Buick Regal GS at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show

  • Looks like: A faster Regal
  • Defining characteristics: All-wheel drive and turbocharged engine
  • Ridiculous features: None, this is a real car in Europe
  • Chance of being mass produced: 50/50
The Buick Regal GS isn’t a real concept car, but it isn’t slated for production either. It’s one of a growing trend of “show cars” from GM and other companies to test the waters with consumers. For instance, would there be buyers for a Buick sports sedan with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with all-wheel drive and a limited-slip differential that can hit 60 mph in less than six seconds?
We don’t know the answer and to some extent no one knows if the Regal itself, which just debuted in Los Angeles last month, will sell well enough to warrant a high-performance trim level.
It’s also the same engine that will hit the production Regal CXL trim level later this summer, but the GS is tuned for more power, putting out 255 horsepower and 295 pounds-feet of torque. The Gs also sports a six-speed manual transmission and special sport suspension along with high-performance Brembo brakes.
More photos are below. And let us know if you think there’s room in Buick showrooms for a Regal GS.


dOmeStiCk StRipeZ

Even though this looks nothing like the performance regal i had in mind, this looks pretty stout so far. There is room for a smaller sporty sedan in the Buick show rooms, but i think a 2 door Grand National version would have a better chance. I love the fact that it's not FWD. Now lets trade in those Mazda 3/6 looking ports under the headlights for a functioning Ram air hood.


I think there is room and a need for a change in image like this for Buick. This sounds like a great car. I think one of the big things that will determine if it will work or not is price. If it is up there in price with Infiniti etc it will get lost and only see a handful of sales. If they can beat the others in price it gives people a reason to choose it over the competition.


if its played right, it actually could be a hit. I'd buy one for sure if I had the chance!


If anyone thinks that Opel is a great car, they are just naive.


Tony, I don't know much about Opel so I have no idea if you are correct or not. What are your credentials and on what basis do you make your claim?


This looks nothing like Regals that people are familiar with.Buick is an old mans brand,and I dont see many old dudes buying this thing.The rear looks a lot like Chrysler Crossfire.That short trunklid is laughable.


My credentials? ... Please...
Jest research about Opel quality.
I think, it is not too far from Fiat in quality.

UK Diesel Driver

@Tony: Opel is not a premium brand in Europe, but build quality is good. Materials are on a par if not above that of the big three.

What really surprises me is that in the land of cheap fuel they will run this car with a 4 cylinder turbo where as it has a V6 turbo in the EU. Stupid choice...


The V6 turbo is too thirty. Buick has to be thinking about CAFE standards here. The 9-3 get poor mileage with AWD and this car is even heavier so the V6 would be quite thirsty. This change is being made for mileage and mass reasons. Its a smart move because no one needs a Buick midsizer that gets 23mpg on the hwy.


..it's a nice looking design..and it's got a six-speed manual..so it's a step in the right direction..think baby steps..I think GM is testing the waters so to speak..


Love love love love love this car

Ken L.

This car has a round bubbly look to it; it'll probably appeal to chicks more than dudes, especially if they're going to offer it in pearl white.


What will the price be?
For that price, we can get a lot of different choices, and a lot of them feeds on regular.
I am thrilled to see if this can actually run on regular as well. It is theoretically impossible under today's engineering and technology to create a 2.0L turbocharged engine with 295 lb-ft of torque that runs on regular.


It seems like a sweet ride.. 300HP will make it better.. I've been a foreing customer most of my life.. Im ready to support the american economy if this model comes out!! cross my fingers and hope they decide to launch it..


Buick is trying to extend the range of it's buyers age group. The Regal has always had an association with good quality, and reliability. This car would be great if it comes in between $20,000 to $25,000 U.S.. The car is hot, and sleek! Price point is a must on this car!

It's all very cool, I really want to have a car like that. someday I'll get it. Currently I'm collecting money to buy a new car.

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