Used Car Prices Could Drop in 2010

Used car prices went up every month in 2009, fueled by a decrease in trade-ins and lower inventories from Cash for Clunkers. Analysts believe prices will start to level off in 2010 as new car sales increase at an expected rate of 15%.

While it is good news, these same analysts say it will take several years before supply returns to the levels of the previous decade.

Soaring Used Car Prices Poised to Level Off in 2010 (USA Today)
By David Thomas | January 4, 2010 | Comments (2)
Tags: Car Buying


Cars are the most featured vehicles and therefore the more numbers of cars are sold, the more is the progress of the industries. The used cars for sale are having highest share in the entire car industries. & its feels great to here Drop in used cars Prices this year.

This will be good. I will definitely stimulate the economy.

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