J.D. Power Finds Lexus and Hummer Tops in Customer Service

For 2010, J.D. Power and Associates split its Customer Service Index Study into luxury and mass market categories, with Lexus winning the luxury brand and Hummer at the top in the mass market column. Even before the news that Hummer was shutting down came to light Wednesday, the least expensive vehicle it sold was the H3 starting at $33,390.

In the luxury category, Lexus was followed by Cadillac, Jaguar, Acura and BMW. For mass market, GM took six of the top seven spots, with defunct Saturn in second place followed by Buick and Chevy. (Mini rounded out the top five.)

Keep in mind that the Customer Service Index says nothing about the quality of the brands. It simply measures maintenance service or repair work at the dealerships during the first years of ownership. J.D. Power’s criteria include service quality, service initiation, service adviser, service facility and vehicle pickup.

While this year’s study showed the industry improving overall, J.D. Power cautions that low volumes in the service bay could have something to do with this because of the downturn in new-car sales.

Check out both luxury and mass market rankings after the jump.




Nissan sales and service department are the worst I have come across, especially ABC Nissan and Midway Nissan of Phoenix. I own a Nissan but will never buy one again.


So doesn't this imply that Lexus and Hummer vehicles are more likely to have been serviced? It's sort of a back-handed compliment, at best.

Don B,
Not at all. I don't think they take into account the amount of servicing in their surveys.

If you're in more often that should negatively impact your opinion of the service I would think.


This is one of those meaningless JD Power surveys that they come up with for the sole purpose of generating revenue. JD Power used to be a respectable firm but now they're like KBB a real joke.

Use Less

Hummer? Are you aware that they're on the verge of shutting down?

Another useful article!


Our sales guy is great but our service dept. is not that good at our Chevy dealer. Based on what is said here maybe time to give another one a try, there looks like hope. We like our cars but hate dealing with the service dept. and they have not done anything to make us feel like an appreciated customer.


im not suprised to see chevy, ford or honda above average on customer satisfactions. i am suprised, however, to see dodge, infinity, and volvo, at the bottom.


We currently have a Traverse and Maxima but will never again buy from Nissan or Chevrolet. We have tried multiple dealers and have found all of the Service depts to be lousy. Our Traverse has a door rattle that three dealers can't fix and now we're being told that "it'll go away on it's own over time"! My Maxima has had two transmission leaks in only 19,000 miles and the dealer tried to claim it's from us starting it in cold weather!

We are going back to Honda and Subaru where our local dealers always told us the truth and treated us with respect. We highly regret not staying with them.


I just wonder if the numbers are base on the same number of surveys for each manufacturer or is it random and some have more surveys done than others. It seems odd that the top 6 out of 7 are GM. Did they have more surveys submitted than the other brands? And if so...it tells me the other brands don't have to visit the dealership for repairs as often.


Those Mass market surveys must've included Rental car outfits. My GM dealer experiences still rate the worst while my Ford dealer has been a complete 180 from that; excellent.

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