2011 Ford Mustang Lineup Priced

Now that the Chicago Auto Show is in full swing and we’ve seen the 2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with our own eyes, we now have pricing for every model, and almost every option. The 2011s go on sale this spring.

The new V-6 base car will start at $22,145 versus the 2010’s $21,395 starting price. Destination charge is an additional $850. The $750 price bump is modest, considering the new V-6 gets 305 horsepower and 30 mpg highway, while the 2010 was hampered by an aging engine putting out just 210 hp and getting just 26 mpg highway. Learn more about the 2011 V-6 here.
The new GT with a blistering 412 hp will start at $29,645 versus the 2010 priced at 28,395. That extra $1,250 gets you nearly 100 more hp. Destination is also set at $850. For more on the 2011 updates, go here.

And what about that Shelby GT500? The 2011 Coupe will start at $48,645, while the convertible will start at $53,645. The 2010 models started at $46,725 and $51,725 respectively. More on the 2011 GT500 can be found here. Destination for the GT500 is also $850, and taking some sting out of the higher GT500 price is that the 2011 is no longer subject to a gas-guzzler tax.

What about all the options, navigation, special packages and even wheels? Well, you can build your own Mustang on Cars.com by using this link. So gearheads can be satisfied right away, the SVT Performance Package for the GT500 will cost an extra $3,495 and includes beefier suspension and an offset wheel and tire package with 19s up front and 20s in the back.

We so can’t wait ‘til winter is over.
By David Thomas | February 15, 2010 | Comments (8)



I was planning on buying the new Camaro until I test drove it and discovered it's too claustrophobic for my liking. I was never anti-Ford but not much of a fan either until I test drove a Mustang. I was sold within two minutes. The interior is really high-quality and the pricing is really attractive. I placed an order for '11 V6 fully loaded for about 25k out the door. Based on my shopping around I think I got a bargain. The Mustang offers a lot for the money. Ford is not what I thought they were and that's a good thing.


I'm sure the Ford dealers will tack on another $10K onto the MSRP just to make their "reasonable" profit and call it market pricing.


^If there are idio- I mean customers out there willing to pay 10,000 extra, why not?

A car is like anything else- it's worth what ever someone will pay for it.

RC, reviews from this site CARS, they said not only is the new Camaro a heavier car but also has a bad blind spot with "B": pillar. It was also said to have less seat height. Do you agree?

Hey guys,
You may remember the current Mustang GT beat out the new Camaro and Challenger in our face off and a few other publications had similar results.

The Camaro is a cool car and I probably like it most on staff, but it has horrible visibility and is heavy. But it's still fun to drive around town and the V-6 is a lot of car.

These new Mustangs won't likely command high premiums besides the GT500. I'd just wait a month til the inventory builds up a little so you get the car you want or order one with the stuff you want now and pay msrp.


David, why even do a face-off with the Challenger? Its more of a cruiser than a pony car. Always has been. I was just wondering why you chose to do a face-off with it?

Because they're three american muscle cars with V8 powerplants. It's really not a far flung trio to compare. Similar price, power etc.
The Challenger also handles itself pretty well on a track in SRT8 form, especially versus the Camaro.


The association with a challenger is fair enough. Its not exactly the same thing, a bit heavier and fatter maybe, but still its going to be targeting the same type of guy (well excluding car buying background)

Anyway its great to see a resurgence in american muscle.

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