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You can browse’s vehicle listings and access many of our most popular features on any smartphone, but today we launched a new app specifically for the iPhone. The app not only lets you navigate our listings, but you can browse through them with geolocation enabled so you can get directions to a dealer with a single touch. 

You can also save your favorite listings, dealers and search parameters such as price range and year.


Once you find an interesting listing, you can add notes to it, like how it ranks on your search. There’s also an option to add your own photo to the listing if you see it in person and want a reminder of a feature that stood out.
You can download the free app at the iTunes store by clicking here.
If following the latest car news on the go is your thing, you can visit the mobile version of KickingTires at "" and create an icon on your iPhone homepage.
By David Thomas | February 4, 2010 | Comments (30)
Tags: Car Gadgets



Does it work on the Ipod Touch?


Will other smartphones be able to download a similar app on their phones, such as the droid or a Blackberry?

as far as I know there are no planes for other apps specific to other smartphones, but our mobile site is optimized for both blackberry's and other touch smartphones that aren't iPhones so check it out. Just go to on your BB and hit the call to action for the mobile site.

When using CARS.COM on iPhone and saving cars, what login name is the iPhone using? I don't recall signing up on the iPhone, but I want to be able to access my saved cars on my laptop, that were saved when using CARS.COM on my iPhone.

I must be missing something....Anyone?


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Free iPhone App was definitely very good and many would like that application. It is very useful applications.

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Am I the only one that noticed the app is not really an app? It's HTML. Just like this page. It's not an app people! It's a bookmark.

I know there are no planes for other apps specific to other smartphones, but our mobile site is optimized for both blackberry's and other touch smartphones that aren't iPhones so check it out.

Now whats cooler - the car or the app? :D

wow Jack really? just a bookmark? i will try it out. thanks

wheres to download the free application?

I tried to search more on google about this but found nothing. Any suggestions?

Absolutely fantastic app! There is an app for almost everything these days.

Melissa Morris

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Thanks for sharing!

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Do you have a german version from this site.

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I love seeing blog that understand the value. I’m glad to have found this post as it’s such an interesting one! I am always on the lookout for quality posts and articles so i suppose I’m lucky to have found this! I hope you will be adding more in the future...

we really enjoyed the app. thank you.

Thanks for sharing this app. I am very impressed with this app. We can easily find suitable cars and their complete details with a single touch. According to my opinion this app should also be developed for smartphone as well.

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