Governors With Toyota Plants Defend Automaker

Governors with Toyota manufacturing plants in their states have come to the defense of the embattled automaker. Four governors sent a letter to the congressional representatives who will lead hearings about Toyota’s recalls and service issues.

"It is unfortunate and unfair that Toyota has fallen victim to aggressive and questionable news coverage of these issues when the real story is how quickly Toyota identified the problems, found solutions and delivered those solutions to its dealers worldwide," the letter says. It also referenced “the federal government's obvious conflict of interest because of its huge financial stake in some of Toyota's competitors.”

The governors included Democrat Steve Beshear of Kentucky and Republicans Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Bob Riley of Alabama.

Not among the letter’s signees were Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, where the Toyota Tundra is built; Gov. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, where Toyota has a facility; and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, where Toyota has its North American headquarters. Spokesmen for Perry and Manchin each told the Associated Press that the governors would be writing their own letters.

A House committee had planned to hold a hearing into Toyota's recalls on Wednesday, but it was postponed due to inclement weather. It has been rescheduled for Feb. 24.

In other Toyota news, President Barack Obama made his first public comment on the Toyota recalls, telling Bloomberg News that while automakers have an obligation to act “quickly and decisively” when public safety issues are at stake, he didn’t have an opinion on Toyota’s actions thus far. “That’s going to be investigated,” he said. He went on to say that “Toyota has been an extraordinary automaker for a very long time, and I suspect that they will continue to be, despite this recent glitch.”

4 Governors Ask Congress to Be Fair to Toyota (Associate Press)

By Stephen Markley | February 11, 2010 | Comments (12)



I'm glad our rookie President didn't stick his foot in his mouth like he did with the Cambridge cop incident. I guess you can say he's learning.


Although I agree with a lot of people that Toyota didn't handle the recent recall problems very well, I think people need to move on and stop putting so much attention on it. They're fixing the cars, cooperating with the government, and doing it's best to clean this mess up. We need to stop blaming Toyota for everything (even though majority of it is there fault). There are people dying in Haiti everyday yet ever since this whole Toyota recall came up that's all media attention has focused on that.


I can’t help but take a little joy in the misery of both the Toyota and Honda car manufactures and their dealers. For years, both Toyota and Honda allowed their dealers to routinely tack add-ons to the sticker prices of their cars at outrageous markups, in addition to MAP (Market Adjustment Price) which was just another way of cheating the customer out of his/her money. A Honda dealer in Fort Bend County had on his Civics, $295 for pin stripe tape, $295 for mud flaps, $295 paint protection and MAP of $1000. (I guess if you want an inexpensive fuel efficient car, you are going to have to pay a lot for it.)

I read that Toyota and Honda dealers are actually willing to deal on their cars. What a huge change in attitude just four weeks makes. And making matters worse is that other manufacturers/dealers smell blood in the water which creates an opportune time to grab market share by stealing Toyota and Honda customers. It may also be a wake up call for everyone who buys cars to expand your selection based upon facts not feelings or family. Just because Grandma had a good Toyota in 1990, does not mean in 2010 Toyota cars are any better than anyone other manufacturer.

I also find it strange that the Toyota Republicans, who couldn’t have cared less about the automobile manufactures of the Detroit 3, now are concerned about the welfare of automobile manufacturers. The difference today is that the automobile manufacturers are in their congressional districts and not in Michigan’s. I guess those over paid, lazy non-union bums just can’t build a quality car. Does this sound familiar? If not remove non from the above sentence and you will recognize it.


As a Democrat I'm glad the Gov of Kentucky is standing up for Toyota. Toyota is the American car company that all Americans can be proud of. That's why we buy tons of them year in and year out.

Hi,I saw from Japan.
Toyota Prius and other hybrid car's recall taken up the report on a large scale also in U.S.


"who couldn’t have cared less about" -sugarland

THANK YOU! Finally, someone who understands that saying "I could care less" means you actually care some!

*grammar rant over*

Toyota has been an extraordinary automaker for a very long time, and I suspect that they will continue to be, despite this recent glitch.


Just another political game...


One poster writes, "As a Democrat I'm glad the Gov of Kentucky is standing up for Toyota. Toyota is the American car company that all Americans can be proud of. That's why we buy tons of them year in and year out." <---- Speaks volumes about the depth of thought of the dedicated Toyota buyer. Toyota is a Japanese car company that employs Americans in some states. It is an insult to believe that this is an American car company. Besides, if it is American, why are their vehicles listed as imports, not domestics by CR, MT, C&D and all news sources?


Glad to see more gullible people blaming the dealers' tactics onto the manufacturers.

Just another perfect example of: It is not my fault to be stupid.


Hey J, read this.

Christopher Tinto , vice president of regulatory affairs in Toyota's Washington office, and Christopher Santucci, who works for Tinto helped persuade the NHTSA to end probes including those 2002-2003 Toyota Camrys and Solaras court documents show. Possible links between Toyota and NHTSA may fuel mounting criticism of their handling of defects in Yoyota and Lexus models tied to 19 deaths between 2004 and 2009. Bloomberg News.

eric c

till toyota stops hiding behind the sticky gas pedal pedal trapping carpet excuse and deal wityh the very real electronic problem and stop deniying it then you could convince me that they are actually fixing the problem. btw i didn't mean to offend members of the toyota defense force

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