2011 Hyundai Sonata Packing Power, Mileage


The four-cylinder engine powering Hyundai’s upcoming 2011 Sonata sedan will get an expected 35 mpg highway, the automaker announced. This bests any other midsize sedan on sale today; its closest competitor is the Ford Fusion, which in its S trim level can get 34 mpg highway with an automatic transmission. However, the Sonata will also pack 200 horsepower and 186 pounds-feet of torque, which will make it the most powerful four-cylinder in the class, as well.

The engine is the company’s first use of direct injection. The transmission that will gain the top mileage hasn't been announced yet. The engine was designed in Michigan and will be built in Alabama. The 2011 Sonata goes on sale in the first half of 2010.

By David Thomas | November 20, 2009 | Comments (17)


Derrick G

CVT? Where'd you get that from? I thought they'd previously announced a new 6-speed automatic. Were you perhaps skimming too quickly where they talked about CVVT?


I'm leary now of CVT. Nissan just upped their warranty of it meaning there must be problems. Supposedly it is much more expensive to replace also. I like to keep a car to at least 150,000 miles. I'm wondering if CVT will last that long. I'm thinking about not considering any CVT car as a possible purchase.

Ken L.

The earlier CVTs were not made to handle too much horsepower and torque, the current ones should be fine.

Rick S.

I was disappointed that the 2010 Camry didn't come with a new direct-injected engine like the Sonata will have soon although am very leary about the CVT. One thing about my 2000 Camry 4 cylinder with 138,000 miles is that nothing has gone wrong with it. The tranmission is super reliable and I have also heard that Nissan is having problems with their CVT.

Good call Derrick. Thanks. They're not saying the transmission that'll get 35 mpg yet. I've made the changes.


This is going to put a serious hurt on Chrysler and GM.Neither have a comparable car that can get near the mileage.
There goes GM's Toyota bashing on milegae (Hyundai will just bash GM back).

Troy S.

Don't be leary of a CVT transmission. I own a 1998 Civic HX with 173,000 trouble free daily driver miles and counting on the CVT tranny. If Hyundai offers a CVT, I'd go for it. Seemless gear ratio changes and smooth power delivery.


i like where Hyundai is headed. its becoming a serious contender in a very short amount of time.


Took em long enought to make a 200 horse 4 cylinder without a turbo. Anyone remeber GM Quad 4 in the early 90's 180-190 Horse 4 cyl with no turbo or anything. Sure they were problematic but it shows that nearly 20 years have gone by and they still cant make a 4 cyl get over 200 horse by itself....till Hyundai, crazy...

Al G.

Wow! Hyundai is really coming up. First with Genesis then Genesis Coupe now with 2011 Sonata. Just to think 10 years ago I wouldn't have given a Sonata a second look. This new has my got my attention. The front end IMO is a little funky but no more than Camrys and Accords. I hope Toyota and Honda are readying updated Camry and Accord to do battle. As it stands this Sonata could be the new mid-size benchmark.



That HX of yours has a lot less hp and torque than this Hyundai.



in the early 90s crooks in GM sold cars with 5 year payment plan that could last only 4 years. So, people had to trade them in before they finished paying for them.

They said it was 190 hp but really it wasn't. This is a big possibility.


Nissan's Sentra Spec V has a 200hp four cylinder engine.

Derrick G

Autoblog is reporting today that while Hyundai is working on a CVT, the 2011 Sonata will definitely have Hyundai's new 6AT. Also, only SE's with their dual exhausts will make 200HP. GLS and Limited models with their single exhaust will make 198 HP.

And though I know David was only responding to Erik, it's worth noting the Spec V Sentra engine is a tenth of a liter larger, makes less torque and gets only 21/29 mpg in a smaller car with a 6MT.


I think Hyundai has been successful because they seem to change their styling much more often than American and Japanese cars. This one seems to be influenced by the Altima.


two tanks on mine got 29 and 30 mpg...great car...mileage may be a bit overstated??


nw is right ! Hyundai LIED about the 2011 Sonata's fuel mileage. I just took a roundtrip highway-only trip of 300 miles. One way the mileage was 32 (they over-inflated my tires at delivery to 47 psi). Returning, I lowered the tire pressure to the recommended 33 psi, and I got only 29 mpg. Should there be a law against manufacturer claims that amount to a 17% difference from user experience? I do not have a lead foot. And every other car I have ever owned got the sticker hwy mpg (and usuallY better).

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