2011 Hyundai Sonata at 2009 L.A. Auto Show

  • Competes with: Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion
  • Looks like: An evil-looking take on the family sedan
  • Drivetrain: 198-200 hp, 2.4-liter four-cylinder with six-speed manual or automatic transmission
  • Hits dealerships: January 2010
We already knew about Hyundai’s impressive four-cylinder engine going into the all-new Sonata, but today the company revealed the full details on the 2011 heading to U.S. dealers next month.

Mileage is impressive at 23/35 mpg city/highway, but what's more interesting is that this Hyundai sedan will turn heads. Yes, it shows glimpses of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class and VW CC, yet it's distinctive enough to stand out among its direct competitors like the Camry and Accord.

On top of mileage and looks, the Sonata packs a spacious interior with the most overall interior volume in its class. Like the Accord, it falls in the EPA’s large sedan classification -- not midsize -- because it is so roomy inside. The trunk is nearly class-leading at 16.4 cubic feet.

We don’t have a full model breakdown in hand yet. However, all Sonatas come standard with XM Satellite Radio, USB port and iPod integration, and Bluetooth connectivity.

A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a hybrid model will be unveiled later in 2010.

More photos below. We’ll have more information and first-hand impressions later in the day.
Front Side angle Dash Side Controls Interior Side Side angle Side angle



Polarizing design to say the least. It's very CLS-ish from the front. I also see Camry Solara in it.


makes the current model look really dated! yes, people will compare it 2 alot of cars it looks like...but looks like they stole a design from Volvo with their new AC controls!! Wonder if push button start is standard? Looks nice really.


I would NEVER buy that with just a 4 banger if they plan to get someone like me to drive one of these there has to be a 6 or even a turbo, glad to read theres a turbo going in this car.


A 200 horse 4 cylinder tho. thats impressive for sure. Especially with the mileage, would make a great highway car, real gutsy at higher engine speeds. I would hope a Six is offerd.


This great looking model knocks the socks.... and tires off other models such as the Accord, Fusion, and especially the Malibu.


Hyundai changes the style of the Sonata quite often. IMO that's why Hyundai is very successful, they keep things interesting and don't keep any look around too long.


looks like a VW CC, alot like it.



With estimated 35 mpg highway it really means upwards of 40 mpg. Direct inject 4 cylinder? Hyundai is now catching Toyota and Honda with their pants down in technology, interior design and fuel efficiency.

The interior of this car looks like a$40k luxury car ala Infiniti. Far better than the Accords interior which is a confusing disaster.

This will sell and continue Hyundai's marketshare feast at the expense of Camry and Accord.

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