2010 Kia Forte Koup Video

The 2010 Kia Forte Koup is so close to its competitors in cost that the decision to buy it might come down to a number of individual features. Cars.com reviewer David Thomas takes you through some of those features in this video. He explains how Kia has upgraded its styling, inside and out, to deliver a sharp–looking car. Check out the video for more specifics and also to hear why he kept stalling the Koup in traffic.

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By Stephen Markley | December 11, 2009 | Comments (7)



nice looking car..hope it sells well!


This is a very handsome cehicle in person. Kia did well with the design.


...and by "cehicle" I mean "vehicle"...


Seriously? Did well on the design? They just simply copied from the 8th Generation Civic!


Kia's design and quality keep improving, good for them.


honda civic rip off?

No. Kia forte design borrowed from Kia Kup concept.

According to forte design team,
Question 3
Some say Forte (Cerato) KOUP has a similar front appearance as Honda Civic Type R. Is that true?

Any resemblance to the Civic Type R is simply coincidental. The Forte Koup’s fascia was built upon the Forte sedan’s theme and began before the Civic Type R was ever debuted. We do believe that if you saw the two cars side by side, the Koup would be distinctively different in terms of proportions and graphic treatment.


Forte (All-new Cerato) & Forte (All-new Cerato) Koup Design Essay



The concept, according to a simple Google search, was debuted in 2008. When was the Civic first appeared? 2005.
The page being quoted is posted in 2009.
Even the Civic Type R went on sale on March 30, 2007.
The page being quoted was posted in 2009.
Nice try, weaklings.

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