Mercedes-Benz System Stops Car at Red Light

SmartStop Mercedes-Benz is working on a Smart Stop system that would automatically halt a car at a red light if the driver fails to see it. The wireless safety system would coordinate with intersections and other vehicles using wireless receivers.

The vehicle’s “conversation” would include a network that shares real-time local traffic data; it also would give a warning if a driver is accelerating when coming to a red light.

Don’t count on seeing this technology any time soon, though. It will require the installation of smart intersections that can communicate with the vehicle. This will mean a fundamental reinvention of German or U.S. intersections, which would require action on the federal, state and local levels as well as a ton of dough.

Smart Stop builds on current driver-assist systems like lane departure warning and proximity detectors, but a car stopping itself for a red light is a substantial leap forward for safety systems that correct driver behavior.

Mercedes-Benz will rely on a handful of trial installations. The automaker hopes the technology will become standardized in the next decade and appear at intersections across the country.

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Mercedes is the first for almost everything. It's amazing. It's definately one of the most advanced manufacturers available today hands down. I'm very impressed.


Took them long enough. Audi had something similar over a year ago, though it does not stop for you.

MB may be the first to adopt it, but something like this won't get widespread adoption for a few decades to half a century, if not longer.


This seems silly. You fail to see the red light - happens all the time, but what about the jerk behind you who was riding you all along? Seems like there are other liabilities that just don't sit right.
I'd rather see MB make their cars without all the electronics that plague their reliability reports. Adaptive cruise control is frequently cringed as a good thought turned into a horrible real-life idea, and I see this being the exact same thing.
How about a complimentary defensive driving course in a new car? Seems to be a smarter way to go about enhancing safety.

A rather interesting idea, and one that was bound to eventually make it to practical application. But Kevin does bring up a very good point. Will this adaptive system take into the account of other drivers, especially if you choose to run a red light in order to avoid someone, who has been tailgating, hitting you?

This is incorrect. The car uses cameras to see the red lights. No revamping of any street light whether in the US or EU is necessary.

From Robo Cop to Robo Stop! Will it give a false stop on tail lights though!

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