Toyota Still Building Recalled Vehicles


UPDATE: Toyota has now halted building and selling all the models involved in the recall.

USA Today is reporting that Toyota is still building the various models included in the company’s latest recall of 2.3 million vehicles. A Toyota spokesman told USA Today, “At some point in time, we'll be faced with the decision — a 'stop' decision.”

We’re wondering when that date would be since the recall involves such a serious issue. An analyst from Kelley Blue Book stated it well saying Toyota is "the one car company that can afford" to halt production until a remedy is found.

Despite recall, Toyota still making vehicles (USA Today)



And people still keep throwing their money at the Japanese. . .


Everyone seems to want to blame Toyota. It is in the same market as any other manufacturer that has to source parts. Relying on other companies for quality controlled parts, is an even deeper issue than the surface appears. Take the corporate structure for instance, in that game average incompetent, no talent people, with great ass kissing skills, rise to the top, categorized as team players, where as the so called trouble makers, who are the ones who have the real talent, are driven out, so as not to rock the boat. This was GM's nightmare for over 30 years, look at where they are. With this corporate structure at work, bean counters, and Wall Street dictating to companies when and how much money they will let their clients invest, according to quarterly profits, has lead to a substandard product base across the board in everything from Toyota parts to Toaster ovens. Toyota would be better off adopting Henry Fords ways of making everything himself. Obviously not practical today, which is why these problems and the like will continue, not just for Toyota.


They still havent admitted to the real reason for the runaway cars....its a computer programming glitch,its not a worn out gas pedal.Drive by wire is dangerous you are allowing final approval of RPM choice to a computer (HAL? KITT?),get a voltage spike or some software error (MicroSoft??) whats going to happen? Only the driver will find out,the hard way.
HINT:Toyota,go back to cable operated throttle plates....


Why wouldn't they keep building the cars especially when the problem is driver error and/or improperly installed floor mats. Toyota and their lawyers know this and that's why they keep building them. The neo-cons will have to go on believing that there is some sort of design defect but Sorry Charlie it's not the car, it's the drivers.


^^ wow that guys dumb. Even toyota comes out and SAYS its not a floor mat issue, idiots like above still have to deny it, lol.

Pat Gander

Modern electronics is a pain in the wrong places !!

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