Cadillac CTS Wagon Gets Price Drop

The automotive market is competitive enough without a company pitting its own products against each other. This is what led Cadillac to slash the price of the new 2010 CTS sport wagon earlier this month. It turned out the CTS was butting heads with the redesigned Cadillac SRX crossover.

According to Cadillac, buyers would see the price of the SRX and promptly lose any interest they had in the CTS sport wagon. The base CTS sport wagon model was $40,485 and now has been scaled back to $39,150, while the SRX starts at $34,155. (All prices include destination fees.) A loaded all-wheel-drive SRX runs about $50,000.

The problem may not be the pricing so much as what buyers see in each model, which, apparently, is that they are the same and one is cheaper than the other. The CTS sport wagon is new for 2010, and in introducing it, Cadillac may have inadvertently set itself a major hurdle. It saw the SRX crossover as a vehicle that would primarily be bought by women, while men would buy the CTS sport wagon. We predicted this exact issue when the two debuted side by side at last year’s Detroit auto show.

We’ll see if the price adjustment clarifies who is supposed to be buying what Cadillac, and if American shoppers will ever select a wagon over an SUV.

GM’s Cadillac Cuts CTS Sport Wagon Price to Avoid Conflict With SRX Crossover (DriveOn)

By Stephen Markley | January 22, 2010 | Comments (5)



I drove both at an event that Cadillac had for the SRX. After driving both, even for the few blocks that they had laid out, it is clear that the CTS is superior to the SRX and worth (to me) the premium. That being said, as a single man, it would be hard for me to choose the wagon over the SRX if I had the choice :(


Starting Monday, Cadillac dealers
will be receiving new invoices and new MSRP labels for all our 2010 CTS Inventory. These changes are being made to bring the CTS closer to "average transaction price" and are also increasing residual values by 3% across the board. This makes a Luxury Collection CTS far more attractive to purchase or lease than the comparable 335i or 535i BMW.


Why do only Cadillac drivers get cool wagons like this? Many American families would like to have a small wagon. How about a chevy version with a four or six cylinder option for about 20K?



I attended the same CAdillac event for the SRX. I didnt find it better or worse than the CTS sportwagon. I thought both were very nice but its obvious the CTS wagon was too expensive relative to the SRX. Not sure how Cadillac thought the wagon was worth $5k more in base form. Interestingly enough, both models topped out at $55k.

SRX may be more competitive but I fing the design of CTS Sportwagon much better!!!

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