Forbes Ranks Top 10 Dirtiest Vehicles

Using air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions data from the Environmental Protections Agency, Forbes magazine has ranked the top 10 dirtiest vehicles on the road.

The EPA gives every vehicle an air pollution score of 0-10 that rates the amount of the tailpipe emissions. It ranks pollutants like hydrocarbon, nitrous oxide, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde; a score of 10 means a car doesn’t emit any of these. The agency also uses fuel economy numbers to rate a car’s greenhouse gas levels — looking specifically at carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane — on the same scale of 0-10.

Forbes combined air pollution and emissions scores to determine the 10 dirtiest cars; it used cars’ combined fuel efficiency ratings to break ties. As you read the list below, you’ll notice that Chrysler vehicles dominate with five of the top 10 dirtiest, while Korean and Japanese automakers do not make an appearance on the list.

The biggest loser is the Jeep Grand Cherokee with abysmal scores of 3 on its air pollutants test and 1 for greenhouse gases. It’s important to note that exotics like Ferrari and Rolls-Royce were not included in this list, and No. 10 on the list, the Dodge Durango, will no longer be produced.

The air pollution and greenhouse gas scores are in parentheses beside the vehicle’s make and model.

America’s Dirtiest Vehicles (followed by air pollution/greenhouse gas scores)

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee (3/1)
2. BMW M5 (6/0)
3. BMW M6 (6/0)
4. Chevrolet TrailBlazer (6/0)
5. Mercedes-Benz CL600 (6/0)
6. Mercedes-Benz S600 (6/0)
7. Chrysler Aspen (6/1)
8. Dodge Dakota (6/1)
9. Dodge Ram 1500 (6/1)
10. Dodge Durango (6/1)



How is the GC so much worse than Durango,when they share the same engines?
(3.7 V6,4.7 V8,HEMI).


That is a stupid list. Sure there are 5 Chrysler products on there...4 of them are the same vehicle with different cabs on them, the difference between an Aspen and the Durango is a couple of stickers and interior options. How could those 4 have one of them be the number 1 polluter while the other 3 are 7,8 and 10. Someone at Forbes shorting Chrysler stock? I didn't think Chrysler needed any help with bad press, seems they had enough without mis-informed morons who obviously know little to nothing about cars helping to nail the coffin shut.

While I think the Aspen and Durango should have been excluded because they are pretty much discontinued, the company does sell them as different cars under different brands. Forbes didn't come up with that plan.


So the Commander which gets worse gas mileage than the GC is not even present on the list and its basically the same vehicle...this list stinks.


This is a stupid list without qualifying engine or model. If the Trailblazer is on there then so should the GMC Envoy and Saab 9-7X. Is it the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT or the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7? Big difference. What about the Chrysler Aspen Hybrid?

I agree, there should be some statement of what powertrain they used for their list, because most of these offer other engines that aren't as polluting. This just unnecessarily tarnishes reputations even further.


Isn't the Trailblazer discontinued also?

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