New Jersey To Fine Drivers With Snow-Covered Cars

If there’s one thing that annoys me during the winter driving months — actually, there are too many to count — it’s inconsiderate/lazy drivers who think the road is the place to dump snow that has piled on top of their car overnight. They could brush the snow off of their cars before driving; instead they let it blow off — and all over — as they drive down the road. If you live in the snow belt, no doubt you’ve seen these scoundrels or perhaps you’ve even been guilty of the deed yourself.

Now New Jersey of all places is taking those who think “the road is my snow blower” to the woodshed with fines if you don’t remove snow from a car’s hood, windows, trunk and roof. That sounds like a great idea to me, but the law only allows for $25-$75 in fines. Is that enough of a fine for a highway patrolman to pull someone over for this infraction? The law won’t go into effect until next year.

I’d like to see this become law everywhere that snow falls. What do you think?

New NJ law: Drivers Must Remove Snow From Cars (Cape May County Herald)

By David Thomas | October 22, 2009 | Comments (24)
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More laws...oh goody. While leaving the snow on your car to blow off into traffic is stupid, I think we are getting to the point in this country where every single, little thing people do has one law or another governing it. At what point do we cease to be a free nation?


Who will shovel the roof of semis?

Clean you windows/lights.

This law is complete nonsense. Totally vague


When dumb asses are all over the place, this law is needed.


Sadly the law is needed but needed wherever there is snow not just New Jersey. The fine is peanuts, however. Common sense is gone and someone's laziness should not constitute a potential accident for those of us who act prudently so yet another law is needed.


I agree with the law but the fine should be higher. Some may think the law is dumb until your behind someone on the highway going 60 and a big sheet of ice/snow comes flying off and hits you. I've replaced 2 fog lights and 1 headlight because of someone else's laziness. I wished they passed this law in Maryland.


Sorry Dennis, but we have so many laws, because of the over abundance of stupid people. The laws protect us and them from hopefully hurting ourselves. Want less legislation? Get a law making it illegal to own a television,.. problem solved.


In Boston, all too often I see someone driving with literally a small hole dug out of the driver's side windshield, with the entire rest of the car covered. Too many of us are selfish and inconsiderate -- nobody's stupid enough to think, "Hey, that jerk in front of me almost killed me because he's too lazy to clean his car off ... maybe the same thing is happening with cars behind me ... ???"

We often feel entitled but refuse to put in our part -- we want no taxes but more police officers on the roads; etc etc.

Dennis & George, would you also like to see laws that restrict things like where you can park abolished? Blocking someone's driveway is just annoying, never dangerous like snow flying off and blocking our windshield.

For the same reason that people will park without considering if they are blocking a driveway if they don't fear being towed, this law exists to discourage selfish people who feel their 5 minutes is more important than someone's windshield or safety.

I agree with the law and Mo. I'm sick of the lazy-ass Starbucks-addicted soccer moms and dads who feel they're in too much of a rush to clean off their snow in the morning. Especially their roofs...all too often you see an entire sheet of ice slamming onto another car or getting dangerously close. (Maryland)


Will the state require gas stations to hire someone to clean it off for you?

What happens when its 4 degrees and frozen to your car at 6 AM? Do you need to waste gas warming the car to get it all off before hitting the road?

Seriously, NJ needs to worry more about cleaning up its state house than the roofs of cars.

You don't have to warm up a car to clear ice or snow off a roof. If anyone has to do that then they're just inefficient. That's more of a convenience than a necessity.


One simple suggestion, get up early!


This is aready a law in many european countries. I lived there for many years and got so use to it that after I moved back to the USA, my neighbors thought it was strange of me to get every inch of snow off my car before I drove any where. Yes we just get up earlier to clean off our cars.

I live in Minnesota, so I understand what its like to drive behind people with snow on their car.

I still think its ridiculous that we need a law for every stupid act committed in America.

For the people complaining about going 60mph and getting covered in snow by the car in front of you...what the hell are you doing so close?


DL: with rights come responsibility.
It is a privilege for trucks to use the road system for commerce, it is a right to use the roads for travel.

Do you complain when snow falls from the sky? Get winter wipers, preferably silicone blade, fill up your washer fluid reservoir, turn your HVAC to maximum temperature, minimum fan speed, and all defrost. The snow will melt.

This 'law' is not objective, and is subject to selective prosecution.



What do you mean by so close? Even at 10 car distance, those stuffs still fall on our vehicles!



You must not live where there's traffic. In big cities like Boston, you can keep all the distance you want from the car ahead of you; other cars will quickly cut in (seems like SUVs with lots of snow on them love to do that).

People are inconsiderate and lazy. Like I said before, laws like those restricting parking zones simply exist for people's convenience; even if your parked car was in the middle of a lane on a busy road (happens a lot in Boston actually), it only restricts traffic but does not place anyone in danger. Or restricting people to parking only 2 hours in busy downtown areas don't exist to protect anyone's safety; nobody complains about that.


It doesn't matter if you are driving a truck vs. a car or which one has a right vs. privilege to be on the road -- being considerate of others' safety is so basic. You don't seem to care about safety. You ever have a large sheet of snow fly off an SUV or semi and completely cover your windshield? I'd like to see your winter blades and washer fluid quickly clean off inches-thick snow while driving on the highway. You have no idea what real snow is.

Yes, I hate snow and I do complain every time it snows; winter blades are a gimmick and don't make up for laziness; I get up at 4 am to clean off my car even though at those hours there are very few cars on the road.

Yes I live where there is plenty of traffic, and much more snow than you see. 10 car lengths and still getting snow is the kind of exagerations people make who like "babysitter" laws like this.

Where in the Constitution does it allow for laws of "convenience"? If my neighbor or anyone would park at the end of my driveway, I dont call the police. I ask them to move. See how simple that was? Amazing I know, talking to people instead of whining and than asking for the law to step in.

At what time will our day from the moment we wake up to the minute we go to sleep be regulated by law "for the convenience" of those around us?


I think it's all fine and good, but after 2 feet of snow and a bus company that is not providing parkouts equipment to do so is just crazy...I'll have to take my bus out Tues on the roads and I am NOT allowed to take a ladder to my bus and clear if I take a ladder in 2 feet of snow here in South Jersey to try to clear the snow on TOP of my bus and I fall, I will not be covered under Workman's tell me what I should do for everyone who just thinks us drivers don't care...I've been trying to scheme a way all day to get that snow off the top of my bus!! Give us the ways and the means to do so before enforcing the damn law!!

Oh and to DL...YOU tell me how am I supposed to clean the top of my school bus before saying drivers are 'lazy and inconsiderate'..since I can reach the top of my car my car is cleared of every bit of snow before I drive that!!


Dennis has a LOT of time on his hands to wait around for people to come back to their cars and chat with them about removing their illegally parked cars.

I am jealous of Dennis though, I have yet to live in a real city where people will let you drive with 10 car lengths' of space for more than a few seconds before cutting in, snow or no snow. I guess if you are lucky enough not to have to drive to work and deal with traffic, you can do that. Lucky man I say.


I am sorry, I have no good solution for you. :( Thank goodness I never came up with laws like this myself, nor am I someone who has the power to pass laws -- otherwise I would be very powerful but would have a LOT of explaining to do!


btw, Dennis, thanks for supporting my point that it is stupid to regulate parking because, as you put it, it's very simple to deal with those people yourself. Contrast that with the dangers of being blinded by sheets of snow from some jerk who cut you off, and we see how sometimes our priorities are messed up.


The snow falling off will be crushed and melted by other cars. I support the clearing of windows, breaks, and headlights. But don't think a law is required. Sometimes I removal all my snow, and sometimes I don't. But don't think a law is necessary.


To those who feel this law is stupid, ask the girl who just recently had it come through her windshield and had glass cut her face up. But to those people don't worry because the police do not enforce this law. Was on the GSP Friday with many cars and school buses with snow on their roofs and passing the troopers.


To Robyn, if you can't take care and caution than don't have a bus. You are worried about falling but not hurting someone with the ice/snow on the top of your bus. As they have something for everything why not check the stores and internet, but stop making excuses. police are wasting even more time by pulling people over for having snow on their cars? Ridiculous law...didn't police used to go stop bad guys at one point in time?

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