Recall Alert: 2010 Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain

GM has issued a recall for 59,031 2010 Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall affects certain models for failing to comply with a federal motor vehicle safety standard that involves windshield defrosting and defogging systems. The software in the center instrument panel for certain vehicles can cause the heating, air-conditioning, defrosting and radio controls (as well as panel illumination) to stop working.

This can be especially dangerous if the defrosting system fails and a driver’s visibility becomes obscured, possibly leading to an accident under many different driving conditions.

Dealers will replace the computer module in the center instrument panel for free. Owners may contact Chevrolet at 800-630-2438, GMC at 866-996-9463 or the NHTSA vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.





Here we go again.


one little thing, and its a petty ammount of vehicles. Its not even that dangerous, at least its not near millions like toyotas latley....


May the best car, with a fogged up windshield, win.


This further reinforces why my wife and I did the smart thing by not buying the GM Equinox. May the best car win? It did, we bought a Subaru.


Because Subaru has never ever had to issue a recall, right?


the Forester will not be on my list until it gets rid of the ancient 4-speed auto...why anyone will pay for a vehicle with one of those is beyond me.


I already said this before. I don't care if my car 4spd vs 5 or 6 spd. As long as it is leading its class in mileage. Obviously, manufacturers add ears to improve mileage.

Best example was 1-2 years ago, when they tested small SUVs and RAV-4 returned the best mileage despite having 4 spd AT while others had 5 spd or CVT trannys.

But the truth is that you may make 1 extra mpg on HWY and still will suck in city driving. It is really car by car and not tranny by tranny.


It's not the recall that is the big deal. It's just irritating to bring the vehicle into the dealer, leave it all day, and hope that there is not a rattle in the dash after they get done replacing the module. Another item that customers will tend to remember about a certain manufacturer when they shop for their next vehicle.

Troy S.

Aren't these kinds of things tested during engineering,development and quality control?


What happens in 5 or 6 years when GM discontinues said computer module and you cant drive these overpriced make believe off roaders? Think ahead.GM has already dropped 2003 parts....try buying a Savanna/Express Power steering pump with built in electric pressure sensor....discontinued.
Thats the Heart Break of America,yesterdays Chevrolet.


You go down to Advance or Autozone or Napa or Pep Boys and you buy one.


We liked the Equinox during our two test drives however GM's questionable business practices convinced us to buy a Toyota. Our Toyota has solid reliability and resale history something GM can't touch. If not for the Toyota we probably would have bought the Outback.



I don't see Jack say anything about the Forester. He could have bought the Outback.

Keep in mind that the 4 speed auto is still being offered by GM as well.


While we sit here and complain about how an unexplainable error this is and babble on about that " lose faith in domestic thing " - can you guys not scroll down a bit further and check out some other recalls ? Very rarely does any auto company ever introduce a model without any design flaws. Even Toyota's got a bunch of em - the annoying break problem for example.


I bought a 2010 Equinox about 4 months ago and I dont know what you all are complaining about its a very nice vehicle I had a Envoy before and I think the Equinox is just as good and reliable.


Just received a letter from GM Canada stating that the 7-year cycle for my GM card points will begin in April/10. Every month from April on, more points will expire. I congratulate GM for continuing another brain-dead manoeuvre ensuring that customers buy elsewhere. After last years fiasco, wouldn't you think that this policy would be waived to further entice wary customers?? We need a new vehicle and would have considered GM but intended to wait until we see whether or not the Company survives and the quality improves. What's changed? Already, there's a recall for 2010 Equinox and Terrain vehicles. This Company won't make it.


Just received a letter from GM Canada stating that the 7-year cycle for my GM card earnings will begin in April/10. Every month from April on, earnings will expire. I congratulate GM for continuing another brain-dead manoeuvre ensuring that customers buy elsewhere. After last years fiasco, wouldn't you think that this policy would be waived to further entice wary customers?? We need a new vehicle and would have considered GM but intended to wait until we see whether or not the Company survives and the quality improves. What's changed? Already, there's a recall for 2010 Equinox and Terrain vehicles. This Company won't make it.


Just use the card and replace your earnings that expire.

Maybe you should have read the terms and conditions 7 years ago.


you act like GM is the only company to have a recall "this company just wont make it with a recall like this" while others have dangerous things like fuel leaks that cause fires and airbags that deploy metal chunks at your face or seatbelt airbags things that catch door insulation on fire,all import recalls...


H: Yes, I could have reread my GM card earnings policy and so could GM alter it's policy to further entice potential car buyers, such as me, with time to assess the efficacy of this recovering company. I'd like to delay outlaying $30,000 until I'm sure that this phoenix can truly rise from the ashes.

Can't say that I'm willing to take another chance on a GM vehicle. I've driven GM exclsively for the last 25 years, remaining loyal through lemons, seemingly unrepairable glitches, a block heater installed backwards by a GM service centre mechanic. yada, yada, yada.

Given that, why would I purchase another? I already qualify for the definition of insanity; repeating behaviour that's proven ineffective. :)

Eriksson: I agree; most companies recall. My point was that, given GM's recent troubles, wouldn't you think that it would be taking extraordinary measures to retain customers???? What is it doing differently to ensure that it doesn't fail?

I'm speaking as a customer who has been extremely frustrated with the GM structure over the years; GM dealers don't communicate with GMAC who doesn't communicate with GM Canada. The whole Company structure has to change, in my opinion, to ensure success.


LOL, hey Joe STFU and move to Japan. ANYBODY who drives a POS Subaru needs a good kick in the nads, what junk!


Come on, guys...use this platform to educate. Counter the arguments. Present facts.


My sister owns this SUV and had nothing but problems with it. Everytime thay have the oil changed there is milling dust (MEDAL SHAVINGS) in it (not good). Thay said it would be ok.Thay live in KS.This last week thay had the oil change (the check engine light was on)again milling dust.On there way to Arizona the car broke down and had it towed to a chevy dealership where thay the dealship checked the oil and said it was over due for a oil change. Now it had been changed not 1 1/2 weeks before that and again full of milling dust, This is the 2nd time this car has broke down.The first was with end the first week less then 150 miles on it.
Maybe this time thay will hear me out "GET RID IF IT"




I have the 2010 Equinox and, so far, love it. My instrument panel module just died. Not really upset - except at the service inefficiency. They know the vehicle PIN. I found it really annoying that I had to drop it off at service so they could "get the numbers" then order the parts. After the parts arrive, I have to then go back and get the service done. The initial service call seems so unnecessary.

So this actually happened to you? Did you get a notice too? Thanks for adding to our comments!


Just took my 2010 Nox in for a brake light adjustment and was told about the software recall for the heater/defroster panel. The part was ordered and ceme in within a week and installed by dealer and re-programed. 6000 miles. No other problems to date Love the car. Traded in a Toyota Highlander with 153,000 miles which I loved. Hoping for the best.


I have a 2010 Nox, I have had it for 3 days. Can anybody tell me why my cold air automatically turns on when I turn the vehicle on? I live in Iowa and need to have the HEAT turn on, not the AIR. :-/ Thank you for any help in this matter!!


I wouldn't touch a Toyota with a 10' pole. Management has lied and obfuscated in their response to a very serious situation. Subarus where I live are for socialist and tree huggers so not going there. I intend to pick up a GMC Terrain SLT-1 2.4l due to the awesome fuel economy. The rate of sale for these vehicles is brisk coming out the Quality Award winning CAMI plant in Ingersol, ON and unfortunately dealers see the supply/demand as an opportunity to take advantage. So I'll wait till they have some on the lots then order what I want. I tried the Hyundai Santa Fe but it was a poor comparison to the Terrain's quality of build and materials and plethora of features.
GMC's standard OnSTAR will alert you that a recall exists and even book it for you! Try that on your Toyota.

Don Jaynes

GM says my new Terrain is not in the recall therefore there is nothing wrong with my car. Only 1300 miles.
They are not very helpful. I told them that I would let them keep my Terrain until it was fixed if they would give me a comparable vechile. GM says no. They can't find and I don't have anything wrong with my car. Tocay my control console went blank. They say nothing wrong. I think I would rather drive a Toyota.


I have a 2010 Equinox and I absolutely love it. I had this problem with my defroster on Valentines day, actually the whole upper part of the console went out. It came back on about 4 re-starts later. I thought nothing of it until I received the recall notice. It's not that big of a deal and certainly doesn't change my opinion about how much I love my Equinox.


Anyone knows the production period of these recalled chevys and gmcs? I am thinking of buying one soon, I really do not like the thought of the dealer opening the panel to replace module, we had the Tahoe On star software updated and now my dash rattles, dealer service says it is fine.

last chev

A chevrolet dealer in warrenton has had my Equinox for a week and a half for the defroster recall. Now they say the sun roof will not close after installing the new part. Didn't know they were connected. This was My last Cherolet purchase.


I bought an '05 Equinox in June 2004, right when they came out. Still driving it today, 191,000 miles on it, can't say I baby it, have had a couple of minor service issue issues but I would buy a new one, in fact I am looking at a 2011 Equinox now.


ok I bought a 2010 Equinox last yr and have loved everything about it... except that for some strange reason cannot get the dealership where I bought the car to REPLACE this computer module. I have had this car into the service dept three times and it still is not done.The first time was told their computer was down and they could not check the codes.... the last two times, after making me wait for hours on the repair all that was done was the module was reprogrammed. When I pointed out to them that the recall clearly states replace, not reprogram I have been ignored. I have contacted GM about this as I keep getting recall notices in email and snail mail.... Why is it that dealerships just love you until you write the check???


I leased 2010 Terrain, I have it since may of last year,I simply love the car,but couple months ago i got warning light telling me to service air-bag. Also when i took it to change the oil at local auto shop, they told me that i should have motor checked because it has grinding noise. I took it to the shop, they were able to fix airbag issue but whatever is wrong with engine cant be done quick, they told me that car will eventually stop running and i will be stranded, so they didnt give me back my car, they arranged rent a car for me, now im really nervous. I dont know much about car engines and I hope they will be able to fix it, and how do I know it will be safe to drive?

David Penrod

Have a 2010 and it keeps stalling out on us. was going to go from Md. to la but scared to travel that far.


Although it doesn't sound like an emergency recall, I would be bummed having to deal with the dealership "experience". After my dad bought his '12 Malibu LT and paid it in full on the spot (he's retired and it's his last car he says), the dealership couldn't care less after the sale. It's all smiles and free coffee until then. Any recall would bother me for this reason alone. Then like someone else said a squeek or rattle could be there when it wasn't before.


First of all, shut up Helen! And second, yes, this truck is awful. From powertrain issues to electronic connections. My 2010 equinox was bought with 10325 miles and it was fine. Kept the right fluids and oil changes on time but now a year later it wants to act up as if nothing has been fixed at. I am very disappointed with Chevy for this because these cars should not have been sold! Wish I could sue because even the warranty is a croc of sh**!

ICRAIG Berthiaume

I have a 2010 Equinox and I hate to bash chevy but I have had nothing but problems with it . Starting with all kind of sensors going off camshaft , crankshaft throttle position sensor and stalling oh and then the transmition being changed out to the pistons too I paid 23000.00 for a unreliable vehicle that has one problem after another now that the warranty is up I pay out of pocket for this piece of junk that chevy has put bandages on to only fix again and again . I wish Chevy would just say they made a huge mistake and stop selling these vehicles but the all mighty dollar means more to the company than ther customer does very very disappointed thanks chevrolet

ICRAIG Berthiaume

I never received a recall on the instrument panel either thanks for the info I have the same problem with the defrost and with the winter weare having here in Massachusetts this vehicle is so stressful I amtrading it in owing more than I can get for it but I need a reliable vehicle with being in law enforcement

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