Small Trucks Come Up Short in Roof Crashes


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released a new report saying that of the five small pickups it tested for roof strength in crash tests, only the Nissan Frontier earned its top rating of Good. The Ford Ranger was the only other truck to pass, with a rating of Acceptable. The Dodge Dakota, Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado earned Marginal ratings, the second-lowest score.
Even though the Frontier — also sold as the Suzuki Equator — earned top scores in the roof crush test, it didn’t get a Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS because it earned an Acceptable rating in rear crash tests for neck injury instead of Good, which it received in front and side crash tests as well as the rollover test.
The Ranger and the Tacoma also saw top scores in side crash tests, but during the Dakota’s test, the optional side airbags failed to deploy. The IIHS said this is the first time that has ever happened in a side crash test.



Wow, the Ranger is like a hundred years old and it came in second place. That Dakota airbag thing is scary.



....but the Tacoma's gas pedal stuck after the side impact...
and then the brakes went out.


I am not surprised that the Chevrolet came in last. So much for progress.


another reason to avoid driving daily those vehicles not intended for passengers. i wish people who drive fast/recklessly in pickups would take these types of reports to heart. those dang things are meant for work; they are not safe and are not meant to drive well.


Oh please, it took 2.9X its own wieght on the roof before it crushed, it only looks liek that because they do untill its crushed. Its well above the minimum, i love how little studies like this try and make the loosers seem unsafe, when they are well above minimum saftey requirements. This study means nothing except nissan frontiers are the best bet if you seem to keep getting in roll overs.

I believe in Dodge one. Though its on 3rd but I will go with it. Safety wise it is better than other.

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