Subaru Lets Dogs Drive in New Ads

Kia has animated hamsters, but Subaru is letting real live dogs drive their vehicles in a series of humorous ads aimed at dog lovers. The concept is built around the fact that 50% of Subaru owners also own dogs. We’re not sure the industry even tracks that stat.

The ads look strange because the car is moving as if a dog were actually driving it, with stilted movements and all. And while the dogs can do some things like pay cash for dog food, they can’t parallel park. There are seven different ads on this Subaru site, but our favorite is the third one, where the two dogs get their parking spot nabbed by a rude kitty.

Subaru: Dog tested. Dog approved.
By David Thomas | February 17, 2010 | Comments (6)



These ads are terrible. It's like they are trying to be weird for the sake of being different.


The commercial really made me stop and look so I guess WIN there but they don't come across quite as "cool" as the Kia ad, although cool hasn't ever really been Subaru's thing. These ads are more like cheap Kia knock-offs if that's possible.


HAHA! those are really cute. you have to be a dog lover to enjoy these. Its funny though now that I think about it but, over half of the Subaru owners I know are also dog owners. Us included. But why only use the Forester? could've added an Outback in there also.


Very clever!!! Loved the first and third one


These commercials were funny, but I hope the dogs and cat were wearing their seat belts.

Pam Mondloch

These are the funniest commercials I've seen in along time..they make me laugh out loud!!!

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