Kia's New Sedan Debuts in Saudi Arabia

Dubbed the Cadenza, Kia’s future sedan, which replaces the Amanti in the U.S. in late 2010 as a 2011 model, will debut at the Riyadh Motor Show in Saudi Arabia next month.

In the video above, which is not available in English, you can see the sedan in all its glory during a more than 3-minute-long mini-movie that shows off some of its optional features and a rather attractive design. Kia went so far as to hire the former head of Audi’s design to give it its slick look.

Whatever the new sedan is called in the U.S. — probably not Cadenza — it will have a front-wheel-drive platform with a likely 290-horsepower V-6 engine and six-speed automatic. The U.S. version will probably debut at a future auto show like Detroit, Chicago or New York but not this week’s L.A. Auto Show.  

Kia Cadenza Will Make Debut in Saudi Arabia (Wheels Blog)
By David Thomas | November 30, 2009 | Comments (8)
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so does Korea have yellow side reflectors like NA does? I see them in both Kia's in this comm. I don't think the new Kia grille looks right on this car. & y do u think it won't wear the "Cadenza" badge in US? I know the old Amanti wuz called "Opirus" outside the USA.


i can definitely see some Audi in the taillights. Interior is nice but not sure if it's very luxury car like, esp. the steering wheel which looks a bit out of place. I have a few pix on my flickr page(as well as a few US Spec Fiesta pix)


Geez, those South Koreans really know who to make a car commercial...still, not as cool as Ed Whitacre's drawl doing stuff for GM.


here we go, lets brak it down.

*Back from an Audi.
*Front from an Audi,camry,accord.
*Kia/Hyundai should not even exist in my opinion, their bad quality vehicles, copycats, and not reliable.

Derrick G


Considering the great sales success they've had lately, it's pretty obvious that your opinion is just that: something you feel and not really a good representation of facts.


Derrick, of course they are good in sales because they start out at a cheap price and thats why mainly poor people buy it, they want to buy a fake mercedes or fake Audi. And then later on buyers of this crap cars are trying to get the most of it when selling but cant due to to their suckie resale value, and also due to they break down so much. i think i as a Toyota owner for the past 15 yrs knows what iam talking about, and also i know what iam talking about due to my best friend buying a Hyundai genesis and its already given problem. Where is my friend right, well driving a Lexus, it cost more but worth it and no problems.


Looks great, I would give it a shot. Great styling and I would wager it is fast enough for most driving.

Derrick G


If you don't own a recent Hyundai, and only know one person who does, that's nowhere near a realistic assessment. In more valid measures such as Power and Consumer Reports the company does quite well now. Also, in CR's latest survey there was at least one problem Lexus. As far as resale value goes, Korean (and domestic) makes have seen increases lately while Toyota and Honda especially have not rebounded from the fall during the recession. I'd say your knowledge of what you're talking about is near par with your grammar.

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