GM to Offer Free Oil Changes to Pontiac, Saturn Owners

You read that right. General Motors wants to make sure current Pontiac and Saturn owners consider a new GM vehicle for their next car purchase by offering free oil changes at a Chevy, Buick or GMC dealer. That way the freebie takers will peruse new GM products from brands the company didn’t kill off in bankruptcy while they’re waiting for their car’s oil to be changed.

Final details on the offer will be released next week, including if it’s just a single oil change per customer or more. It sounds like a good idea to us, and most people we talk to like free things. What do you think?

GM Eager to Retain Pontiac-Saturn Customer Base (
By David Thomas | October 30, 2009 | Comments (18)



I have a 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass. I wonder if that will qualify!


It better be free oil changes for the entire duration of original ownership if GM really wants them to come back.


It's a nice start. Free is good. Looking like you care about your customers is also desirable.


Have you ever tried to take advangage of a free oil change from a dealership. What a pain in the ass! When I bought my Hyundai it came with 3 years worth of oil changes. First you have to look at the fine print. It was limted to 4 per year. Since I put 25k a year on my car i get oil changes every 6 weeks. Then you have to make an appointment with the service dept., arrive at the dealer before 7am and wait about 1 1/2 hours to get your car done. No thank you. I took advantage of one oil change and that was it. Just use the jiffy lube type places and be in and out in 15 minutes without an appointment.


GM thinks $24.95 will buy loyalty. Some things never change.


GM screwed me out of thousands of dollars in residual value and new parts and all I got was this lousy oil change. I can see myself selling A LOT of T-Shirts like that.


What do they mean by oil change I wonder, is it just a drain and fill or do they actually change the filter as well and how much red tape is there gonna be?


Hey, I bought a new Oldsmobile (obviously) quite a while back. How come I'm not getting free oil changes?


I'm not sure what, if anything will help this company. They just don't seem to make reliable, quality cars. They have so many incentives yet it still doesn't appeal to me. They have this oil change thing along with the 5 yr/100k warranty and the 60 day money back guarantee.


Messed up oil changes (grungy, oil stained seats, improper filter leading to leaks and spilled oil causing a smoking engine) are one of the reasons I dumped my Saturn last spring. These goons have no idea what customer service is, you're better off going to Jiffy Lube which has a smidge better reputation.


Imagine if they take 100,000+ mile Pontiacs/Saturns and not put the oil back in.The engine will be junk,the dealer will offer a junkyard engine replacement for free or a couple thousand discount off a new GM vehicle.Smart move,ruin the past and sell the present.


As for the Oldsmobiles,GM had moved on since then.Thats yesterdays news for them.Ask Fritz or Lutz now and they would probably say "Whats an Oldsmobile?".


This whole free oil change is exactly what the article says. It gets you back in the dealer to browse at new cars and get you into a new one. Has nothing to do with taking care of the customer who bought a car with a brand that went under!

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mr b

So many whiners here. Well I for one love my 2009 Pontiac and the free oil changes are welcomed gifts. For those of you who hate GM please go buy a Toyota and deal with the mess they have created.

Good marketing technique used for push up the sales. This is also help to create good brand image in the mind of customers.


The dealer recommended to do repairs on Saturn now is SO BAD that I did not want to have anything to do with GM ever again and bought a Honda instead!!


well i was wonder would my car be able to get a free oil change its a 2007 pontiac g6

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