2011 Ford Edge at 2010 Chicago Auto Show


  • Competes with: Dodge Journey, Nissan Murano, Toyota Highlander
  • Looks like: A thoroughly updated Edge, but an Edge nonetheless
  • Drivetrain: Turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder; 285-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 or 305-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 with six-speed automatic transmission; front- or all-wheel drive
  • Hits dealerships: Summer 2010

Last month we brought you details on the updated 2011 Lincoln MKX, and now its sibling, the Ford Edge, has received changes of a similar magnitude. Unlike the MKX, the Edge will sport an all-new turbocharged four-cylinder engine that Ford claims will provide V-6-like power, while returning 15% better fuel economy.

The 2011 Edge gets revised cabin styling and an available MyFord Touch entertainment and communication system. The exterior has also received some styling tweaks, most noticeably a huge chrome or black chrome grille. The five-seat crossover is now offered with a choice of three engines, including two V-6 options along with the new turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder. The 2011 Edge hits dealer showrooms this summer.

Like the MKX, the changes to the Edge's exterior are concentrated in front, with slender headlights, a revised horizontal-bar grille and a new bumper with a plunging design. From the windshield to the back of the crossover, though, the Edge's profile is essentially unchanged. Massive, 22-inch rims are standard on Sport trim levels, which features the black chrome grille.

Some of the cabin materials in the outgoing Edge, such as the dashboard, are a little crude for the class, but it's clear Ford has taken steps to improve the appearance of the 2011 model's interior. The numerous distinct panels that made up the top of the dashboard have been replaced by a single piece, and the newly available MyFord Touch system gives both the gauges and center control panel a futuristic appearance and feel.

With the MyFord Touch system, the traditional analog speedometer is bordered by two LCD screens that can be configured to show various types of vehicle information. An 8-inch touch-screen in the middle of the dash has menus for the climate, audio and navigation systems, among others. Below the screen is one of the Edge's distinctive features: touch-sensitive pads that replace many of the traditional buttons you'd normally find here. In models equipped with HD Radio, you can tag songs to buy later from iTunes.

A 3.5-liter V-6 has been the Edge's only engine until now, and it makes more power for 2011. The V-6 now produces 285 horsepower — up from 265 hp — and it's also more efficient. Ford claims the engine will get 27 mpg on the highway, presumably for front-wheel-drive models, which represents a 2 mpg improvement in highway gas mileage compared with the current front-drive Edge. It will be offered as the base engine initially when the car goes on sale this summer.

A few months later, that V-6 will be followed by Ford's first EcoBoost four-cylinder engine in the U.S., detailed specs for which haven't been released. A 305-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 that's exclusive to the Edge Sport will also be available at launch. All engines team with a six-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive is available.

Full fuel economy estimates haven't been released, but Ford claims the new EcoBoost four-cylinder will offer 15 percent better gas mileage than the current Edge's V-6, which gets a combined EPA rating of 20 mpg for front-drive models. That means the EcoBoost four-cylinder should get combined gas mileage as high as 23 mpg, which is slightly better than what front-drive versions of the four-cylinder Toyota Highlander (22 mpg) and Dodge Journey (21 mpg) achieve.

Ford is on a roll right now with its new products. Its redesigned Focus compact car was the star of the Detroit auto show last month. While not as all-encompassing as the Focus' redesign, Ford's update of the Edge addresses its major weak spot — the interior — and also brings better gas mileage and new technology to the table, which should make it much more competitive.

2011 Ford Edge

2010 Ford Edge


2011 Ford Edge Limited

2011 Ford Edge Sport



It's still too fat looking and much to heavy. The Murano and Highlander are much better cars.


Can someone explain why I'd buy an Edge vs an Escape vs a Flex vs a Taurus X versus a new unibody Explorer?

Seriously, what is the major difference between these vehicles that justifies Ford having 5 of them?


1. they don't make the taurus X anymore.

2. Edge doesn't even pretend to be able to go offroad.

3. Flex is a fullsize (and expensive) 3 row crossover

4. Escape is small, but can go offroad (I think)

The new explorer is going to have some offroad capability, which the Edge and Flex don't have. People buy them, so I think that justifies it.



Make the grille go vertically and you have a nice Lincoln, the big flowing lines from the headlights kinda stand out as Lincoln-ish

Doug G

At first I read this as turbocharged 2.0 liter, 285 hp and almost peed my pants imagining that in the new Focus.

Then I re-read it and saw that the HP was for the 3.5 v6.


it looks so angry.



This is better than Murano in EVERY way. THREE engine choices, better mileage from the 3.5L V6, more options, better interior, better exterior. This is close to a flawless product based on pics and specs. This is also better than Venza.

While the mileage of the 2L turbo may only be slightly better than the Highlander it will have more power and torque. The Highlander 2.7L only makes 187hp and this Ford ecoboost should be over 200hp EASILY. The Regal is making 220hp from 2L so I wouldn expect anything less from Ford. Advantage: Edge.


Very nice update Ford. Keep it up.


Great job Ford! This is much better looking than any imported mid-size crossover. This is sure to take the limelight off of the Eqinox!


I recall not to long ago Cars.com stating that the Murano is a step up from the Edge and in another league. As a new Murano owner who was influenced by that review I agree 110%! I test drove everything in the class at least three times and it was clear the Murano is the best. Ford should be applauded for turning themselves around as they are clearly heading in the right direction, however they can do better than the Edge. At least Ford hasn't turned into another GM.


A turbo four in a car that weighs over 5,000lbs is a mistake in the making. It won't be able to get out of it's own way just like the 4cyl Terrain.


Back seat of this car tells me: Don't buy me.
It is 4 sitter, I need 3 in the back



How could they have done better? The Murano has a better interior than the current Edge, but not this one. Better mileage and better looks than the Nissan mean a better crossover from Ford.


Who said this weighs 5000lbs? It doesn't. The FWD V6 weighs about 4000lbs. A turbo 4 has nothing to do with the 2.4L in the TErrain. The Ford Ecoboost will probably have over 250 lb-ft of torque while the Terrain only has 174 from its naturally aspirated version.

Ron Gillingham

Murano, OMG I almost vomitted... you must like getting appolegies for bad products delivered in Japanese. That thing was crap from day one. Get a grip on reality, Nissan = Renault = CRAP! Do you even read the JD Powers ratings? Nissan cannot even afford to participate in auto shows and you trust them to stand behind the products they sell? Try to recall that Nissan always held second fiddle to Toyota, and where are they today?


I like the Murano but it's overpriced.

The Escape is nice looking but I hate how it drives and it's cheaply built. My mother-in-laws Escape is horrible.

My wife has an Edge and we fit 3 boys (two in car seats and one in booster seat) in the back no problem.

As for the Ford models at least ford doesn't have 6 SUVs like Toyota!


Ford is definitely taking the right direction. Bold and firm styling promises the future of the company. Nice update.


Danny, Toyota has 3 SUV's the 4runner, Sequoia and the Land Cruiser. You're lumping in the Lexus models with your argument. So going by your logic Ford is right there with Toyota in that arena.

- Explorer
- Mountaineer
- Aviator
- Expedition
- Navigator

btw, this isn't an SUV, it's a crossover and comparing Ford to Toyota as you intended to do, Toyota has 3 of those (RAV4, Venza, Highlander) while Ford has 5 (TaurusX, Escape, Mariner, Mazda Tribute, Flex and the next Explorer if you want to get picky)


Yoing, you're comparison is off. It's still in the SUV class whether it's a crossover or truck. And you contradict your first paragraph with the statement in your second paragraph. I think you meant to put the MKX in their rather than the Avaitor. Oh, and don't forget the Edge, which is what this article is all about. And, you didn't mention the Matrix in the Toyota lineup either. But, whatever....NICE POST.


Ford does not make any Edge that weighs just 4,000 lbs. Ford's own website lists the vehicle weight as 5,340 lbs. The 4 cylinder Edge and Terrain are similar in that both are underpowered. Next.

People are getting confused here between "curb weight" and "gross vehicle weight." An Edmunds.com blog says:
"Gross vehicle wieght is car loaded to capacity - curb wieght is car dry and empty."

The Edmunds website for the Ford Edge 2010 V6 says:
Curb Weight: 4288 lbs.
Gross Weight: 5346 lbs.

Although both #s are relevant, generally the Curb Weight is used when you talk about Weight to HP ratios and such.

I believe I read that the 4cyl. EcoBoost engine weighs substantially less than the V6. If it comes out at 250 HP, that will move the Edge like a V6 250 HP engine would -- or better since it is a bit lighter. Clearly w/ 2011, the V6 engines will be more powerful, but the 4cyl EcoBoost in the Edge should be considerably faster than the 4cyl GMC Terrain.


A new owner of a 2010 Ford Edge Sport I can say I love it. I swore off Ford vehicles in favor of Acura for the last ten years but they got me back. I wasn't even seriously considering a crossover when I found this and fell in love.

I turned in my leased '08 TL on this Edge and have never regretted it. As a female owner the interior illumination was a huge boon to my driving experience.

Yes the engine feels a bit sluggish at times but I went from a sport sedan to this crossover. There isn't a vehicle in this class that would perform like my TL.

I can now safely comfortably transport numerous cat carriers in my vehicle for the animal rescue I do. If I could fit four carriers in my TL it was with no space to spare.

I have only one complaint at 3k on the odometer and that is the front passenger seatbelt locks up on my husband constantly and the solution listed in the manual does not work.

I am only sad this new Sport looks a bit sharper but I'll keep mine and the 0% APR. :o)~

More power usually means less MPG. Warning, gas prices will eventually rise again and these bigger engine autos will be worthless. I will wait for the next 2-3 years before buying anything. NICE FORD, I bet in 5 years Ford will offer 300 hp SUV that get 35 mpg....

2011Ford Edge is a vehicle equipped with well advanced components that hits the market very soon and promises to satisfy its fans expectations.

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