Dodge Adds New Ram Truck Brand

Ram Long rumored to be a possibility, Dodge pickup trucks will be separated from Dodge cars under their own Ram brand. Sergio Marchionne, managing director of Fiat and Chrysler CEO, confirmed the shake-up.

Just how the lineup will be split has yet to be explained, but it’s likely pickups, SUVs and vans will get a Dodge Ram badge. Cars and most crossovers will remain Dodge cars.

“The brand-focused strategy has been refined further with the unbundling of the Dodge brand, which now consists of the Dodge Ram brand and the Dodge car brand organizations,” Marchionne said. “This reorganization will allow us to protect and develop the unique nature of the product offerings within the Dodge brand.”

The Ram got a significant redesign last year, but sales have stagnated compared to the new F-150 from Ford. The smaller Dodge Dakota sold 399 units last month. Even though the Dodge Durango SUV is expected to return as a 2011 model, we just don’t see a reason for a separate Ram brand. Especially since Chrysler successfully merged all of their brands into single stores featuring Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.

Dodge Trucks to Be Separated From Cars Under Ram Brand (

By Stephen Markley | October 5, 2009 | Comments (9)



Just more smoke and mirrors to keep a failing corporation afloat for a while.


Is the new truck brand going to be called "Dodge Ram" or just "Ram"?
I assume the "Dodge Ram" badge that trucks will get is simply the logo of the ram.


I bet FIAT is going to charge dealers who want to sell the RAM brand.Otherwise,if you only sold Dodge,you will only get Charger,Challenger,Caliber,Avenger (maybe Viper) and nothing else.
Pony up the extra franchise fees and now you can sell RAM pickup,Dakota,Durango,Grand Caravan,and Sprinter.
Now what happens to Chrysler Town & Country? Isnt that a "truck" too? So when will be Chrysler "Fargo" be announced?


I could see how this would allow for greater flexibility for dealerships. You could sell Dodge trucks along with a completely separate brand that doesn't produce trucks, like Subaru.

Then again, it may allow them to separate off the strong part of Dodge from the weak. They could then sell the "Ram" brand, or keep it and let the Dodge brand die.

In the end, it is just another branding effort. These guys probably actually believe that their main problem is their branding.

Ram Dodge trucks is simply called by a short name Ram which has break all old hurdles of trucks name like pickup trucks , 4x4 trucks . Now modification in trucking industries all will change name of trucks & promote in market .

The Ram is similar is dodge trucks , pickup trucks only the name is modified to something new which will more popular in saying in common people world .

Dodge trucks are known for their heavy load carrying capacity and good performance. The huge dodge machines are of two main types 16 wheel dodge trucks and 18 wheel dodge trucks. Further they are divided on the basis of power and number of cylinders in them.

According to me this is the right decision. The different name, different product as compare to other product in same company helpful for making a different image in the market for his every product. The Dodge Ram it self caret image of truck company in the mind of consumers.

Its very important to give unique identification to the product so as to draw the attention of desired customer .i hope the same will work for Dodge.As there are so much competition among existing variety of trucks

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