The Future Dodge Lineup


In a marathon session with reporters and analysts today in Michigan, Chrysler officials announced their plans for the future of the company and its U.S. brands. They started things off with Dodge, which will be separate from Ram pickup trucks going forward. The logo (above) will no longer feature the Ram head, just the word Dodge.
The company also plans to have 11 new or thoroughly redesigned models on the road by 2014. The company currently has 10 non-truck models. We detail the future products below with some images from the presentation.

Current Dodge Caliber Interior


New Dodge Caliber Interior



Dodge Caliber

  • Gets a new interior, new wheels and different packaging of content and trim levels.
  • Estimated on-sale date: End of 2009


New full-size three-row crossover

  • Will be a seven-seater and compete with Chevy Traverse, Ford Flex, et al.

Dodge Charger

  • Dodge says the all-new model will have best-in-class performance and fuel economy.
  • Estimated on-sale date: End of 2010

Dodge Grand Caravan

  • Gets redesigned inside and out with a new engine, improved fuel economy and better suspension.
  • Estimated on-sale date: End of 2010

Dodge Avenger

  • New interior and engine with improved fuel economy and a slightly refreshed exterior.
  • Estimated on-sale date: End of 2010

Dodge Journey

  • New engine, interior and a “refreshed” exterior with improved fuel economy.
  • Estimated on-sale date: End of 2010

Dodge Viper

  • Production will end in July 2010 with final 500 made. New sports car in 2012.


Dodge Challenger

  • Refresh

Dodge Nitro

  • Refresh


Dodge subcompact hatchback

  • Based on Fiat platform

Dodge compact sedan

  • Based on Fiat platform


Dodge midsize sedan

  • Will replace the Avenger and be based on a Fiat platform.

Dodge Sports Car

  • To replace the Viper; it will use “Fiat alliance resources.” Does that mean Ferrari?

Future Dodge Gauges?




The Caliber interior looks nicer (and redder), but is the quality and the feel of it really improved? It has to feel better, not just look better. It seems that red is the new black, at least for Fiat/Dodge.


The Charger gets best in class power and fuel economy?
What class?
The only competitor is the G8 and it is being killed.

Wow, that's a vastly improved interior.


...will have best-in-class...

Future tense.


lol @ style. Yea...

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