New iPhone App Acts Like Your Car Keys

ViperSmartStart The car security company Directed Electronics has released a new iPhone app that lets users lock and unlock their car doors, pop the trunk, set off the alarm or simply start the vehicle.

Known as the Viper SmartStart, the app is basically a virtual keychain that performs all the functions of your typical smart key. The “Smart Start” button could be particularly useful if you want to warm or cool your car before you get into it.

The app uses the iPhone’s data connection for each command, so you can only control your vehicle when you have an Edge or 3G signal. For me, this brings to mind a horror movie scenario where you’re camping and trying to escape the killer only to find you can’t get a 3G signal to unlock the car’s doors or start the car — but what are the odds that will happen, right?

The app also works on non-cellular data devices, like the iPod Touch, but you have to be near Wi-Fi to use it.

Now for the catch: While the app is free, you need to have Viper’s SmartStart system installed in your car. That will cost you a cool $499 for installation (just $299 if you already have the Viper alarm system), plus $29.99 a year for an active subscription to Viper’s SmartStart service. Customers who get a new installation will get the first year of service for free.

Viper’s New iPhone App Replaces Your Keychain (Web Crawler)

By Stephen Markley | October 13, 2009 | Comments (12)
Tags: Car Gadgets


Jeez, not everything needs to be on the iPhone.

That's really expensive, considering car keys (+fob) are usually free. Do they not work just fine?


Wow, what brilliant minds!
Lose your phone, lose your ride too!!
Dumb ass ideas!


if you lose your phone then use your key or use your itouch - (not lose your ride as your dumb ass comment says)


Try that in any public places. And I can assure you that the ride will be gone too!
Still dumb ass idea.


you DO realize you can't actually drive the car unless the key is in the ignition right? HELLO.. steering wheel locks for one, and second the system has a feature that shuts off the car if you try to shift into gear wihout the key in the ignition...

third.. password protect your iphone!


If you loose your car key then your car is also gone right? So I don't see the diffrence in loosing the key or iphone, I personaly take much better care of my iPhone then the keychain.

Sam B

I agree with J. Stupid idea. Facts: 1) phones are taken out of pockets MUCH more often than keys are. 2) Phones are commonly sat down while doing other tasks. 3) Phones (especially the iPhone) have smooth surfaces and can easily slid out of pockets while sitting. If you're claiming you would lose your keys before your iPhone, you're severely mistaking. That's why more phones are lost. My opinion: a clever, however problematic idea for an app on the iPhone. As a student, I constantly have my $1,500 tablet pc in my backpack in my car, along with a $1,200 JL stereo system, personal important items, and other easily stolen valuables.

Hey guys, just thought I'd mention that is coming out with a product that does all the SmartStart does and more for less than HALF the price! I don't know how Viper can get away with charging so much, but that will soon end. Enter the DynaKey! I know I'm gettin one!

Incidentally, I own a normal remote starter myself, and there's no need for concern regarding theft because all you're doing is starting your car's engine. The key is needed to drive it off, and the engine will be killed instantly the moment someone tries to change gears otherwise.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there.

Tim G.


Clifford great idea i cant wait to have one bring them to england asap when you di im getting one dont care how much it costs I Want One

iphone madness continues

Great idea! The installation sounds pricey though.

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