Chicago Blackhawks 2010 Chevy Camaro Photo Gallery

Earlier today we told you all about the one-off custom Chevy Camaro created as a tribute to the Chicago Blackhawks. We've gotten to see the car in person and have a wealth of photos of the car below. Enjoy.



Chevy should have done a Saints Z28 version in black and gold - that would be cool. For the record I'm a Jets fan and drive a Dodge truck, but cool is cool and this Blackhawks version is not it.


Damn that's hideous.

Then again I don't like Mullets or 80's hair metal either so maybe I'm not their target customer.

Stans an Idiot!

Sick car!! very good job! couldnt have dont it with a better team great choice and bestifuk car! stan ur and idiot go drive ur dodge truck into a snow back, well this beauty flys by u!

Glenn H

Just Googled to discover the Blackhawks were an NHL team. Seemed more appropriate to have gone with a more popular sport like NFL, NBA, MLB, or heck even NASCAR. I hope this theme does not catch on. Did not think GM would want to invite controversy using sports team with Native American mascot. Just my two cents. Nice paint job though.


You've got to be kidding me. Hockey is one of the most popular sports and our Blackhawks are just awesome and if you don't know who they are then obviously you don't watch tv. Our team has many guys going to the olympics as well...Youngest team in hockey.Every game sold out since early 2009.. Besides, they're the only team in Chicago going anywhere. If you're from Chicago then you should know that...Chicago Auto Show - get it????? Why use a losing team to put on such a cool car!

GM tries so hard to be middle America, while the rest of the world is passing them by.

hawk fans

time for you people to crawl out from under your rock.the blachawks are the hottest team in chicago and this is the sickest camaro out there.great job!THANK YOU ROCKY!!!


Would look even better with the Stanley Cup riding shotgun!

McCormick Place

This 2010 Camaro was created by local aftermarket parts manufacturer RealWheels Corporation. Down the Camaro’s side is a graphic commonly called a hockey stripe, which is used here at the highest level of appropriateness. The ‘Hawks theme carries inside with custom-sewn seats and the Blackhawks insignia etched into billet on the door sills.

If you’re a die-hard Blackhawks fan, you’ll be glad to know you can take this Camaro home by registering for a chance to win it at the 2010 Chicago show. Public days at Chicago’s McCormick Place run Feb. 12-21.

Stevie G

Glenn H - hug another tree between watching Oprah and Dancing with the Stars, you PC nerd. I'm a mutt with American Indian blood and love the HAWKS and wish they'd bring CHIEF. MLB is a major HOHUM and NBA is infested with rap gangsters. ILL INI, Go Hawks, Go Bears! Ohoh, PETA may be watching


My one gripe on this car, the hood emblem is monotone, not full color!? The Logos on the armrest and hockey stick stripes are in color.
Kinda ruins the look for me...I'll still enter to win one. Free is free.

Ray Hawk fan since 69

Beautiful car GM and Hawks....Need a white one also ....2013...Problem Canadian Hawk fans couldn't apply to Contest...Gm Canada needs one also ....Hawks fan Forever

Chevy should have done a Saints Z28 version in black and gold - that would be cool. For the record I'm a Jets fan and drive a Dodge truck.

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