Recall Alert: 2005-06 Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Grand Caravan

Chrysler is conducting a recall of 312,442 Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans from the 2005-2006 model years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This is for vehicles originally sold or currently registered in Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Alaska and the District of Columbia.

A front crash sensor may crack in certain cold environments and allow water to leak into the sensor, causing it to fail. This will illuminate the airbag warning light, at which point the owner should get the vehicle serviced. If the front crash sensors don’t work, the airbag may fail to deploy in an accident.

Chrysler will replace the front airbag sensor with a new one with an improved design for free. The campaign will not begin until June, however. Owners may contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.


Mike bremer

so we have to wait till june to get this fixed what if we get in an accident before than and our airbag dose not deploy they should fix them all immediatley we live in michigan and there is snow so there is a greater chance of an accident


i think thay should do it now instead of waiting until June.and accident could happen before that than what.i have the 2005 dodge grand caravan


This explains why this wasn't mentioned when I took it in for the last oil change. It's a big big secret...


Imgaine that, I had to already replace mine in 2008 and now it needs replaced again. I called chrsylar when I replaced it the first time and they didn't want to do anything. I'm not waiting till June to get it fixed again.


my airbag light is on i did get hit this winter by a snow plow no my airbag didnt deploy it cost me $90.00 dollors to get it check just for the to tell me they were doing a recall on them so now i am out 90.00 dollors


My T&C back tail light cover keeps falling off when it get hot here in Las Vegas. It costs me $150.00 every time I have to replace it. Do they only use glue or is it a defect with the cover? I hate this van and cant wait ti trade it in for a non-chrysler car.


The taillights are one piece assemblies with (yes) separately applied lenses.As with many vehicles,the lenses are not the same material as the rest of it.Maybe you should try automotive GOOP and reglue it yourself for $5.00.A lot of shops are full of rushed techs who are given little time to carefully repair anything it seems,even something as simple as a taillight.I know,I worked at a dealership back in the day.

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The information was really helpful i need to get my vehicle for the replacement soon. But i have not yet seen this problem



Gerard Roberts

I will NEVER buy a Chrysler product again. The tail light lense covers just fall right off because of the cheap glue they use to put them together. What JUNK. The rack and pinion had to be replaced. The water pump. The new serpentine belt (couple hours' use) just shredded. The rear brake calipers had to be replaced...all this on a van that JUST went out of warranty. American made crappola. NEVER AGAIN. Chrysler sells junk!!!!

T&C Owner

Agreed with Gerard

matha weems

2005 caravan. had to replace disk early to mountain driving.Tires was next. We just had to replace oxy/sensor, light and bad gas milage. On going is a/c drain leaks into floor and carpets. Was repaired ? by dealer last year but was closed by Obama. Fair car at 70 k.

The information was really helpful i need to get my vehicle for the replacement soon. But i have not yet seen this problem

I would think that if the airbag isn't working that it should be fixed as soon as possible. I remember my car getting recalled once because there was a fault in the breaks, but luckily they were willing to fix it right away. David I agree that car repairs like that should be first priority.


have a 05 grand caravan.the brakes skid when i apply the is up with that.the guy i bought from said he just changed the rear pads.i took the tires off to check and nothing looks wrong.any help with this problem?

Barbara Kinsler

2006 Town 'n Country have to replace pads every 3500 miles. Rotors replaced every eight thousand miles. Have replaced left side axle and right side axle twice. Power steering pump replaced 80000 miles. Now rack and pinion steering whining. Car charger shorting out which means altenator is going bad. spark plugs won't stay in. Egr valve is bad. Transmission is jumping. I've hated this van since it hit 30000 miles. Always something and can't afford to trade.


its about time front sensors are replaced. When I had my town and country i had to fight to get 6 new sensors on because they would go bad. I had so many problems with the van that after 2 years of buyung it new i traded it in. best thing i ever did.


Our taillight lens keeps falling off too! We've had red tape on it for over a year because I don't want to spend the $120.00 to repair just for it to fall off again. Is there somewhere I can go to make a formal complaint so maybe this can be recalled or fixed properly?


I have a 2005 Grand Caravan SXT. Every year I have to replace bushings in the front end because it sounds like the front end is falling apart, power locks quit working which cost $150 to fix (this is a common problem which SHOULD be a recall) and every other year I have to replace a wiring harness for the power sliding doors which costs about $250 each door every time. Can't wait to dump this poorly engineered pile of junk! I will never buy another Chrysler product again!!


I dont know what you all are complaining about I have a 2005 town and country with currently 250,000 miles and hardly had anything go wrong with it besides simple things like water pump less than 100 miles ago and new power steering pump and a couple sets of tires. Sorry for your bad luck hopefully you all have been taking care of it. My wife still drives it over 100 miles a day for school and it runs like new.

harry morales

I have a 2005 town country my check engine is on a replace all sensor tha pop up on the scanner now pepboys to 'll d mebis the flex plate on the trans and they tokd me is very commond on this van? Thi se any bhai ody know if there is a recall on this parts please let me know. Thanks.

I have an 2001 grand caravan the noly issues I have had it front stabilizer bushings and links replaced a few times and one front strut mount other than regular wear items. It has 230,000 miles and best vehicle I ever owned.

Deb Jones

My '05 T&C seems to always have something wrong with it.They don't always seem like normal, average problems. A week out of warranty the rack and pinion went. I haggled with Chrysler and they ended up paying 50%. My power locks went. I solved this by finding the fuse controlling them and replacing it. Sometimes I have to take the fuse out and put it back in every time I drive. Sometimes not for a year. The motor controlling the driver's side window went. That was over $300. Sometimes the odometer goes nuts. My gas gauge won't light up. Sometimes the headlights won't come on unless I turn them on and off a couple of times. Anybody want to buy a possessed van?


I have a 2006 Town and Country and my airbsg light came on while pulling out of a friends driveway. I didnt know thete was a recall and paid a local mechanic to fix it. Im wondering if I should have a Chrysler dealer check that it was repaired correctly.

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