Dads Weigh In on Lincoln MKT's Looks

It’s not often I get in a new test car and fall in love with it. I take that back — it’s not often I get a non-sports car/sedan and fall in love with it. As a car reviewer, it does happen, and there are usually good reasons for it. Such was the case with the 2010 Lincoln MKT. I liked the looks, roominess, comfortable seats, tech features, huge sunroof, ease of loading the kids and cargo, and the EcoBoost engine. I just dug it. My full review can be found here.

However, I wondered if other dads shopping for a family crossover or luxury SUV would feel the same way about it. Would the MKT’s looks win them over or drive them away? For the most part, it was a one-sided conversation and I was on the losing end.

The popular dad blog, DaddyTypes, asked its readers for their thoughts on the MKT, and posted his own, too.

“That grille reminds me a bit of a marauding baleen whale out for revenge — which is good — and a Pontiac Vibe at SEMA — which is not. The truest thing I can say about these rigs, though, is that I like the Mercedes R-Class much better, and that's saying very little.” Greg Allen, DaddyTypes

“Lincoln has done a decent job making this car their own but it is a Ford Flex in all the ways that count, and you're paying a hefty premium for a Lincoln badge, which stopped being a selling point long ago. The styling is slightly better but that's subjective, and it seems like interior space has been compromised vs. the Flex.” Seth

“Personally, I'd go for the Flex over the MKT because I prefer the Flex's styling. Both of these vehicles are way too big for me (the kid goes into a Mini Cooper now), but if I ever had a couple of more kids I'd certainly grab a twin-turbo Flex over a Honda Odyssey, which seems to be the default choice for parents around here.” JT

“No. I prefer vehicles which DON'T look as if they wallow about in muddy ponds (it looks like a smiling hippo to me).” teufelkindsvater


I also posted a query on my personal blog and on Facebook. The replies:

“I saw the car today in person for the first time. Beautiful interior and it's full of cool toys and safety equipment. Having said that, I don't think the exterior is unattractive, but I just don't like it.” CarGuyDad

“This car — despite having nearly the same silhouette of our new car (Mazda CX-9) — seems a bit boxy and forced. I don't love the grille but give them points for size, and the taillight is kind of brutal. Overall, I would say that I would be caught comatose driving this car.” Joe P.

However, my family was much more positive about the MKT. My brother-in-law, who traded in his Land Rover a few years ago for a Buick Enclave, pretty much said sign me up for the MKT (as a replacement for his Buick). My other brother-in-law, a Chrysler Pacifica owner, said, “Honestly, I can't imagine driving a Lincoln anything. Lincolns are what old people drive.” His wife disagreed, saying that if they were going to spend luxury money on a car she would look at the MKT.

Then there was my father-in-law, who isn’t in the market for a family-hauler. He also liked it, eyeing it as a vehicle that could handle golfing excursions and weekend trips out of town. He is on his fourth Honda Accord — in a row — so his thumbs-up to the radical styling was a bit of a surprise.

My polling isn’t scientific, but it seems that reactions leaned more to the negative on the MKT. I still love the darn thing — baleen grille or not.


By David Thomas | November 6, 2009 | Comments (11)



Sell that Outback quick!


Looks best in black. But overall I'd rather have the Flex.


Ugliest new car sold, period.


I like the styling. It reminds me of the 1930s "flow" design. It also looks good as a hearse. Excellent.


The perfect ride for the domesticated metrosexual.

tommy blackston

about this new Lincoln
I have always wondered about what happened to the design engineers of the now defunct American Motors Company. I believe I have found them. Looks like Lincoln hired them to design this horrid looking vehicle.

Dave Wuss

Zack nailed it.


Not a dad, but glad mine is not driving this!

Peter Gold

Guess What? Finally a vehicle (MKT) that is quite
quiet. Yes, for those who love road noise buy a Mercedes, or a Lexus. I am a driver that likes sometime to drive a vehicle without the radio on, just for the love of driving. It is truely amazing to drive a MKT at 65 miles an hour and FEEL THE QUIET OF A LUXURY CAR UNDER YOUR FEET. You did notice I call this vehicle a car, not a SUV, in reality it is in my opinion a LUXURY STATION WAGON. Maybe Lincoln could make a less expensive version of it on the same assembly line, tone down the grill for WHITE BREAD AMERICA, AND CALL IS A FORWAGON....


3/16/10-Just ordered a loaded MKT and am trading in my Pacifica. It test drove much better than the Enclave, MDX, and Audi Q7. We love the looks. Also, how many cars have heated and cooled front and 2nd row seats, or power folddown 2nd and 3rd row seats? I have a bad back, this is great. Also, easy to enter and exit. Technology is great. I ordered the adaptive cruise control and the parallel park assist for my wife. From my research, Lincoln has the best working system for this park assist.
It is very quiet inside. Before people knock it they should drive it.

Congrats. Let us know how you like it when it arrives. What color did you get?

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