More on the Made-in-America Debate

Camryprofile’s American-Made Index details to what degree different models from different automakers are actually made in the U.S. The winner in the 2009 AMI is the Toyota Camry, which is built in Kentucky and Indiana. However, the other side of the made-in-America debate has to do with where the profits from each car sold actually go. Basically, Toyota’s headquarters and much of its R&D is done in Japan, so buying a Camry may help employ someone in Kentucky but it also helps people employed in Toyota City. took up this second part of the debate and interviewed an economist from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to see if the profits going overseas outweigh the benefits of U.S. employment. The result isn’t as cut and dry as our AMI, of course, but it seems the short-term benefits lie where the cars are built and long-term benefits boost the company’s hometown.

Surprise! Buying American still matters (
By David Thomas | October 13, 2009 | Comments (7)



Well the made in America debate would be irrelevant if the Big Three had produced desirable cars decades ago, maybe all those workers would have kept their jobs.


So, in other words, if the "foreign" automakers makes more cars than the "domestic", then our economy is helped?
The guy's logic is crooked.


Toyotas look good in red

Somehow getting their point of making cars,give more jobs.Well,manpower is included in a company that helps them in having their regular income.


Hes saying that in the short run, yes having mroe jobs avalible producing the car here is good. But in the long term, the profits are going to Japan and boosting thier economy over time and making them stronger as we get weaker...Soo there killing us off slowly, haha

I like Toyota Camry in terms of fuel economy officially increased to 33 MPG.Being more fuel efficient means more savings and helpful to the conservation of gas and other fuels.


lol elegant, you mean cheap and overly produced to the point of lost quality control, lol elegant, there so boring and plain how could you call it anything but an appliancemobile

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