Toyota Recall Update: Congressional Hearing Set

While we wait to hear more information about a fix for the millions of Toyotas on the road, there have been new developments involving the issue.

By David Thomas | January 28, 2010 | Comments (14)



"However, those parts are heading to assembly plants. No fix for current owners has been developed yet."

You hear that? It's the sound of Toyota telling current owners they can run off and die.

Troy S.

This is CTS syaing "Not my problem, but thanks for the money anyway!"

Makes me wonder if they knew they were producing a bad product or...if their quality control let some bad pedals out the door...

I just learned that CTS has only found (8) bad pedals have been found.... Heard it on NBC news a few minutes ago. Can anyone confirm?


It has to be CTS's fault. If it was Toyota's fault - then why does Ford have the same problem?
Quote"In China, fewer than 2,000 Ford vans in China are being recalled for using a similar pedal to the one used in the Toyota recall. The same supplier is involved. Ford has halted all production and sales."

Ford is likely licensing the part from Toyota so its very similar. That's what we've heard, no confirmation though.

Also its probably a lot easier to fix the problem at a supply level and that's why they started that already.


Wow, CTS. What are your engineers and quality control folks doing?


On my Toyota the pedal is Denso.
Now, what can I buy at GM? With them I've lost $400 in stock. They should offer me additional $400 discount before I will even talk to them.


Go ask your dealer, im sure they would be more than happy to suffice 400 bucks to get you in a GM


Track record for transparency on this issue is not good. Detailed commentary on


Are they calling up Ford CEO to explain their recall too?

To remedy this, Toyota introduced a new worldwide logo in 1989 in conjunction with and to differentiate it from the newly released luxury Lexus brand.


where are all the smart people? I guess usa has got smarter. Toyota (Japan) gets 10,000$ for every car or pickup they sell in america. Is that smart? U want Quality? ford is 90%, Gm and Toyota has under 45%, Chrysler and dodge way under that. go for an American company that has been here for over 100yrs. the Gm legacy goes back to ford Cadillac was his first production car,dodge brothers worked for ford, oldsmobile cars and pickup where made by henry ford before 1900. check the record


I always wanted to know about this, excellent.

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