make its DigitalFit mats for that model. After my wife and I got our new Subaru Outback on New Year’s Eve, I checked again, and WeatherTech did have mats available for it, so I ordered a set right away, on Jan. 4. A good four weeks later, they finally arrived … or about 16 inches of snow later.
At first glance, spending $159 for front and rear mats plus tax and $18 shipping (which took four weeks) seems high. But a total of $190.69 is still less than all-weather mats from the manufacturer, which typically cost $200.

But how well did they fit?

I was really happy more with the material itself than the fit of the mats in front. There were small gaps on the sides where the commercial promises a perfect fit. Luckily, the biggest gap was on the less-often-used passenger side, and the driver’s mat was tighter. However, the high-wall design will keep small pebbles and salt from getting stuck underneath, despite the imperfect fit towards the seat, which in the photo above is slid all the way back.  

The one-piece rear mat, however, was really well done, and I couldn’t find any noticeable gaps back there. And if you have two young kids, that’s where you want added protection.

The nice thing about the mats is that they’re not super thick yet still feel really durable. The underside is a sticky rubber to help with traction, and the top is hard rubber to help with cleaning.

Our old Outback’s all-weather mats were bulky and had a series of large rubber ruts that made them hard to clean. The WeatherTech mats can be wiped inside the vehicle. Actually, taking them out might be the biggest deficiency.  The rubber is pretty rigid, so when you take it out to dump the dirt off, you have to be really careful or it might dump the dirt right back into the car if not handled properly.

After $190 and a month’s wait, do the WeatherTech mats live up to the commercials’ claims? Yes. Are they going to make you less clumsy or more likely to let muddy kids in your car? No.Weathertechtabs
By David Thomas | February 8, 2010 | Comments (49)
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I just purchased my OEM all weather mats from a local dealer on e-bay. If I would go to them directly it would cost 30% more. But on e-bay they sell it cheap.


At least it doesnt appear those would catch the gas pedal.Try them on a Toyota though to see.

I didn't include the picture of the tabs holding in the driver's mat. I will add it to the bottom of the post. The stickiness of the bottom and the tabs made it feel extremely secure.


I placed my all-weather mats right on top of regular mats without securing them in my Highlander. They haven't moved in a year. The design is such that there is no way for pedal-mat contact. Mats are held with pins on the bottom, which sticks to the regular mats, which is attached to the floor with a special hook.


I bought a set for a 2010 Escape. Love them. Great fit, holds in all the mud and snow. Protects everywhere your feet touch. Did remove a screw holding a trim piece from the front of the driver's seat to fit the mat. I could have trimmed the mat I guess.


My front passenger mat in my 2010 Outback does not have a gap - try pushing it forward a bit.


Are those black or grey mats?


my 2008 enclave has second row bench seating; am trting to decide between the two types of second row floor mats Weathertech offers in their Digitalfit models. Anyone have experience with the ones that have the cutout area for the seat slide channels? Wondering if that would make them counterproductive in keeping second row floor clean?


I ordered Weathertech mats for my 2010 Outback on December 3. Still waiting.

The WeatherTech mats slide like crazy because they have a smooth backside. I install mats all day, and I won't install WT again. I switched my customers to either Husky Liners or Catch-it from Nifty, because they have nibbed backs.


Just bought some for my 2008 Honda Accord. They fit perfectly and took less then a week (ordered direct from Weathertech) from the time I placed the order to receive them.

I've had Weathertech mats in my Element since getting it 2010 and love them. AutoAnything treated me right and they have questions on this page http://www.autoanything.com/floor-mats/64A2002A0A0.aspx. It has some other questions and answers on there from weathertech mat owners. I'm curious to see how they compare to Husky though.

If you need some high quality but cheap 3D car floor mats, you can come to us: http://www.3dautofloormats.com/index.php, we offer nice floor mats.

Karen L

David, Weathertech charges shipping on their site if you buy direct but many auto e-tailers do not. I bought my mats from AutoAccessoriesGarage, they have free shipping and a coupon which saved me a few bucks. Check them out here: http://www.autoaccessoriesgarage.com/Floor-Mats-Liners/WeatherTech

Jim Holley

I purchased of the mats for a 2010 Chevy Silverado Work Truck. The mat on the driver side fits fine and does not move. The mat on the passenger side does not fit and moves anytime anyone enters or exits the truck. This is a safety hazard. I contacted the dealer that sold them and they said they provided the Weathertech part number for my truck and they could not do anything. I sent an e-mail to Weathertech and have not received a response from them. Do not believe their tv ads about perfect fits.


I would never buy these digital fit liners again. They are way too expensive for them to not do what they promise. The passager mat had gaps over an inch where the side runs up along the door frame. My wife cause it to move forward every time she got in my Explorer. After a couple of months, the mat was curved and warped even though they are supposed to hold their shape.

Irina johnsten

runs up along the door frame. My wife cause it to move forward every time she got in my Explorer. After a couple of months, the mat was curved an

Frank Rebelo

I just bought some for my Jeep too from a place called http://www.1aauto.com/. I stumbled across this post when researching them and it helped to convince to go for it. They fit perfectly, and I would definitely recommend them and the place I got them from as well because their prices were good and their service was great. My two cents!

Richard Cozad

I had a hard time deciding what brand of floor mats to buy. I looked at several different sites and the customer reviews. I decided to go with the Husky Weather Beater for my 2013 Camry. They fit perfect!! I am thrilled with the decision. I placed my order on Sunday and they were here on Wednesday. I like the fact that the clips to fasten the factory floor mats are not cut out. That only allowed for stuff to go into. Did I mention that I am happy with my decision!!!

Angela K

I had actually never heard of the WeatherTech floor mats before trying to find some new ones for my old Camry. I'll have to go check them out and see if they have any that would fit my car! It sounds like they aren't a really perfect fit though, especially on the passenger side, so I'll watch out for that.

Angela | http://linexofbourbonnais.com/dealer_other_uses.php

Bruce Odom

The mat for the Honda Odyssey luggage well was warped around the upper edge. It cost over $59 to send the set back, and Weather Tech refused to rebate the cost of returning the mats.

Ken Burge

Just got my WT mats for my 2013 F150. I have to say I was very surprised when I picked the box up, they were very light. For the price I was expecting something similar to conveyor belt heaviness or at least as heavy as the stock mats. These are very thin. The drivers side is snug fit and looks great but the passenger side doesn't fit so tight. Maybe after summer when it gets hot they may warm up and lay down and be fine. I ordered from the website and they were here in 3 days. I'm stuck with em so I hope I can come back and brag on em in a couple of years...just disappointed in the thickness. they are very light.


just bought a set for $400 and to my surprise water flows straight through the mat onto my carpet. Weathertech's response is that is normal and that I need to wipe up the water so it does not soak through the mat. The area where it goes through the mat is the button that snaps the mat to the carpet. Tried to get my money back so I could go buy a mat that actually stops water from getting onto my carpet. Would have stopped more water spreading $400 in paper money on my carpet.

Save your money and don't buy these.

Martyn Lengden

Purchased front liners for our 2014 Mercedes C300. Not money well spent. The design on the drivers side does anything but protect the carpet. There is no lip to speak of around the gas pedal and as a consequence all the dirt, melted snow and salt concentrates in that area and has managed to seep around the edges of the liner further making a mess of the carpet. Far from protecting the carpets this has actually damaged them. Before WeatherTech continue advertising the virtues of their products they should consider a rethink of their engineering. From a very angry owner of a sub-standard product.


Purchased cargo area liner for wagon. I agree that it's not money well spent. While the width is a fit, the length is 7" short. The material feels quite cheap, it's not easy to clean (it's surface is not smooth, which allows for pet's grip, but also dirt and more); the real selling point for me was the promise of "a perfect fit," which it is not.


I ordered both the Husky,and the Weather tech mats. No contest Weathertech wins in all catagories. The spikes on the Huskies hurt, when you come in contact with them. Weather cleans up easier when you go over them with a damp cloth.



Bought a set for my wife's 2006 Grand Caravan, directly from WeatherTech. arrived in 3 days. They fit GREAT, wish I would have bought them sooner, I am sure even with these my wife will manage to still get the carpet dirty...lol


I purchased front and rear weather tech mats for my new truck. I have small kids so good mats were a necessity. the front mats fit great but the rear mats are poorly designed with a lot of exposed carpet. The back is where i really needed a so called digital fit. They said they would only return them if in an unopened box. Poor design and poor customer service. you expect a premium product for a premium price. could have saved myself some money and simply went to walmart


Rick: That is not at all the policy at WeatherTech. Your review is a flat out lie. Walmart attracts your type of low-life being.


**email sent to weather tech will update as things unfold**
to whom it may concern,
on 6/15/2014 i ordered a 1rst row and 2nd row "extreme duty" floor liners for my 2011 nissan maxima sport.
i would like to say i feel like a total sucker for falling for your marketing.the sound of "precision digital laser measurement that ensures a proper fit" is what attracted me.i found this "precise fit" to be a big line of garbage since I see almost an inch of gap in between the floor and the mat.this isnt even mentioning the rear row that pushes down at least a half inch on the hump between the foot wells.
the "rugged durability and excellent grip". ill give you the durability, they seem super rugged.the excellent grip is non-existent.there is nothing stopping these mats from sliding around excepts the now stressed retention anchor.i was surprised to see no little cleats that dig into the existing carpet the help stop the sliding around.
i had called to make sure i was sent the right mats and was given the "sometimes the mats warp in our warehouse"story and tried to pull the corners back that was suggested still wound up with mats that slip and the same amount of gap. that line also would account for the back liner sitting too tall on the hump in the back row.
i dont know if your laser just wasnt calibrated on maxima day but something isnt right.
pics: im also sending a few pictures, the first is my finger in the gap around the edge of the floor mat with the mat forward against the foot well, also a great picture of the anchor stress.the mat slides back and forth in the half inch gap
the second pic is the almost inch on the passenger side
im a skilled tradesman and this level of "precision" would not be tolerated and definitely wouldnt be sold as such.you should be ashamed for selling these at 180$+. when you get a better fit from the 30$ generic throw away you get from kragens.



Jan Beale

I just received the Weathertec digital Custom fit mats for my 2014 Honda CRV. The driver side mat fits fairly well. There is a slight gap on the left side. The right side mat is way too small. If someone sits in that seat, the mat slides back and forth. The rear mats fit perfectly. If you want perfection, you will be disappointed with the passenger side mat. However they do work better than any I found in stores.

Gail Niosi

Purchased WT liners for Buick Regal. No problem with rear mat or passenger side. Driver side has warped pretty bad on the sides and mat no longer secured to floor tabs. Poses a danger, actually.... Because it slides up on gas pedal. Contacted a rep from WT who got back to me right away and sent out a retro kit ( which are a set of plastic washer type pieces that fit over the tabs on the cars floor ( no instructions are in kit)! But did get instructions on how to correct warping...fold inside out, sit in sun, unfold and voila! WHAT?????? R U kidding me?? Yup , these were the instructions I received! My husband then emails and gets a ..."sorry, we only can replace if you purchased directly from us"! Sorry dude, they are still YOUR brand and YOUR brand will not be the brand I purchase next time!!!!


Perfect fit for my new 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek, front and rear mats, no gaps, right on floor anchors. Purchased online directly from Weathertech Canada, fast delivery within 3 working days. Great product.


Ordered WeatherTech W254GR floor mats for our new 2014 Ford Focus. Purchased from Amazon. $58.50 shipping included. Front Mats only. Look & fit good. Will see how they do & hold up this Winter


A danger waiting to happen. The driver side was not secure. The liner, bent in and toward the accelerator petal. Luckily, I was in park at the time. Otherwise, would have gone into a crowded restaurant. Bought a nice auto and wanted to maintain it. Upon concern was told by WT that they could not help us since we went through eBay@WeatherTech.com?????? First choice, American made, but not with this company. Two calls later, they told us to take them out, turn them upside down and blow them with a hair dryer …. we now know where the hot air is coming from.


Purchased these for my 2000 Ford F-250. The front ones are great but the rear ones have a hole in them.

They claim it's because there's supposed to be a jack there however, owning the truck I can tell you there is not. Whether there is several versions of the F-250 I don't know.

Their solution was to send me a piece of material to glue into the hole.

One of the reps was nice and other rep was a real jerk.

Because of my interaction with him, I will never recommend these. There are other companies out there making the same thing.


Robotic vacuum cleaners are great. I bought mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-DHXQnGayk few weeks ago and it is the best.


2011 tundra quad cab perfect fit front and rear, a little slippage on passenger side due to no factory hooks. Fix: self adhesive hook side of Velcro stuck to bottom of Matt 115k carpet still looks never stepped on.
2013 sienna perfect in front. The rear only works with back to rows evenly spaced which give the baby enough room to put feet on back of seat. Wife didn't like that so sent back. Cargo liner didn't offer the coverage I would like
2012 Mazda 3 speed perfect fit front rear and cargo
2013 ram 1500 single cab tradesman, purchase to keep from wearing hole through rubber floor, great fit. As good as can be expected with plastic to rubber connection.
2014 ram 3500 perfect fit front and rear
2015 ram 2500 perfect fit front and rear, wish though on both of the last 2 models they would have extended the rear mats under back seats .
Overall happy with WT products and will continue to purchase.


I ordered these for my wife's 2011 Jeep Liberty. When I received the floor mats they did not have the over the sill piece as stated in their advertising. I did like the quality of everything else and that it would protect the floor, so I decided to try them anyways. BIG mistake. the crack between the sill and the floor mat is a perfect place for your shoes/boots to scrape the snow and debris off, leaving it on the carpet it was meant to protect.

I wrote their customer service and one of their reps did tell me that not all models have that feature of over the sill.

He then went on to tell me how to counter act the effects of the sides leaving a crack it you can remove the mats and do a reverse roll on them to get them back into shape. Well I wrote him back telling him that didn't think that you should have to do that type of correction with a quality product and suggested that he product a video to go along with the rest of their great sales videos.

Buyer beware of this product and company...they seem like a great American Made product on the surface but that's as far as that goes...they don't stand behind their product!.

Ricardo Feliz

I got a 2009 Honda Accord and they always slipping and the dirt is going on to my rugs


I have the floor liners for front and back seats, and the cargo liner for the back of my 2015 Hyundai Sante Fe. Although the cargo liner fits well, the floor liners leave much to be desired. The don't latch onto the floor hooks as they should and consequently, they move back and forth. Considering the entire package cost me well over $300, I expected better. These surely are not laser measured.- I would not recommend weathertech to anyone.


2014 F150 s/crew bought floor liners front n rear fit is perfect only problem is the floor is very flat and small amount of snow n salt easily goes outside liner and is staining the sill plates needed to put the deep groove all weather mats on top of the liners about60% satisfied will contact WT and see what they say


I just purchased a set for both of my vehicles. Neither set are digitally alligned to my vehicles. Not only that the mats themselves do not have the sides that are promised with the add. Very disappointed.


After spending a while doing research and being told "Weathertech Digital Floor liners" are the best mats on the market, I was extremely disappointed with my purchase. I called to inquire about the fit for the Honda Odyssey LX 2012 model and was told they sell them for the vehicle in two pieces. There is a liner for the front and one liner for the back 2nd and 3rd row which comes in one piece. On the website there is a “fit note” in red about that particular model stating there might be a “small gap” when laying down in place. No problem. I can deal with that. However, what the company fails to tell you – is that there are 4 gaps. Two 6 ½” x 3 ¾” and two 9” x 4” which are located in the middle aisle, the walkway to the 3rd row seating that is a serious tripping hazard. Not a “small” size by any means. The reason there is a gap? Simple. The mats are only designed for the top models of the Odyssey (EX and Touring) and not the LX. It would be a perfect fit for those models. After calling customer service to complain, I was told to simple return them. While I appreciate the great customer service … they missed the point. The organization’s entire philosophy is based on being able to articulate to the floor of each vehicle to a perfect fit. If it doesn’t fit – DON’T advertise that it does.

If you appreciate being ridiculed for bringing up the obvious fact, call customer service. Ron and Amanda will tell you that cutting out four pieces of the mat is not a tripping hazard and they don’t see this as a potential litigation. Similar to cutting out 4 pieces of carpet from the middle of your hallway, this “gap” as they call it, WILL pose a risk to anyone walking to the third row. When they get sued (yes – you can still sue in Canada for personal injury, Amanda!) I will be right there saying that you were warned.

The company should be fined for misleading advertising to its clients. BUYER BEWARE!

Kimberly Jones

After 1 1/2 years, these floor mats curl up an become a tripping hazard. They also get in the way of the brake and gas petal. Weather Tech says they have a 3 year warranty, but it is very limited. They will not replace my mats. Since they so not stand behind their product and they are dangerous, I would not recommend these floor mats.


When I brought my car I was all bent on purchasing a set of weathertec mats. When looking at the cost I cheaped out and went for another brand of mats. Given the feedback I'm seeing in this post, maybe I'm glad I didn't spend the money.


Does not fit all cars and they don't stand behind their products but love to take your money and run. They trying to pass off these mats for certain models when in fact they need to do some adjustments/customilization to newer models.

Bob M

We purchased a set of WeatherTech floormats for my wife's 2012 Highlander. One of the best car accessory purchases we've ever made. They fit great, I wish we had purchased them for prior vehicles.

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