2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Pricing

If you’re interested in buying a new Accord Crosstour be sure to check out Kelsey Mays’ full review. How does the pricing of the new crossover hold up to its competition like the Toyota Venza and Nissan Murano? For V-6 models, it’s pretty competitive; it’s the only way you can get the new Honda, which starts at $29,670 before a destination fee. The Accord Crosstour goes on sale later this month. A full list of pricing is below.
  • Accord Crosstour 2WD EX: $29,670  
  • Accord Crosstour 2WD EX-L: $32,570               
  • Accord Crosstour 2WD EX-L Navigation: $34,770
  • Accord Crosstour 4WD EX-L: $34,020               
  • Accord Crosstour 4WD EX-L Navigation : $36,220
Destination: $710    



They can have it. For 30G? Ha-ha. Good luck, Aztec.


They just killed it.


Price is similar to Venza V6, wonder if the 4cyl will make it in next model year. Toyota has their 2.7 I4 in the Venza and the Highlander.

I'm predicting this will sell like gangbusters compared to the TSX wagon, simply because it's a high H-point crossover.


Always playing copy cat and pricing it higher, HONDA!!!!!


Who asked for this car again? I can understand a more practical Accord, technically even an ugly one (when you buy an appliance, it's not always about looks), but at $30k? They'll sell some because of the H on the grille, but this won't be anything more than a niche product. They've already got the CR-V, Element, Odyssey, and the Pilot all starting below what is essentially a jacked-up Accord? So wait, the only car with a higher base price is the S2000? Does that make the Crosstour Honda's halo car? Wha...?


Who knew the Malibu Maxx would spawn so many 4-door hatch-backs?

Juan Carlos

I must pay them to drive a clown car? let's hope it won't have mechanical issues and that it keeps its value.


Honda's styling and general direction has been quite eccentric, and not in a typical Honda way. Let's just hope this thing isn't as awkward as it seems it is.


im telling you...its like Joan Rivers and the Insight had a child and threw it out of an ugly tree


As much as I love Honda, the price is surprising high.


Wow. I would probalby never buy one at any price, but holy s*it batman, 30K. If it was April 1, I would understand it was all a joke, but are they serious? Whoever buys one of these must be on drugs.

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