Scion tC RS 6.0 to Debut at 2010 Chicago Auto Show

The limited production Scion tC Release Series 6.0 will debut at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, according to Scion. Scion will build only 1,100 units of the tC RS 6.0, and each will be marked by an individually numbered stainless steel badge.

Painted Speedway Blue, the tC RS 6.0 comes with a number of enticing features, including an Alpine Premium Audio system, touch-screen navigation system, black fabric interior with blue highlights and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The limited edition Scion has an MSRP of $18,620 for a manual transmission and $19,420 for an automatic. These prices do not include a destination fee of $670. The models will arrive on dealership lots in March. More photos below.




as much as i like the current tC, is there any notion of a successor or restyle?


Thought about getting one a couple years ago. Too bad it has neither the guts to back up its looks, nor the fuel economy to match its impotence.


Owning a Scion is about individuality, any Scion owner would tell you that. Many tC's have the power plus the fuel economy. My tC for instance pushes over 400WHP if you know what that mean.


20k for a disguised Corolla? OMG...


Still no electronic stability control?

A serious omission.

Toyota: What's up with you?



When they said 6.0 I thought it had a 6.0L V8 engine. hahahahaha


^yeah, maybe they snuck a LS2 in there.


very familiar with the concept of "WHP." You obviously have no trouble controlling that on your FWD TC? With that degree of boost on an engine that size, what kind of lifespan do you anticipate on the engine, tranny, CV joints, etc? The car obviously wasn't built for it - we are not talking about a last-gen Supra.
Oh, and good luck going through emissions testing. You can put a big-block in a Pinto, that doesn't make it a good car, either.


The tc engine is built to take such amount of pressure and abuse, as the transmission as well. Toyota wouldn't have came out with a supercharger if the engine couldn't hold it. Kenny Tran "if u know who that is" is pushing over 700hp with a stock crank pulley with his race prep Nitto tc.

gary-bishara lucas

What a shame most comments are
correct they already have a blue tc.The rs 2.0 this model is a waste my graphics are similar.The grills are better.
Also my plate is BLUETC this car is a waste.

terence hall

so i am taking it that there is nothing good about this car i have a tc i just like the way this car is setup like the seats i seen one in Bmore and that thin looked bad ass this one was black and red then i went to a different car dealer and asked them about one and thay looked at me like i was dumb i have moved to ga and went to the scion dealer and ask them and thay looked at me the same way so i guess what i am trying to say is scion must not want to tell alot of dearships

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