GM To Kill Saab After Sale Falls Through

Saab 9-5

Today, GM announced that the sale of Saab to Dutch supercar-maker Spyker Cars fell through, and it will begin dismantling operations of Saab immediately. This follows last month’s failed sale of the brand to Swedish supercar-maker Koenigsegg. That misstep and the inability to complete a sale of the Saturn brand were two knocks against former GM CEO Fritz Henderson.

GM says all warranties will be honored, and it will continue to make spare parts available.

The only reason GM gave for the failed sale was that the timetable to complete such a transaction would take too long and wouldn't allow the company to maintain its current pace to produce and sell new cars.

Earlier this month, GM sold older Saab technology and models to a Chinese company but not future lines like the new 9-5 and 9-4X crossover.

This is another sad day for car enthusiasts as GM’s bankruptcy has now accounted for the death of three brands, including the iconic Pontiac brand as well as Saturn.
By David Thomas | December 18, 2009 | Comments (11)



It had glorious history, but the products had been lame lately. The target audience is not clear.


Saab made some great handling cars but GM never put serious money into them to make them a serious luxury brand. Sad day but I don't think most buyers will notice the loss...


I never understood why GM acquired SAAB in the first place. It was always a niche market product with very limited appeal, and it languished further under GM management.
If GM had taken bolder steps to technologically advance SAAB and redefine the brand to appeal to the mainstream as Ford did with Volvo, the outcome may have been different.
Unfortunately the product became a quirky and expensive badge-engineered GM variant, and its demise is long overdue.


Another GM success story!


WE should pump up GM with enough stimulus money so they could buy Geely, Chery, SAIC, or any of the many Chinese motor companies...with their track record of managing marques into the ground, GM could have a much larger piece of China's fast growing market by getting rid of the local competition...


is it me or does it seem like GM acquired Saab, messed things up, and essentially ended up murdering the brand? seems like Saab may have had a better chance of survival if GM did not buy it out in the first place?!


It's just you.

Saab was already well on its way to irrelevancy well before GM entered the picture.

Being Swedish is really the only redeeming quality and that will only sell so many automobiles in such a competitive marketplace.

Arthur S. Lefkowitz

I bought a new Saab in 1971 or 1972. It was at a time when Saab had a great reputation. It was the worst car I ever owned. Even the windshield wiper motor broke. The wiper motor was made like a beautiful watch but it didn't work. I still cringe when I see one on the road. I hope the last of them disappear quickly.


I saw something the other day after this post was made that another car maker has made a bid for Saab. I haven't seen any updates since so that may have fell through as well.

Old Rockin' Dave

The first three cars that I ever owned were an Oldsmobile, a Pontiac and a Plymouth. I am starting to feel old.

Dr auto

After this blunder, I can safely say that GM is a cancer to the auto industry and American manufacturing while we are at it. We should have known they would fail to close the deal. GM can't sell a car, let alone a car company. They should have left Saab alone instead of buying them and then stripping the innovation out of the models. But what does GM care? They can grovel to Washington for another round of billions for themselves and GMAC. I feel for the people in the Saab factories and offices in Sweden. Next time I look for a car it will be a FORD.

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