Lists the 10 Little Things That Count in a Vehicle

We test hundreds of cars every year at, and there are certain features that our reviewers have just grown to love. These aren’t high-end options like DVD players; they’re the little things. From one-touch power windows to a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, these are the small amenities that can make all the difference in the driving experience. Check out the full list, and then let us know if we missed anything. Something tells us that readers will have their own thoughts on those must-have features.

Top 10 Little Things That Count (

By Stephen Markley | February 1, 2010 | Comments (7)


H P baxter

Back up camera's, USB ports? Go back to the basic's guys. Rear defrosters, keyless entry, and auto lock/unlock doors. 3 things I miss on my classic '65 Cuda. Not to mention ABS brakes.

HP Baxter
this list was for things many automakers don't have today. Rear defrost is standard on all cars. Most cars now come with ABS and keyless entry too.


Home link. My 02 passat had it standard. My 2010 Outback Premium doesnt. Missed it the first time i went home. My subie Stickered for 27K and it wasnt included.


I like 2 cupholders in the center console. I know this may seem simple, but I use one for my cell phone and the other for a caffeinated beverage. I missed this when I drove my grandmother's '93 Cutlass Ciera, and it only had one flimsy cupholder that flipped out of the center armrest.


Something that might be tied in with the backup camera might be parking sonars. My sienna LE has it.


Keyless access


Are you people really too lazy to hold a window button down? Heaven forbid a window crank. Back up camera? How about turning your head? Heated seats? How about some long johns instead? All the "must have" stuff is the reason cars are so overpriced.

Two words for you guys. Lazy. Spoiled.

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