2011 Mazda5: First Look

  • Competes with: Kia Rondo
  • Looks like: A small minivan big on style
  • Drivetrain: 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine
  • Hits dealerships: Late 2010
Mazda’s wild design that landed on the new Mazda3 compact has struck the Mazda5 small van, too. The new model gets a similar big-mouth smile for a grille and flowing lines down its side. Around back, the rear window actually dips down to a point, which is unique compared with anything on the market. Even the wheels and their organic, asymmetrical style scream design student run amok. But in a good way. For a vehicle that is all about practicality, the Mazda5 looks anything but utilitarian.

Powering the Mazda5 will be a 2.0-liter engine, replacing the current model’s 2.3-liter. Exact power numbers haven’t been released, and we don’t have details on an automatic transmission — the manual is a six-speed, however — so we’re unsure about what to expect in terms of mileage or power. The current Mazda5 can feel considerably underpowered, especially with a full load.
The 2011 gets a new interior that looks to be a significant upgrade and features the same tilted upper-dash readout as the Mazda3. The second row features a middle seat that can convert into a storage bin, and the third row can accommodate two people, making this one of the few small vehicles that can seat seven people.
Specific details, including mileage, should be released when the car debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in March. For now, check out a few more images below.

By David Thomas | January 20, 2010 | Comments (25)
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Doug G

Is the 2.0 engine the same engine that has been in the base trim Mazda3 for the last several years?
Seems like this thing is going to be sluggish, but the styling is interesting.


the mazda face actually looks pretty good on this. the only oddities are the 'waves' in the sides.


We're looking at cars now and the current Mazda5 is on the list of possibles. I'm interested in what the upgrades bring. Or maybe in the discounts on the current model caused by a refreshed model.


Mazda5 is a looker in any generation.
Waves should go.
The current version has problem of 2 seats second row. This one will fix that.
Really, this is Mazda3 but taller and with sliding doors. This is not Mazda6, taller with the sliding doors.
Also, it could use 16'' wheels, not 17''.
Seats inside pretty harsh, I hope Mazda looked into that as well.
But I always liked it. It just missed couple important things for me to put money into it.


"very unique"? Everybody knows that is not proper grammar.


The old 2.3 was sluggish as it is. putting a smaller engine in this vehicle is not going to help that at all, unless the 2.0 somehow gets puts out better power than the old 2.3 or 2.5. Putting smaller, less powerful engines into larger vehicles only works to a point; at that point, efficiency goes down because the engine has to work harder and harder to get the vehicle to move.


What I've heard is that for Europe this car gets 2.0L Direct injection and start-stop technology. And it is unknown if all that is coming to the US.
If it is not making to US then may be we will get their corporate 2.5L engine


Back looks kinda previa like, especially like the current JDM version.

We own the current 5 and like it a lot. A few missing things are traction control and more power. A few other things need improvement, for one the cabin lighting is terrible especially in the rear where the lamp should have been placed in the headliner, not on the side of the trunk that does not light up enough.
It definitely needs more power when loaded. We use it on vacation and having it loaded it strains to get to highway speed. Mileage is a plus with regular 30 mph runs on the highway.

Simple and Stylish MAV created by MAZDA... better than Honda Stream and Previa, most of the mistakes in the previous models are correct.


I sure hope they keep some of the current content - turn signals in side mirrors, LED tail lamps, and xenon headlamps.


I drive a 2005 with manual transmission. With a manual, I don't have any complaints about the power except in high altitudes. I hope they added some more arm rests and improved traction. I don't like the new taillights or rear end.


I have been waiting for this redesign for a while. I prefer the rear of the current model, but it may just look bad in the pictures. I hope that this is a new engine because the current 2.0L will not cut it in this vehicle. I always assumed that they would drop the 2.5 in it. I'm gald that the interior resembles the Mazda3 because I think that is by far their best design.


I almost bought the 5 when it first came out but it lacked:

1) a driver's side arm rest (since added)

2) leather interior

3) a 5 or 6 speed auto

4) entertainment system at a decent price

Got an Odyssey Touring in stead but would have preferred a high feature 5 with decent highway MPG.


I hope they add side power doors. And smart key. Those are the only two things that make this a killer people mover.

If you look at the interior pics of the dash (http://www.blogcdn.com/www.autoblog.com/media/2010/01/2011mazda5---5.jpg), you can see a button/switch to the left and down from the steering wheel with the words "CLOSE" on the top and "OPEN" on the bottom and icon appears to reference the left side sliding door. That would be way cool! It'll be interesting to see what press comes out as far as the option of the power door. And smart key.

We are thinking of buying a 2010 now that is has traction and stability control, but I may just wait if either the door or smart key do indeed turn out to be an option.

The smiley face doesn't look too bad on this model. I could do without the swoosh on the sides, but it is not horrible. Interior looks a tad nicer, too.


Oh my god. my dad hasthis car but the 2010 version, i think this one will be a big hit :)


The manual trans 2.3 is a dog...my 2006 Fusion 2.3 manual was a bit quicker.

2.0L and the completely ridiculous styling? I don't think so.


"I hope they add side power doors. And smart key. Those are the only two things that make this a killer people mover."

Weight and reduced cargo capacity due to interior intrusion from the motors/track, etc. I highly doubt it will happen.


I don't understand why everyone dogs this thing in the power department. I have driven two and for daily commuting they are fine. This is the perfect "big" hatchback for a small family with an occasional ride a longs in the third row. I find it funny everyone wants 3 wide in the second row when that is why I like it. 2nd row captain chairs are very popular in all other "vans". It handles better than anything else in the category and stops well to. Just get some mods for the engine if you want more power. Being based on the 3 I am sure there are plenty. I think the new one has started to look more van-ish with the rounded nose. Nice details with the wave but it isn't for me. I agree the 2.0 is probably a mistake. Wouldn't it be nice to see a speed edition with the mazdaspeed3 drive train? Then Mazda will have something to go against the Nissan Quest at the drags.


"Weight and reduced cargo capacity due to interior intrusion from the motors/track, etc. I highly doubt it will happen."

Their is no intrusion as the wells/bays for the motors are already in place and are sold in other markets (Japan/Europe). Weight shouldn't be a factor as we are talking a max of 10-20 lbs.

If anything, it will be a cost decision if the market will bear the increased costs and demand for said options.


Agree with Thomas. I have an 09 Mazda 5 with 5 speed auto and have found power to be just fine. Have a CRV as well, and the 5 seems quicker, and definitely handles better.
Get about 30mpg on the highway, far better than any other minivan. Would really like to see the diesel version they have overseas. If the 2.0 L is direct injected, it may be OK, and I doubt they will decrease power from current model. Agree that the swoosh on the 2011 doesn't do it for me, but the rest looks good.


Current owner of an 08 MZ5 Touring Auto. Love the rear end of the new 5 and giving it an insert for a third passenger on the second row is a big plus. Interior dash layout and new steering wheel look functional and modern. My major concern is that they improve the front seats. the old ones are way too short and cannot tilt. I always feel like I'm sliding forwardon the seatcushion. Lack of titl on it also makes legsgo number...not enough thigh support.


Mazda with xenon HID's looks great and improves visibility


Mazda with xenon HID's looks great and improves visibility


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