Toyota to Stop Selling, Building Recalled Models

Late today, Toyota announced it will stop selling the eight models included in its recent 2.3 million vehicle recall over a sticking accelerator pedal. A Toyota spokesman said, “This action is necessary until a remedy is finalized. We’re making every effort to address this situation for our customers as quickly as possible.”

The company says it will also stop production of the same vehicles starting Feb. 1. The delay is likely due to the complications of leaving vehicles unfinished on the line for an extended period of time.

This is dramatic action, amid public outcry, because it includes two of the company’s and the country’s best-selling models, the Toyota Camry and Corolla. Although we were surprised there wasn’t more media attention given to the issue, which is being blamed for a number of deaths, compared to other significant recalls from large automakers.

The affected vehicles are listed below, and if you’re a current owner you can find more information about the recall here.
  • 2007-10 Camry
  • 2009-10 RAV4
  • 2009-10 Corolla
  • 2009-10 Matrix
  • 2005-10 Avalon
  • 2010 Highlander
  • 2007-10 Tundra
  • 2008-10 Sequoia


Amuro Ray

Now that's GUTS, I tell ya...

Definitely not a western world business model, but boy, maybe corporate america should take a lesson from this!


They don't have a choice...people are dieing in their Toyotas. How many more lawsuits do they want? Smart business model?!?!?!

This would eventually be forced anyway


Toyota knows the accidents are due to driver error. This is just a dog and pony show for the low IQ drivers who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. Wait and see Toyota will have a 'fix' prior to stopping production on Feb 1.


If this is driver error why aren't there more people speeding out of control in their Hyundai, Chevrolet, Subaru, etc. ? Are you saying people who drive these models don't know how to drive? Or that the accelerator pedal works differently in a Toyota than other makes?


Can't believe the comments here so far. This is a proven issue with no resolution. A man took his car into a Toyota dealer to show them it was NOT a floormat problem; he did neutral drops all the way there so that he could park the car in front of the dealership with the engine revving out of control.

A CHP officer and his family died because the throttle stuck for several minutes before going off the road at 120mph.

Toyota tried to cover it up and claim it was owners using unapproved floormats for months and months before finally coming around and owning up to the issue.

It's not low IQ drivers, and it's not the triumph of some altruistic non-American business, which of course all have pure souls compared to the evil evil American corporations.

It's just another example of a company trying to cover up a problem before finally having to admit the truth.


Everyone seems to want to blame Toyota. It is in the same market as any other manufacturer that has to source parts. Relying on other companies for quality controlled parts, is an even deeper issue than the surface appears. Take the corporate structure for instance, in that game average incompetent, no talent people, with great ass kissing skills, rise to the top, categorized as team players, where as the so called trouble makers, who are the ones who have the real talent, are driven out, so as not to rock the boat. This was GM's nightmare for over 30 years, look at where they are. With this corporate structure at work, bean counters, and Wall Street dictating to companies when and how much money they will let their clients invest, according to quarterly profits, has lead to a substandard product base across the board in everything from Toyota parts to Toaster ovens. Toyota would be better off adopting Henry Fords ways of making everything himself. Obviously not practical today, which is why these problems and the like will continue, not just for Toyota.


Just stop mentioning the CA cop.
He should know better how to keep the vehicle in control.

Derrick G

This was the right move for Toyota to take morally even though I think it will bring the issue to the attention of many buyers who hadn't heard or weren't paying attention before now.

The idea that this is all the drivers' fault is laughable. GM sells about as many cars as Toyota, many with ETC, and often to a more rural, less educated demographic, yet they're getting fewer complaints than anyone. It's also silly to say it's a basic problem with ETC. Again, most other manufacturers use it and in plenty of models, but the complaints are on Toyota made vehicles.


Sorry, but toyota is overrated. they grew so much in the united states, that their quality control diminished to the point that hyundai's are built better. go buy a honda if you really want a drama free japanese made in US car, or a ford.

Saying it's "idiots" that don't know how to drive doesn't even deserve a comment. Comments made about sourcing bad parts. It's Toyota that approves vendors and should be (like most mfg companies) doing quality checks, but news stories I've read/or TV that they're also looking into computer software. If so would that be an In House thing? As far as big companies go, they all can fall. Look what happened to IBM many years ago.


Remember the Audi 5000? I do - I had two. The only fix ended up being a notch to hold the floor mats in place because nothing was WRONG. They also proved that today's brakes would override any pedal that was stuck.


The CA cop should not be forgotten. The car in question was a loaner, not his own car. He didn't know you needed to hold the start button for 3 seconds to stop the engine while in gear. Also, I have read (FWIW) that at wide-open throttle, braking ability is greatly reduced due to reduced power braking assist (something with low vacuum pressure IIRC). Yes, driver error was part of the problem (he could have navigated the gated shifter into neutral--remember this was a loaner car), but only a part.


If people are too stupid to put a car in neutral then they shouldn't be driving. These accidents are due to driver error, that's why they can't figure out what is 'causing' the issue.


Reading some of these comments...and all I have to say is this:

It's true in the western business world they probably would try to hide it more. I mean look how the whole Firestone tires recall garnered so much media attention by the time a real recall was underway. With that being said, Toyota hid it well for the time being. But they couldn't deny it any longer and therefore has resort to this. Toyota's quality has diminished ever since they expanded in the U.S. And it's such a shame they didn't do this recall even earlier. Coporate world for you I guess.


Wow, spin it however you want but this is a whole bunch of not good to stop sales AND production.

Juan Carlos

if they happened because they were busy to cut cost on pedals, hope they lose all the money and then some for doing this.


What if it was not true? The car industry in North America is owned by x. Its like a magic trick while your busy watching what's in front of you the real story is under your nose. They have to replace these cars with clean energy. It's an excuse to get car's off the road. What better way then to build in a few mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are on purpose.


I can't believe some of the posts here - on both sides! Yes, thinking to shift to neutral might be something you should know - but not something you think about having to and then to be expected to remember when you're panicking? And Toyota is doing what they can to address the problem. It is an extremely low percentage of cars and it is doing serious research to approach the problem from multiple directions in cluding replacing the parts and installing a new computer program which allows the brake to override the accelerator. And you can curse Toyota all you want andwant them to crumble - but what about all those people who are employed by Toyota and are at no fault??? And not only factory workers - what about the salesman who works on commission and now has no cars to sell???? I think we should just all pray that Toyota finds a way to produce the replacement parts faster so that people can safely drive these cars and these people can get back to work.


The CHP officer was a floormat issue. Winters atop summers and the winters were from the RX. He was driving an ES. That accident has no bearing on this recall. Just FYI.

John P

To Lorraine I would say that I wish media reports would include the advice to shift to neutral if one's Toyota surges. I have neither heard nor read such advice in any of the many stories I've seen on TV or read in the newspapers. Moreover,some reports make it sound as though a driver is totally without recourse in such a situation.


John- Our news station did say to shift to nuetral - which in thinking about it I know ould make sense, but if I was panicked I would prob not remember. Toyota made 2 other recommendations although nuetral is the best one - to turn your car off but be aware that while you can still break and steer you will lose power assist. The other was to slam the brakes on hard with both feet and keep it depressed - do not pump the brakes because it reduces the vaccum something or another.


CNN's story had shifting into neutral as a recommendation. If people need to be told to not pump the brakes, shift into neutral, or turn off the car then they shouldn't be driving. To think how stupid people can be.



You don't need to stop the car while in gear.
Have you ever learnt how to put it in Neutral? That is usually done by putting the gear selector right before you get it into Drive.


As mentioned by Sanjay in earlier post....

Max Reid

Toyota does not make good product anymore.

GM is good enough to make a CUV that gives 32 MPG.

Lets kick the imports out and buy American vehicle.

Glenn H

Wow...just like the manufacturer even the diehard Toyota fans are in denial about this issue. As the saying goes, “Bad news does not get better with time”. Toyota has been tap dancing around this serious issue long enough and now I’s time to face the music. I bet now those snobby Toyota salesmen will humble themselves after this is over to win new converts. May the best car win... stop!


It's ridiculous how many uninformed comments are made. Not only here but also in the media - which feeds the comments people make. Just because it is in the media does not mean it is accurate or complete. Toyota has been researching this problem for years yes - but they kept presenting it to NHTSA and they kept telling them that they found nothing. This last time, NHTSA told them no, we've been over this and checked this already and Toyota told them no we think we've found something this time. Toyota has been dilligent about researching this and their hands are often tied by govt agencies who review and also set time lines for recalls. And to say salesmen need to "humble themselves" is an ridiculous obnoxious comment - I can't even imagine what the heck that is based on as from my experience a toyota salesman is no different than a GM or honda salesman - they are all just people trying to do their job. Toyota has a fix for the brake pedal production and is going to NHTSA today with a fix for the recall - and one that they can manufacture quickly.


The 4Runner, 100% built in japan is not on the list. The Rav4 used to be 100% in japan but now it's not and it's on the list. It used to be cheaper to build over there, now it is cheaper over here. Over here it's no longer the big 3 but 4.


Big Mike

Japanese cars and products are the best in the world. they are smarter, more educated and close to perfect. I wish all the Americans that feel this way ( and thats alot )would please move to Japan and live the perfect life.
Then even our American third graders would see who
is really to blame for our dismal economy. . . . .


I am sorry, I really tried to take the high road but I am embarrassed as an american how many ignorant americans are out there-and apparently they all love to post on blogs. My advice, before you use your right of free speech, make sure you know what you are talking about.

There is bound to be troubles when you do away with the standard throttle plate return spring and steal throttle cable that was standard equipment since the 20's. But having computers control your throttle position with no secondary back up in place or at-least some kind of override when you put your brakes on is not good. You would expect more forward thinking from the rocket scientists at Toyota.

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