2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Gets Four-Wheel Drive

Today, Honda released the first interior images of the upcoming 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour. The company also confirmed that the crossover would come with a standard 3.5-liter V-6 and have optional four-wheel drive when it goes on sale in November. We were hoping the Crosstour would get Acura’s Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive but understand the need to keep the Crosstour from impeding on the new Acura ZDX.

Inside, the Crosstour looks a lot like a standard Accord, which is not a surprise. However, the cargo area has an interesting layout. Because the wheels are not near the crossover’s rear, the wheel wells don’t intrude into the back of the cargo area. Instead, they pop up toward the front, just behind the rear seats. This should add to the car’s usable cargo space. There’s also an underfloor compartment that’s 8 inches deep and looks to be sizable, as well. It can also be removed easily, kind of like a large plastic bin. The cargo cover is reversible with heavy-duty plastic on one side and carpet on the other, similar to the Acura RDX.

Honda has also put switches in the cargo area to lower the rear seats flat. More photos below.


Doug G

It's nice to see that Chevy has refreshed and re-released the Chevy Malibu Maxx.


Ugly, but looks like a nice SUV alternative.


Is there a spare wheel?
No 6 speed automatic? No base four cylinder with front drive?


The only difference between this and the malibu maxx is that this one will do better in sales. (I'm not saying I like it)

Huh. I always wondered what an exact Accord interior would look like in a different model.


looks like a bloated insight that got as much plastic surgery as joan rivers.


Too bad there's no way to drive it without having to look at it first.


This is one butt-ugly vehicle.


12 years has passed by since its last departure...Welcome back, Accord Wagon!

Troy S.

I like the utility aspect and the fact that it's a Honda. My likes stop there. I've been a Honda loyalist for over 20 years and have to say that the crosstour will not be on my list any time soon. It may be a different story when I see one in person but, first impression suggets otherwise.

Juan Carlos

you can put makeup on a pig, but is still a pig. this makes the pontiac aztek look better than beyonce.


It's the same ugly and confusing radio controls as the Accord. Also, is the guy in the photo really tall or does the rear cargo door hang extremely low? Makes me wonder.

"Welcome back, Accord Wagon!"? I suppose the severely slope-roofed Crosstour has the utility of a wagon -- if all you carry is ping-pong balls.


I really don't get why so many people think this car is ugly. The Pontiac Aztek is ugly on a colossal scale. The Element is ugly (half dull gray plastic walls).

Besides the interior cargo space actually looks pretty decent--better than just your average trunk in a sedan.


Definitely one homely looking car with interior space possible but seriously hindered by the huge rear shock tower intrusions.
This is one they need to take a hard second look at, Honda quality is one thing but ugly and poor design is an American car trait.

Dave Blue

There is not a Chevy made with this attention to detail, both inside and out. A Chevy! Really?

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