Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: August 2009

Elantra Cash for Clunkers pushed car sales up in August, way up. Automakers like Toyota, Honda and Ford saw sales increase by  10.5%, 14.2% and 17%, respectively, but others like GM, Chrysler and Nissan couldn’t hold off losses of 20.2%, 15% and 2.9%, respectively. The automaker pecking order also changed with Nissan — including Infiniti — and Hyundai/Kia both surpassing Chrysler in terms of total sales. Chrysler is now the seventh-largest automaker in the U.S.

Which cars made the top 10 for August? Well, Cash for Clunkers led to a huge spike in sales of our usual suspects like the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. Even the Ford F-Series had a strong month. Check out the list below to see if there were any surprises. 

Top 10 Best-Sellers

  • Toyota Camry: 54,396
  • Ford F-Series: 45,590
  • Honda Civic: 43,294
  • Toyota Corolla: 43,061
  • Honda Accord: 39,726
  • Chevy Silverado: 32,421
  • Honda CR-V: 30,284
  • Nissan Altima: 26,833
  • Ford Focus: 25,547
  • Hyundai Elantra: 21,673
By David Thomas | September 1, 2009 | Comments (54)



Elantra in the top ten. Must be from C4C and the incentives they've got going. Big numbers for Camry! It's such an ugly, bland car...too bad no one wants it (lol). Looks like C4C din't help much of the domestics (other than Ford) ... in terms of cracking the top ten. One would think that Malibu would have been there but then the rental car companies couldn't benefit from the C4C program.

Original sheth


Chrysler and GM were not going to benefit from C4C as much as the others due to plant shutdowns. GM inventories are at record lows. The government bails out GM and Chrysler and then formulates an incentive plan that favors their competitors. Real smart policy. Many GM/chrysler dealers ran out of the models eligible for C4C because of plant shut downs. meanwhile the Japanese automakers had been stocking excess vehicles at ports in california and had hundreds of thousands of cars sitting around. They were perfectly positioned for the program and got record sales. They will feel the pain next month.


Sounds more like poor business planning by those in charge at GM and Chrysler.

The Elantra wasn't the only small car to get a big Clunkers boost. The Nissan Versa, which I don't believe has ever broken 10k sales, more than doubled to 18k -- the 15th best-selling car in the country.

Absent the entire top-15 list: every Chrysler.


yeah, the chrysler and chevy dealerships here in san angelo, tx ran out of the cars that qualified before c4c ended.






Dee, and you're proud of this??? BTW turn off the caps lock next time, you might appear a bit more intelligent.


What's funny is I did not see one GM or Chrysler dealership in PA that ran out of four cylinder vehicles.



so you went to every chrysler and gm in dealership in PA to see what was in the inventory? wow, you're dedicated. i hope you were driving a fuel efficient vehicle for that trip!


Even with the cash for clunker best seller title plus the Matrix sales number, and it is newly redesigned for 2009, the Corolla still got kicked ass by the Civic?

Idaho Guy

Thanks Kia for bringing jobs to America at this critical time:

Dave Wuss

For the uneducated who claim GM could have sold more cars but they ran out of's a little secret...the C4C program also accepted factory orders.

It's not surprising to anyone that Toyota, Honda, and Ford were the winners. You can stick a fork in GM. How much longer until they beg for another tax payer funded bail-out?


Hah Cody! You know it.

Derrick G

Remember Elantra sales aren't broken down into sedan and wagon (Touring). A lot of folks seem to have been researching the Touring as small affordable wagons are scarce these days. I'm thinking that a lot of folks, especially who wanted to ditch a big SUV, pounced when the time came and a good many Elatra sales were Tourings. I can't prove that because Hyundai doesn't break the numbers down, but a lot of dealers in my area seem to have sold out of the wagon.


Bottom 10: insert most of Chrysler line-up here....



thanks for surveying PA responsibly!

dave w,

i don't know why you insist on jumping from post to post exclaiming the doom of gm and chrysler, but clearly you are passionate about it. i'm not sure why you result to petty insults, but maybe it's just your way. honestly, did anyone expect gm and chrysler to do great given all the bad press they've received over the past several months? i'm surprised that gm did as well as they did. don't forgot that gm came in second in overall c4c sales.


You know, not to point out your ignorance, but there is something called internet. Oh, wait, you are using it to connect to here.
How about do an inventory search then give them a call to find out?


Cody you are a putz. But so what, right? I never said I surveyed all of PA. I totally expected GM to do well, they have one of the cheapest and most fuel efficient four cylinder vehicles out there. You point out that GM came in second, so which one is it, did they do good or bad?

Original sheth

"Sounds more like poor business planning by those in charge at GM and Chrysler. "

How could you plan for a program when you didnt know the start date? GM was shutting plants to save money and reduce inventory. They had no idea when C4C would start. The Japanese automakers were reluctant to idle factories so they had been stockpiling vehicles for months. They rented port space in several cities to store unwanted cars.


GMs inventories are at record lows and many dealers didn't have a good selection. Even you should be smart enough to know that just having ANY four cylinders on the lot isn't good enough. Dealers need a selection for buyers to chose from. Seeing 2 or 3 four cylinder Chevys at your local dealer proves nothing. Give us a break and post something semi intelligent for ONCE.

Original sheth


What internet search is going to show you every vehicle available for every dealer in a state? None. I think you need to think twice before insulting Cody or anyone else. Besides, media reports and GM's own press release state that GM inventory is down 50% from last year and is lower than ever before. They just did not have enough stock to compete. In the early stages of the program Gm and Ford were doing better than Toyota. The tide changed in the last 2-3 weeks once inventory was drained.


once again your profound ignorance is on display.

"For the uneducated who claim GM could have sold more cars but they ran out of's a little secret...the C4C program also accepted factory orders."

A manufacturer counts a sale when a car is shipped to a dealer. Any cars ordered in the last weeks of CFc wouldn't even show up in August sales. Furthermore, many dealers were hesitant to offer the rebates for ordered cars. MAny people were told they had to buy something on the lot and the government clarified this by saying vehicles could be ordered as well. Most dealers prefer to sell what is in stock and most consumers dont want to wait 2 months for a car. Whats on the lot is what counts.

Original sheth

"You point out that GM came in second, so which one is it, did they do good or bad?"

GM sold the 2nd most vehicles simply because they are the largest automaker in the US. Their share of C4C was LOWER that their normal marketshare. Other automakers benefitted far more than GM due to the rules and the fact that GM had little to sell by the end of the program. GM did respectably, but they didnt thrive like Honda, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai.

Original sheth

"It's not surprising to anyone that Toyota, Honda, and Ford were the winners. You can stick a fork in GM. How much longer until they beg for another tax payer funded bail-out?"

GM sold 21k more vehicles than Toyota and about 64k more than Ford. They outsold Honda by a huge margin as usual. GM's sales were down 20% and they still outsold Toyota which had a record month for cars. In addition, Henderson already said no further funds would be needed nor have they spent all that has been given so far. Sorry to burst your bubble.



thanks for the defense.


kind of surprised you would jump on the bandwagon here. what did i do? insult honda in another post? (yeah, i guess i did) you either didn't read the whole thread or just decided to chime in for the sake of stoking the fire.

to bring you up to speed: i stated that the chevy and chrysler dealerships ran out of qualifying vehicles in san angelo (my town). you can still drive by and see that their lots are full of full sized pick ups. belly then stated that it was funny because he didn't see any lots in PA run out of chevy's or chryslers.

os is right. surveying every lot in PA over the internet would be a pain, but hey, if that's what you want to do, go ahead and knock yourself out.


no need for name calling. i was just kidding around w/you since you implied there were no dealers in all of PA that ran out of chevy's or chrysler's. as os pointed out, i was referring to the final count for c4c (which i included in the sentence). thought it was pretty clear...guess not.

anyway, all you domestic haters continue your bashing. i can see it's hugely important to your egos and self worth to berate those who don't share your views.


honestly, i find it hard to understand why so many seem to relish in the thought of seeing american businesses and the american auto industry fail these days.

there use to be pride in it seems that the opposite is true. there seems to be a self-loathing trend in americans feel the need to apologize to the world for being american...not sure what has caused this cultural shift.


Cody, your right there once was pride. But that faded once it was found out that leaders of companies like GM were just as happy as ever to sell out its customers, workers, and anyone else just to make a buck... after they had already made tens of millions of bucks.

Quit trying to pull the patriotic line when a company won't respect the people that put it where it is.


wow, seriously what's your problem? is it with the company, their products, or anyone that doesn't share your view of hating them?

if you're going to throw out vague accusations of the company selling out americans, would you care to provide specifics? every company, foreign or domestic, is in the business of making money.

with regard to the patriotic line, there's nothing wrong with my use of it. if you watch the news, read magazines, or read blogs you can find a strong sense of american self-loathing. if you read european magazines, you can read their commentary about how puzzling the american phenomenon is. at any rate, it's my opinion, and you are free to disagree.

Original sheth


1. The people who led Detroit in the 70s and 80s are largely dead and all long gone.
2. Auto industry exec pay has never been near the top in terms of compensation. Those in the financial and technology industry make far more running companies.
3. No one running these companies today has ever expressed any lack of regard for customers. They are busy trying to undo the bad will of prior regimes.
4. You are pro Japan but in Japan they support their domestic automakers and shun the idea of imports. There are no foreign owned auto plants in Japan either. Since you admire the Japanese so much perhaps you can agree we should learn from their policies.

Original sheth

"wow, seriously what's your problem? is it with the company, their products, or anyone that doesn't share your view of hating them?"

all of the above. He hates the vehicles, the workers, anyone who drives the vehicles, anyone who doesn't share his view that all American cars are crap.

Bet we wont see this posted on anytime soon:


(un)Observant Shet

1. Most of those who run GM right now were employed by the company in the 80's and 90's and were trained under those who had departed.

2. It does not matter if they were at the top, they were/are still grossly overpaid.

3. Why would a CEO of any company actually express publicly any disregard for companies?
Are you actually trying to suggest that they would?

4. Yet again, you saying it doesn't make it true. I am a lover of all well made (even some that aren't so) automobiles. Ford has a great thing going. I think domestic automakers should have learned something from imports years ago. Making small, high quality, fuel efficient cars would have gone very far for them. You should know that, I am sure it has come up during your meetings with other GM employees.

And Cody, for real? Do we have to cite all the auto-plants GM has moved to other countries? How workers are laid off with the flip of a switch, and then, maybe, brought back as contractors? Do you have any idea what that any of that is like? How about years of inferior cars (or are you going to tell me that the Cobalt is a respectable vehicle?)? How about a ruining a company to the tune of 85 billion dollars while still pulling in millions in compensation?

It is not patriotic, american, whatever, to just simply make money, where do you come with that? Raw capitalism is not American, it is merely economics. You sound just like Shet, do you guys work at the same GM office?


Or maybe you are just another Shet clone...


more broad accuations and one-liners. got it. thank you for the education.

people that point at ford now as the example for gm and chrysler to immulate are pretty funny, because it's clear that their opinion is based primarily on the fact that they didn't take federal money.

i mean, looking at ford's product lines (ford, mercury, and lincoln), you find some of the most obvious examples of badge engineering in the auto industry. at least gm and chrysler vehicles that share the same platform look different.

as i've pointed out in past posts, no car maker today puts out a bad product (as compared to back in the 80s). all cars are reliable and well built, and a buyer of any car can expect years of trouble free driving if they take care of the routine maintenance of the vehicle.

gm and chrysler already had a public perception problem (like the koreans in the 90s), and the recent bail outs only made that worse. regardless of the quality/strength of their products, that will take years to change. people like you, belly, are prime examples of that fact.

and yes, for basic transportation, the cobalt is a solid, reliable compact car that returns fuel economy that leads most of its class....which is what most people shopping in that price range are looking for.


You really are Shet, aren't you?! You respond in almost the same tone, its hilarious! But really, to respond:
I have never said badge engineering was bad, actually I think it is a great idea for a car company if it will sell more cars.

It is not true that every car manufacturer puts out a reliable vehicle these days. Just check consumer reports, JD power, etc. Go ahead and say that all they measure are minor annoyances (I know you love CR) but we all know that isn't true.

Perception is not my problem with GM, it being a shoddy company is. I own a Cobalt and it is a "prime example" of poor engineering, cost cutting, and overall disdain for producing a quality small car (especially after GM said it was going to be way ahead of the cavalier - even though in some cases it was - which says a lot). No it has not required a major repair yet, but there have been plenty of small ones.

Producing a quality car does not mean just that it runs. Just about any car can be repaired enough to the point it would run forever.


oh, and i've been posting here long before os. it's hilarious that you talk about clones, considering the similarities in the posts from many of the 'anti-domestics'.

my first post was a rather neutral observation that in my town, the gm and chrysler dealership ran out of small cars that qualified for c4c. you and others jumped in to refute any claims that could indicate the gm and chrysler could have done better if they hadn't shut down production in response to the bail out.

it wasn’t long before you all started with the usual derogatory name calling (uneducated, putz, etc). as usual, you completely disregard any information that supports that the domestics don’t suck or are doing well (like my ref to gm finishing 2nd in c4c sales or the information provided by os).

it happens every time anyone tries to post anything that isn't anti-domestic on this who are the clones again? seems like we are the only ones with our own opinions.


oh and now you own a cobalt? really? how long have you had it, and how could someone who is obviously as enlightened as you be tricked into buying such an inferior product?

btw, are you going to stop w/the juvenile name calling any time soon?


Ha... I remember when I turned 16, I was given a choice between a brand new Cavalier or any used car. After driving the brand new Chevy, I ended up with a 5 year old Honda Prelude which drove better, looked better, and had better materials than the brand new car. It's pretty bad when a 5 year old used car is still better than the brand new one. I also managed to find the rare Prelude i miss that car!!!!



HOw long ago was that? 80s? 90s? This is 2009. Too many people want to stay in the past.


Cody has you figured out pretty well. First of all you are a phony if you now claim to like Ford. Since when? You never have anything good to say about any domestic product and now you claim to like vehicles from across the board and proclaim love for Ford. Give me a break. As Cody said you are only saying that because they didn't take loans. Until about last year most industry experts agreed Ford has behind GM in product competence. Ford has come on strong with the new Fusion and Taurus and good for them. Bottom line is FOrd and GM are making good product right now, no need to rank one above the other. Also, spare me the "small vehicles" speech. Toyota and Honda have expanded market share by building more luxury cars, SUVs, pickups and minivans. People kill me when they attribute all their success to making compact cars. You never heard of the dozens of import models that fall into the SUV/crossover or truck categories?


Belly does this all the time. Everytime he gets embarrassed on here he suggests that everyone who disagrees with him is actually ME. It's childish but you shouldn't expect anything else. This is probably the 5th time he has tried this same line of excuse making. The moderators told him before that they can tell if different screen names come from the same person.


Sheth, It was 2000...FYI. Obviusly I wouldn't still have that car. It happened to me last time when I test drove a brand new Lincoln Navigator, but ended up with a used 2007 Lexus GX470. I heard about how Ford has come so far in quality, and decided to take a look, but the Navigator was laughable and I could not spend that amount of money on something that would be worth $15k in 2 years. My point is that some used cars are better than new ones.


Shet, Cody, Putz, really does it make a difference? Throw H in there, and how many other aliases... I am phony, how? Because I wrote I like Ford products? No way! Is it possible that I just like attractive, well made cars? Can it be so?! Don't suggest what my thought process is, you have no idea - I don't hold a company's BS line through thick and thin like you. I know you remember a little while when I responded to one of your posts stating how I thought GM actually has some of the nicer looking vehicles out, the Malibu being the best example. But how do you make up for 20 years of crap in two? And what industry analyst's thought Ford was behind GM in product up until last year? What the one that you guys, I mean GM paid to write? Please, Ford has been well ahead for some time.

And you carry the GM thought process well, don't invest in small cars even though it would lead to more buyers down the road. That is a proven mantra in automobile manufacturing. Honda and Toyota both started with smaller, cheaper 4 cylinder vehicles first. That allowed them to move up in the market later on with CUV, SUV, big trucks, Minivans, etc. For the life of me, I can't understand why GM doesn't get that. Wait that's right, its big profits or else no go...

Original sheth


"Is it possible that I just like attractive, well made cars? "

Not possible. If it was you would like the Malibu, Equinox, CTS, Lacrosse, Aura, Acadia/Enclave/Traverse, etc. but you don't. GM has plenty of attractive well made vehicles and yet you hate the company because they had questionable leadership 30 years ago.

You have no idea about the history of the automotive history. There is no rule that says you have to build small cars first to build good cars. The Japanese came to the US with small cars (not great ones either) because that is what they made in Japan. before the 70s the US was not interested in compacts. That is why Detroit made no compacts. Gas was cheap and America is a wide open country and thus the cars that people wanted suited that reality. The Japanese got a foothold here because of the oil shock of the 70s. It took them another 15-20 years to start successfully selling larger vehicles in the US. The luxury brands came about in the late 80s and the SUVs and minivans came in the 90s. The cost structure of the Big 3 meant that there was little hope in making money on compacts and until the last decade or so they only made them to satisfy entry level "buy American" types and CAFE. All that has changed now and it started with the Focus 10 years ago. Why did you buy a Cobalt if you hate GM so much? You never answered that.


Off-putting Shet, what a minute, now it is the cost structure that prevents GM from making a good small car? I thought the running line was that the cobalt was a competitive offering?

And thanks for the wikipedia summary of the auto industry. Is that where GM gets its info? I don't think the CTS is bad, I think it is unimpressive. The Aura, again so-so. I think the Astra was a joke for the price. What else... the Equinox? I don't believe it will get the mileage advertised in real world driving, other than that I think it is a real-winner for GM. The Lacrosse looked good in pictures, but not so much in person. I have yet to test drive one though.

Not possible, yes you know it all... seriously go to another site.

The reason I bought a cobalt was price. It was too good to say no to. But there is nary a soul out there who bought a cobalt because they wanted to by a cobalt (SS excluded). Ask all your friends (I doubt you have many with all the invented ones you have on here) if they like there's.

Original sheth


Not only are you rude and ignorant, you have comprehension issues. I said things started to change with the Focus 10 YEARS AGO. The Cobalt was competitive when it came out. It had class leading hp, a quiet ride and nice features. Its still as competitive as the best selling Corolla to this day. It just lacks style and the latest features- it comes with age. The Cobalt was MUCH better than the Cavalier.

All of your GM bashing excuses about the products I named are lame. Not that I'm surprised. You don't give any details about why you think these products are so bad and my guess is you haven't sat in or driven any of them. Not that you would refrain from commenting. You have been in the Lacrosse already? Thats interesting considering its just showing up on dealer lots. What was unimpressive about the car? Edmunds liked it better than the ES350- cue the excuse making.

The cobalt has lots of fans and many people are upset that GM is changing the name to Cruze. On the GM blog they get comments constantly about the name change. Cobalt owners want the name to stay. Saying people who bought the Cobalt really wanted something better is ridiculous because the same could be said for most compact purchasers. Do you really think Corolla owners are impressed by that car? They buy it because its cheap and fuel efficient. It's not anything you dream of owning and you hope to afford something better one day. Most compacts are purchased because its all the owner can afford to pay or wants to pay. Most people who own a car that costs less than $20k would LIKE to own something better. College grads drive Corollas and Civics until they can afford a car they really want. Its cheap, practical, efficient transportation- nothing more.

Why dont you trade in your car for something made in Japan so you can be happy and leave me alone? I didn't make you buy a car you hate so don't take out your anger on me.


Waaaah! Leave me alone! Yes Obtuse Shet, I will leave you alone, once you take you and your fake names away from this site.

Honestly, nor just about anyone else cares about what you say. You are not correct that small cars only became relevant with the advent of the Focus in 2000. The cobalt was not competitive other than from a price standout, from the day it came out. Nor was the cobalt MUCH better than a cavalier (Yes, I traveled in many of them, they did stink). And where are all these fans of the cobalt, please. For every fan out there, there is at least 5 who think the car is junk. Many of them engineers at GM. Class leading hp has never made a car good, and it is not a quiet ride, I know personally, do you? And what exactly are nice features? Like a heater that actually works, and a/c compressor that doesn't fail, brakes that don't wear out within 15K miles? Oh that's right the cobalt doesn't have those.

And you are trying to discount my viewpoints because I don't drive every car? Isn't that the same thing Dave T. said to you and you said it doesn't matter? What do you do copy everyone else's arguments? You obviously just use the GM taglines, which is especially porous considering you work for them.

People who buy Civics and Corollas are much happier with there purchases than the cobalt. Check any index that ranks consumer satisfaction. There are plenty of people who buy those vehicles because it is just what they want, and they keep them for years. The same cannot be said for the cobalt (yes, there are a few exceptions to the rule, likely those same two people posting on all the GM message boards under different pseudonyms, sound familiar?).

You are an absolute douche to say that I am taking my anger out on you. Quit your whining. I have no anger, I am merely posting on a website, refuting the false claims that you make. You want to spread GM propaganda, keep trying, I will shoot it down.

Original sheth

Read C&Ds road test of the Cobalt when it was new. Read it and then refrain from asking me about the car again. If you say it wasn't competitive you are lying. Period. You don't even lay out the reasons its WASNT competitive. You keep saying the same thing without any basis. BTW, I have riden in and driven the Cobalt. C&D and others said the car was quiet and I agree. Certainly quieter than the Mazda 3 I've driven in terms of road noise.

"And you are trying to discount my viewpoints because I don't drive every car?"

I also mentioned sitting in the cars. I figured you have not and your response confirms that. How can you say a car is unimpressive without examining it in person? I didnt know the xB was cheap as heck until I drove one and examined the interior. I never liked it, but I assumed it was high quality based on what the press had said.

"You obviously just use the GM taglines, which is especially porous considering you work for them. "

Never worked for any car company. Never will.

"eople who buy Civics and Corollas are much happier with there purchases than the cobalt. Check any index that ranks consumer satisfaction. "

Provide a link or save it. I never even said they werent happier. I said compact car owners buy what they can afford, not what they want. Learn to read and comprehend. Since the civic is newer than the Cobalt I would think its more up to date and offering better customer satisfaction. BTW, according to edmunds Malibu and Fusion owners are more satisfied than Accord and Camry owners. Many other domestic vehicles like the CTS and Enclave and Equinox are also rated higher by owners than comparable imports. check it out for yourself.

"Quit your whining. I have no anger, I am merely posting on a website, refuting the false claims that you make. "

LOL. Getting a little bent out of shape I see. You have never refuted ANYTHING I said. You post no links, you make no reference to facts and you know nothing about the industry. What you do is embarrass yourself everytime you post and expose yourself as a small minded Toyota loving bigot. You have not convinced me or anyone else of ANYTHING. Trust me. You make other import lovers ashamed to be associated with you.


Wow Odd Shet, so you say things and don't provide links but you want me to? All you have to do is go to Consumer Reports for customer satisfaction ratings, they're the most accurate. But here's something for you to look at:

JD powers initial quality study on the cobalt, look at the low scores for mechanical quality, the APEAL portion of the study and dependability.|M-_9_|D-_7634_|Y-_2005_|resultStructure-combined&makeid=9&modelid=7634&year=2005&myid=6129&revlogtype=19&section=reviews&mode=&aff=national

^"Putting the Cobalt up as a competitor against long-established foreign models seems a bit of a reach."|M-_9_|D-_7634_|Y-_2005_|resultStructure-combined&revlogtype=19&makeid=9&modelid=7634&year=2005&myid=6129&revlogtype=19&section=reviews&mode=&aff=national

^So what does the Cobalt bring to the party that the Cavalier didn't? Not much, really.

How many more do you want? The only real praise I saw for the cobalt was in the SS trim. And even that went away in a year.

I have driven an Xb a couple of times, it is well ahead of cobalt, as is the Corolla (ridden in, driven many years many versions, even the latest - I didn't think you would need to hear - but otherwise it would prove I didn't right?). It may not be the best, but still well ahead of the cobalt. How many links do you want for that? Oh wait you said you already read the ones about the Xb though right?

Hah Shet, your insults are pathetic. And it is more than obvious (obvious shet though right?) that you wouldn't have the opinions (you still don't know the difference between a fact an opinion and that really is so funny) you have unless you worked for GM. Keep posting garbage Shet!


Belly -
Your wasting your time. When you provide Shet with sites he criticizes the source. And don't even go there with the xB...A superior car in all respects to every vehicle in it's class. For some reason he can't accept that. You have to feel sorry for a guy that still lives at home with his mom.


Whatever happened to following your own rule: don't comment on blogs that aren't on the main page anymore.

BTW what are you two "arguing" about? Oh yeah, I know the answer...JACK____! You fill in the blank.

Original sheth

"All you have to do is go to Consumer Reports for customer satisfaction ratings, they're the most accurate. But here's something for you to look at:"

Actually I said look at the consumer review ratings at Said nothing about Consumer Reports. Once again you fail to read and comprehend. Its a big part of your problem. Your posts are so poorly written its actually pretty difficult to understand what you are talking about. As usual you didnt provide ANY context or basis for your assertion that the Corolla is much better than the cobalt. How? It has less power, has hard plastics, costs more and gets about the same gas mileage. It also lacks several features found on the Chevy. How is it better? Can you answer a simple question like that objectively? I have recently driven a corolla and its not better than cobalt, in fact the interior may be worse. Nothing but hard plastics and flashing is easily found within the interior. In reality the two cars perform in the same manner and neither is a looker. Don't insult me for pointing these things out when you OWN a Cobalt. I don't. So who exactly is stupid here?

Spare me the links. They have made their disdain for the car clear from day one. Once again I say: read Car and Driver's initial road test review of the car. They noted hte quitness, handling, build quality, etc. READ IT or shut up. Its that simple. After you read it come back and talk to me....or not.

"And don't even go there with the xB...A superior car in all respects to every vehicle in it's class."

Any basis for that? Of course not. Mediocre mileage, high road noise, rock hard plastics, ugly interior- yeah its a real benchmark. Why don't you list the attributes that make the xB an excellent compact wagon. Can you do that Ziggy? Probably not.

Original sheth

Also, why are you posting links about customer satisfaction? I said nothing about that. You are arguing about something I never said. I said most compact cars are purchased on price. You contended that people who buy Civics and Corollas lust after those cars and are not buying for low price. compacts are not want most people aim to own, they are not aspirational.

In that first link you offered it showed that 86% of the people who had rated the Cobalt would recommend it to a friend. Sounds like they hate their car? Would you recommend yours? Since you are posting links about quality why dont you tell us how many times your car has broken down? How many warranty repairs? Why haven't you sold it yet? why do you continue to drive a car you hate and not purchase a superior Japanese model? I'd love to know buddy. Oh and playing around with my name doesn't really affect me so you can stop. Or not. It's up to you really. Its apparent looking childish doesn't bother you so I suspect you will continue to change my name in every post. I guess that's your signature move.

Original sheth

The following came from your second link:

"Overall, Cobalt is a nice effort from a company trying to please people who have been buying Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas by the thousands. Engineering-wise, Cobalt is a quantum leap ahead of the Cavalier and a near-peer of those wildly popular compact imports.

What does that mean? If your test-drive list includes only the Civic and Corolla, you need to add the Cobalt to that list."

You proved my point with your link. Thank you sir. You continue to dig a deeper hole for yourself.


Style -
Sorry my bad. Let's also make another rule. Let's not repsond to OS and maybe he'll quitely go away.


Sheth, unlike you, I have a life, so I would not spend a lot of time dealing with you.
In case if you have not tried this, go to each GM division, click locate dealer, then input a zip code in the specific area. Then go thru each and every dealer's website and search their inventory. With enough time, you can also do that. Wait, you have no life, so you got plenty of time to do that, right?

Come on, I expected a little better from you. Unlike Sheth, you tend to have more logical points. You used an example of your drive by to declare something for the whole country? Sure, your area do expect the whole country just like how US represents the whole world.

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