Consumer Reports' Top 10 Automakers

Today, Consumer Reports released the results of its annual car reliability survey, which includes more than 1.4 million vehicles. This is one of the most important publications of the year for consumers interested in a car’s reliability. There were few surprises in terms of which makes are most and least reliable, with Scion maintaining the top spot. Porsche, Saab, Suzuki and Pontiac saw the biggest gains while Lincoln and Mini took the biggest hits. Check out Consumer Reports full report if you’re a subscriber. We list the top 10 most and least reliable automakers below.

Top 10 Most Reliable Automakers

1.    Scion
2.    Honda
3.    Toyota
4.    Infiniti
5.    Acura
6.    Mitsubishi
7.    Lexus
8.    Hyundai
9.    Porsche
10.  Mercury

Top 10 Least Reliable Automakers

1.    Chrysler
2.    Cadillac
3.    Dodge
4.    Jeep
5.    Saturn
6.    GMC
7.    Mini
8.    BMW
9.    Chevy
10.  Audi



i usually disagree with CR on this mainly because in their reviews...they're SO buyist, everybody i know has had a problem with their honda and toyota and i mainly think that as long as you care for your'll last forever


Amazing that Hyundai, the company that brought us junk 20 years ago now beats all of the American brands. Either the Koreans are trying really hard, or the Americans aren't trying hard enough.

Wow Cadillac.

Seriously...worse than Dodge?




It depends on "how much" maintenance you have to do and what is "routine". It should mainly be oil changes, tires and brakes for the first 100K miles. You shouldn't have to do more than that. That's all I've ever had to do with every toyota, honda or hyundai that I've owned. I can't say that for the domestics I've owned.


Funny thing is over the years I have not found CR advice to be highly reliable when it comes to auto's.


Funny thing is that people cannot even spell is claiming that CR is not accurate.


Funny thing is that people who cannot even use correct grammar are claiming that claims that CR is not accurate are not accurate.


My CTS was easily the worst car I've ever owned so seeing Caddy at the bottom makes me grin from ear to ear.

I'd buy a Chrysler before buying another Caddy.

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Scion XB

I have a Scion XB 2009 .. and I love it ..

Go Go Scion :D


I still cant see how you can say a Mercury is more reliable than a ford or a lincon, or a GMC is less reliable than a chevy, that there shows how retarded the reliablity predictions are.

Oh and Domestics typicly use Chain drive cams, so no 80-100k 2-3 thousand dollar timing belt job that your toyotas and hondas require to have done. meh my mom has a new buick lucern CXL V8 and its nearly 30k with not one issue and im sure it wont have an issue till 100k. now my sisters 08 civic, bleh....its already been in the shop for warrenty work and it hasnt even hit 30k....


Well this isn't a very good top 10, 5 of the members are actually two companies. Scion and Lexus are divisions of Toyota.
Honda and Acura also are the same thing!


.... wow this is the worst top 10 list i have ever seen. its pretty much honda toyota. why couldnt they have just said Toyota Honda. DONE.


Some of the facts are somewhat accurate. However, if Hyndai is on the list for most reliable, then this list is crap. Don't get me start with general Korean transmission problem.

James Hill

When will american and europian automakers realize they cant compete making crappy cars.Sure they make good SUV's and trucks but we are not all renecks or rich guys who dont care about fuel economy


I think the japanese and the Koreans are sliding a little cash to CR for a better rating. All four of my Chevrolets run like a top. Wierd.

335D 4 me

No problems with my BMW 335d diesel engine great fuel ecomony super performance nothing, but normal scheduled maintenance to date have owned for 2 years thus far guess I got lucky with this one

WorstCarCompany: Ford

This is rigged like crap. Mercury is the worst living automobile brand on the planet, discontinued for that matter. Also it is a part of FoMoCo known for being at the bottom, as always, in relibility, looks, and performance but people always buy them. Well they always break down, so have to buy a new one right? Interestingly this list appears to have been bribed by Ford. Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep on the other hand are at the top. I purchased this issue of consumer reports and it looks as if lied. So silly, let it be known ford is crap.

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