Toyota Was Required to Stop Sale of Models, Feds Say

Toyota was legally required to stop selling the eight models it recalled last week, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

On Tuesday, Toyota told its dealers to stop selling the models in question. The vehicles were recalled because of the inadvertent acceleration issues that have arisen over the past year.

David Strickland, the new NHTSA administrator, told the Detroit News, “Toyota was complying with the law. They consulted with the agency. We informed them of the obligations, and they complied.”

Toyota has yet to come up with a fix for the accelerator problem, and it could be weeks or months before a solution is implemented. You can find a list of the models and details of the recall here.

U.S.: Toyota Was Legally Required to Stop Selling Models (Detroit News)



"Toyota has yet to come up with a fix for the accelerator problem, and it could be weeks or months before a solution is implemented."

They issue a recall but don't know what to do yet? This statement doesn't make sense.

Derrick G

OK, everyone go read the DetNews article. It plainly says that some cars NOT built in the US and sold in Europe also have the problem, so you can now stop with your mindless prattle blaming the problem on the vehicles' being produced in the U.S. or stupid U.S. drivers.


The statement does not make sense because the problem is not with the cars but rather with the drivers. I would never put any of my hard earned money towards a Japanese car but I call it as I see it. These accidents are clearly due to driver error. Toyota is just going through the motions to appease the Feds. With that being said buy a Ford instead!


I seem to remember Toyota NOT having an issue with engine sludge.

This NON issue resulted in a 2007 out of court class action settlement to repair approx. 3.5 million vehicles with an imaginary problem.

Toyota has a history of stonewalling on these issues.

There goes any thoughts that people had that Toyota was being altruistic, lol


Yet ToyoDa kept selling cars after the recall notice.They should be fined for the delay.
If you own a ToyoDa now,you're probably feeling a little taken,by a company you thought was honest,but in reality is no more honest than any other car maker.
This issue now is Toyotas version of the Pinto fuel tanks,the Firestone/Explorer issue,the Aspen/Volare recall/rust story,and the GM X-car debacle.


This article read like a Fox news piece. The reason that Toyota stopped selling was because they chose to. The story doesn't say that Toyota could have challenged the NHSTA decision and argued that the NHSTA was wrong. It chose not to do so. Settling an issue is not an admission of guilt.

Saying that this is clear indication that drivers were not part of the problem shows a clear misunderstanding of what is going on.


I clearly remember being flamed by some on here months ago when I said this was an ECM issue and not the floor mats and yet Toyota STILL refuses to admit it's electrical! Today's spin from Toyota is a "sticking accelerator pedal". How long before recall number 3? Better yet, some just can't get past accusing the drivers of stupidity. Boy, that Kool-Aid must really be good! LOL


I'll admit, I haven't been following this story all that closely, so, even at the risk of starting a flame war, can someone explain to me how a worn component of the throttle control is an issue of driver error, and why only Toyota owners seem to demonstrate it?


Do you think taking Toyota off market even temporary will lead to anything good?

this isn't the issue. Toyota wouldn't go through this if it was driver error.


toyota themselves can sit here and tell these idiotic toyota fanboys like belly its not a floormat/driver issue its defective parts they STILL wont belive it, sheesh, i guess you have to be stupid to be in love with a toyota so it would explain such stupidity....


Dave, I realize that a sticky accelerator is not an issue of driver error. But accidents due to "unintended" acceleration are not always the case. I was only responding to comments above.

Erickssson - please, I have all the love for Ford, even GM a little, don't you worry about it. Are really are calling over 1 million people stupid? Sounds like you have some personal issues.

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