Tesla Goes Public but Model S Delayed

Electric vehicle-maker Tesla Motors has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the first step to sell stock for its initial public offering. In the process, it revealed that the highly touted Model S sedan would not be available until at least 2012.

As orders for Tesla’s first EV, the Roadster, continue to taper, Tesla has been accepting down payments for the Model S sedan, a more affordable all-electric vehicle. The Roadster faced similar delays when it was introduced, and as with the Roadster, some people who reserved the Model S have canceled their orders.

Still, Tesla’s plan remains ambitious: Following the Model S, it says it will introduce all-electric SUVs, vans and coupes.

The automaker has a $465 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy, so that might help the company get its sedan on the road by 2012.

A Look Under the Hood of Tesla Motors (The New York Times)

By Stephen Markley | February 2, 2010 | Comments (3)



How "affordable" will the Model S be?

Tesla Motors is making some bold claims in their SEC public filing. Last year’s unveiling of the Model S prototype was exciting, but Tesla has yet to make good on the Southern California manufacturing plant or the production of Model S sedans. Can’t wait to see their electric cars and sedans, much less their SUV’s, vans, and coupes.

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It doesn’t sound like Tesla has much of a choice. Lotus builds the chassis for the Tesla, which is also used for the Elise/Exige. The tooling changes may be necessary to update their own line of cars, while it would be in Tesla’s best interest to vertically integrate chassis production to ensure design flexibility and optimization for their unique platform. I think it is a smart move in the long run- but yes, it poses its risks.

Besides- those intrusive frame rails in the cabin are a pain to climb over!

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