Mazda CX-7 Video

Mazda seems to have thought long and hard about how to attract more buyers to its small crossover, the CX-7. Its answer? Drop in a base four-cylinder engine that makes the vehicle more fuel efficient and less expensive. This move goes a long way, according to reviewer Mike Hanley. Check out this video to find out how the CX-7 fares across the board.
By Stephen Markley | January 7, 2010 | Comments (1)



The Cx-7's problem was overly short gearing.
The axle ratio is 3.749.

Mazda could have utilized a taller axle ratio (3.464 from the Cx-9, or 3.329 from the Mazda6)) for an economy oriented version, or front drive version, obviating the need for a stripper version (5 speed automatic?)

Either Mazda doesn't care, or isn't that good of a company.

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