2010 Lexus LS Gets Sports Package

Lexus has been mildly — one could even say tepidly — updating many of its 2010 models with slight design revisions and new content to keep them fresh. The LS flagship gets some of these same tweaks, the most significant of which is a new Sports Package for rear-wheel-drive models that includes an upgraded suspension, 19-inch wheels and a unique body kit. The body kit can also be had in an optional Appearance Package and is shown above.

All other LS models get a slightly revised grille, headlights and taillights; surprisingly, the tailpipes are better integrated into the rear bumper, as well.

On the inside, some new technology is added as optional, including a pedestrian avoidance system, which applies the brakes if you’re approaching a passer-by too quickly, and a driver alertness warning system that monitors a driver’s face for signs of sleepiness.

Pricing and on sale date will be announced tomorrow. For now check out more photos below.

By David Thomas | October 8, 2009 | Comments (10)
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Aren't sporty and LS oxymorons, or just to bilk money from morons?

Kinda seems that way...if you wanted sporty and luxury I'd go elsewhere. Lexus is (generally) more comfort-oriented.

Al G.

LS with sports pkg won't turn this into a BMW. The pkg looks nice but doesn't scream sports. IMO Lexus LS buyers aren't looking for this anyway they want poshness and comfort.

I have to say the AWD hybrid hauls on the highway. Kind of looking fwd to testing the RWD sports to see how it does. The thing is packing a 380 hp V-8 engine.


It gives the car a more sporty, nicer look, but its an LS. It's like what AL G. said, its not a Bimmer. Luxury and sport on a luxury sedan from Lexus just doesn't mix on this one, especially an LS. Lexus is more luxury and comfort. The ISF and the upcoming GSF(not available till 2011 along with a new redesign) are a different story, they happen to work, well at least the ISF. The IS is more sport than luxury, a 3 series fighter, thats about it. The LS has competition with the Mercedes S-class, BMW 7-series, the Maserati Quattroporte, Audi A8, and the all new redesigned Jaguar XJ. The LS is a great alternative, but it doesn't surpass the S-class or 7 series


Al G said it all.

Very nice car.I love it.Thanks.......


If you are looking for a comfort oriented vehicle and reliability then look no further, the Lexus LS will do just that but if you want a luxury sport model then look at the Bmw 7 series. I would personally go with the Lexus.

Very lovely car.I like it.

Lexus have always been impressive, obviously they are if they are made by Toyota!

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