Compares Large Family Sedans

Perhaps you have a family but don’t want to step into minivan or SUV territory; in that case, several automakers offer comfortable sedan options. reviewers Kelsey Mays and Mike Hanley stack three popular models — 2010 Ford Taurus, 2009 Nissan Maxima and the 2009 Toyota Avalon — side by side for a comparison. Find out which car comes out on top in this Cars.comparison.

Cars.comparison: Family Haulers (



A $38,000 Taurus? Now that's funny!

The LaCrosse would have been a better fit than the Maxima. Another fine choice would have been the Azera -- it just beat the Taurus and LaCrosse in a Consumer Reports comparison for its space, interior quality, and visibility.


Finally sombody who does real car comparisons not "omg this is a toyota is is automaticly #1 on the list cause its toyota.


Erik-- I AGREE
Although I personally Love the Azera to drive I could see it doing well here but not winning... Its just not as technologically advanced, It would prob be the quickest here though :P


the avalon needs a redisign if it wants to stay in te competition


Where's the IMPALA!! :-)


The Impala is at the rental car place where it belongs.


Would like to see this same comparo add 300/charger,azera and lacrosse. Avalon is a sweet ride but its time for a refresher. New Taurus and LaCrosse are both very promising. The Maxima is in a class all by itself. It won't ever be the best in this class but it is the best at what it does.Being a comfy and sporty roomy sedan.


previous post. wrong thread. sorry bout that.

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