Tailgate 'Skins' Show Team Loyalty, Uglify Your Car

Audi_Chargers Just in time for football season, the San Diego-based company Skinit is offering Tailgate Packs that let you turn your car, truck or RV into a full-fledged advertisement for your favorite NFL or college team by adorning your vehicle with the team name, mascot and colors.

The “skins” are made from 3M Controltac automotive-grade vinyl with an adhesive that the company claims can be removed without leaving any residue behind. The company says they should last as long as a year before fading.

You can get the emblems for any NFL team and 125 major college football teams, but Skinit is also planning to introduce a customized version for high school and local sports teams.

The car-sized packs cost $49.95, the pickup truck version goes for $99.95 and decorating the RV will cost $149.95. And if you ever defile your Audi A3 like the image above, your team deserves to lose.

Tailgate Packs Let Vehicles Show Team Colors (Detroit News)

By Stephen Markley | September 18, 2009 | Comments (6)
Tags: Car Gadgets



I concur. They remind me of the big New York Yankees and Oakley symbols that people put on their cars that scream, "I'm a thug." Although, these skinits scream, "I'm a douchebag."


You never saw the fully decked out Dodge Dynasty "New England Patriots" custom edition someone cobbled up around here.It has Patriots decals on every panel,and team players names all over the hood and trunklid in individual stick on letters.This car sat on a Tilton NH used car dealership for months before some elder female bought it.Wonder if she's a Patriots fan,or just a Dodge Dynasty fan thats not fussy...?


Oh Jeez, this is bad enough, and I bet they'll start doing high school teams too. It's tacky and a visual affront....and half my neighborhood will have their vehicles done.


Go ahead buy em...support that corporate greed and the ridiculous salaries these guy get for throwing a ball around....PS they look awful!

Sure, it's all great fun until Norv Turner drives your finely-tuned Charger-mobile into a fence.

Nice Audi - screw the stickers!

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