Japanese, U.S. Governments Investigating 2010 Toyota Prius

In the past no one took much notice of a government department starting an investigation into a specific defect, but because of the heightened attention to the recent Toyota recall, we’re seeing more of it.

Today the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration joined the Japanese government in investigating the brakes of the 2010 Toyota Prius. Japanese officials said there were 14 complaints in total, but 13 of them happened over a two month period, an unusually high amount.
NHTSA says it has received 100 complaints about Prius brakes in the U.S. In 2009 Toyota sold 139,682 Prius hybrids in the U.S. The nature of the complaints wasn’t released, so we don’t know if owners are saying the brakes failed completely or didn’t respond properly. The Prius does use regenerative braking as part of its hybrid system, reacting slightly differently from traditional brakes when depressed.

LaHood: U.S. looking at Prius brakes (Detroit News)



It just shows that the well forgotten concept of "Don't buy first year model" is still pretty much actual.
When you buy a car brand new, you risk more then when you buy second or third year.


Tony I agree unless of course you are talking about Chrysler or GM. In my experience they refuse to address engineering defects until year 3 or 4 or sometimes not at all. That's why I would never buy a Chrysler auto again but would consider GM as they seam to have changed.


This whole Toyota situation is absurd. What really frightens me is the steps the government took to force Toyota to recall their vehicles. This embarrassment was totally overblown and frightening when our government bought its share in GM. Folks, this is a classic smokescreen. Your Toyota is fine. This is government interfering with the market for its own gain.


Gotta love all those finger pointing from non-engineering public. The issue is clearly not completely Toyota's fault (The sticking pedal). CTS shall own a big share of the blame as Toyota has more than 1 supplier and none of them has the issue except CTS? Guess what happens when Toyota do go down in US? We are looking at a total global economy meltdown.

Another bad break (no pun intended) for them. I really like their video that was released by the COO on the previous recall. At least they publically acknowledged the mistake and made it a priority to fix the issue.

Toyota car owners are mad and they don’t want promises for adjusted accelerator pedals or new brakes, they want answers
in addition to their cars being fixed and they want it all now.
Already in hot water over what they knew and when,Toyota better step up and deal with the issues at hand,we are not talking toy cars here!
Check out this article and keep up to date with the latest news and like I did!

In my opinion, Toyota has many car models that a customer would like to buy than this car even if its in a new brand case.


first the floor mats and now the brake issue ib prius... and "Toyota has admitted that they knew about it and did nothig" that says it all

Toyota is recalling certain model year 2010 Toyota Prius and Lexus HS250H passenger vehicles. Customers have experienced inconsistent brake feel after ABS actuation during slow and steady application of the brakes on rough or slick road surfaces. Stopping distances may be increased compared with a customer's expectation for a given pedal force. Vehicle stopping distances may increase relative to a customer's expectation increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will rewrite the programming of the ABS control unit free of charge.

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