First Official Pictures: 2012 Chevrolet Aveo

Last month, GM showed off the Chevrolet Aveo RS at the Detroit auto show as a sneak peek of the upcoming compact car. Here are the first official photos of the production version.

The Aveo, whether in sedan or hatchback form, has been a source of cheap wheels for car shoppers for years, but the new Aveo looks to be a significant upgrade in style and materials. Chevrolet wants to make it something more than just an affordable choice. The design of the sedan shown here is sharp, with a handsome front end that offers something on par with Ford’s new Fiesta. The interior — shown in images below — looks to follow the trend of the Chevy Equinox in terms of improved materials and design. The offset analog tachometer and digital speedometer are unusual.

It's too early to know how the new Aveo will be priced, but from what we see here, the new Aveo looks much better positioned to challenge models like the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa and the upcoming Fiesta.

First Official Pictures: Next Chevrolet Aveo



Chevrolet Aveo RS: Up Close
Chevrolet Aveo RS: Video

By Mike Levine | February 23, 2010 | Comments (34)


Ace Convoy

looks promising and I would buy one of these over the fiesta sedan..

I actually liked the past two aveo's and now it's hotter

But I own a 94 Taurus GL sedan what do I know


Much nicer but I have a feeling the price tag will reflect that as well. Hope the engine is upgraded as well. The current engine has had loads of problems.


I really like it, too! Would have to really give it s close look compared to the Fiesta...102 mph? Was it falling when they took the interior shot?


The speedometer looks like an XM Satellite Radio receiver, but hopefully it will sell well.


Are these official as in released by GM or official as in rendered by an aspiring Romanian designer? :)


Another Daewoo by any other name is still a Daewoo....


I like this...I prefer the 5dr model, but the sedan IS attractive, and with OnStar (speaking for myself) this combo is apparently a winner for Chevy...time will tell, though.


Headlights look like they were lifted off a Evo X


Great looking exterior, looks much better than the Cruze (which really makes no sense).
That speedo/tach is hideous. A dealbreaker for me.


Dave T.,

Did Lutz give any other information during this presentation like production engines, start of production?

Ace Convoy


My mom's explorer can outrun that thing at 102 MPH


This isn't a Daewoo. It's being built in America.


They stole that interior right out of the Fiesta. The Fiesta is cooler looking though. This new Aveo is an inprovment over the current generation, but it looks too much like the Cruze.


This car look like a Mitsubishi Lancer 08 and up except the Lancer is way better looking car and its way better car. If Chevy is trying to do the same Kia did with the Forte thet arent doing well because in kia's case they did great

This is one mean, aggressive sedan. Add a supercharger and 19-inch rims, and you are set to smoke those other sedans.

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Looks stunning. Good work GM!


I see Chevy is sticking with that awful looking dual grill. Count me out as a customer.


Nice Mitsubishi headlights. The rest of the profile looks like a Suzuki sx4 sedan though.


Mitsu headlights? Lancer?
May be, but only, one with Grave's disease.

Looks like people are ready to put their eggs into this basket without even understanding what is it made of. In the end, this is "government motors" and it alone is enough for me to dismiss it no matter how good it is. I have loyalty to private business.
It looks good besides the speedometer. The digital speedometer is a big no-no to me. This is old trick, which was only popular for short time 20 years ago. Analog is much more elegant design.


I heard the speedo is mounted on the steering wheel column and moves with the steering wheel. Different...odd but different. I could see it priced around 16K since the Cruze will likely be around 19-20K.


The headlights remind me of my 2003 Hyundai Elantra.

The front is very lancer looking.


Since when did the General farm out design to Mitsu?



Private business didn't do very well for GM: They were making bad cars and losing tons of money. There's a reason the government had to step in to save it.

GM is making money now, adding jobs and making some sort of progress. This Aveo, according to reports, will be built in the USA. The "private" Aveo was made in Korea.

If you ask me, Government Motors is an improvement in every measurable way. I don't care who owns it and how you feel about our president, they're a better company now than they were under private ownership.


I actually think it looks more like a Volvo S40 or a C30.

That interior, though... doesn't work for me.


i just hope it drives better...also needs to have rear disc brakes and ESC.

"To Tony'You Need To Get a Life'Why don't You Crap & Step In It With Both Feet.


definitely a sharp looking car. i see a little mitsu up front and volvo in the profile. overall i think it works. the interior looks sharp too. i don't think the instruments are any stranger than the civic's dual cluster, but i'll reserve judgement until i drive it in person. i'm curious about the arm rests on the doors. are they hard plastic or soft?


Looks great. I own a 2006 Aveo (as well as a Mustang and Escape) and am very pleased with the Aveo. I run it to death and have had no problems. So don't understand comments about engine problems? Plus has the 100k warranty. Will wait for the 2012.

Great content and it's so helpful for me. But it's so weird that you blog is in a mess through my explorer. Is that my explorer problem? But it's pretty normal when exploring other blog.

by Air Yeezy

Aveo looks good and it's nice to hear the affordable price.But then,it's competitive with other known brands in the market.I'm excited for its launch and will keep checking your blog for updates.


where am i gonna put my turnpike ticket?

Amazing car. I am not a big fan of Chevrolet, but this car definitely change my opinion. And the price is affordable.

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