Saturn Deal Falls Through, Brand to Die


Today, Penske Automotive Group is withdrawing its plan to purchase Saturn from GM. In turn, GM has issued a statement declaring it will not seek other buyers for Saturn and will wind down the brand and its dealers.
The terms of this process — including how long new Saturns will be produced and sold — will be announced at a later date.

Penske cited problems securing deals to sell other makes and models besides the current crop of GM-sourced vehicles. The company said a deal with a third party to make future Saturns fell through and that led to the deal’s termination.

Saturn now joins Pontiac and Oldsmobile in the GM graveyard. The sale of Hummer is still ongoing.  



Sad, I was hoping Penske could perhaps resurrect Saturn by creating some great fuel efficient and reliable American cars...

john petrovich

I'm the finance manager at Saturn of Pleasant Hills and I'm in shock we had no idea this was going to fall thru... we even have the 2010 brochures wow!

John P.,
We're waiting to hear if they'll make the 2010s still since it was always going to be GM producing them. Please let us know at if you learn anything more.
Best of luck.


Sad for Saturn customers who used to enjoy positive buying experiences. I wish more dealerships and brands would realize that people don't like to feel uncomfortable when they approach a dealership- don't like pushy sales people.

Lastly, I do enjoy that GM is still struggling and I can only keep dreaming that GM itself collapses and stops putting lemons on the road.

Nuf said.


I am very diappointed. My current car is a Saturn and I am very satisfied. I had looked forward to becoming a loyal Saturn customer.


What is it with American auto manufacturers.....they start out with a good idea and then either devote their energies to killing it or having it die by neglect.


DaveIn, I hope you don't really mean that. I'm a die hard Mopar fan, but even I know if GM goes under then its not just GM, its millions and millions and millions of jobs lost WORLD wide thus an economic issue at a far larger scale than just the USA. I hate Honda and Toyota, but do I wish they would fall off the face of the planet? be lying if I said no, but then I think and it would be far worst for them to die than to put up with your own opinions of cars.

Amuro Ray

Another example of how our tax $ has gone to the drain. Saturn commercials were running on nationwide TV channels, saying "we'll be there - in the future."

I wonder how much of our $ has gone into that ad campaign :(

Bob Talley

I read that GM killed their eBay program since it wasn't selling any cars. eBay and Saturn gone in the blink of an eye.


"Sad, I was hoping Penske could perhaps resurrect Saturn by creating some great fuel efficient and reliable American cars..."


don't be fool. Penske was about to sell you some rebadged Daewoo and Renault junk as Saturn.


"...I had looked forward to becoming a loyal Saturn customer. "


don't be fool. You don't want to be loyal to no company. Just buy a car based on its function, reliability, etc. Same company can produce a successful model and a piece of junk. Not all Hondas, Toyotas, Saturns, etc are reliable or good in general.
Better be loyal to your wife. At least, she can scratch your back when you don't feel good. With your loyalty talk, you might have to scratch your head later.


Aw snap! Sheth/1487, your Aura is going to be an orphan!

No loss. Saturn was a joke since the 90's when they went from being a "Different kind of Car Company" to nothing more than Chevy and pontiac clones. At least Roger Smith's disasterous "Pie in the Sky" Pet project has finally come to its fitting end.


Yes, I did mean it. The dealings I have had with GM and their dealers over my 12 years of driving has left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth- to say the least. I understand every company produces a "bad one" once in a while- I can accept that- but the way the service department treats people is ludacris.

If GM busted (which in all honesty I can't imagine they ever would) there would be other companies that would take over their market share and provide new jobs. All those stonch republicans (redneck country hillbilly's) would still have to buy cars from someone!

From an 12 volt installation technicians point of view....

Well that is just what was expected.
GM's responsible for it and as usual,
shifts blame to everyone else.

Total mismanagement again, and now, a loss
for many American auto workers and customers.

So, ok, instead of sulking about it till I died,
early last year, I saw the writing on the wall and then
I designed and started selling a product that solves
the faulty GM PASSLOCK systems that GM is notorious
for. To see how I get this done, go to .

It works to correct a problem that GM will not/can not
recall. & now more than ever,
Saturn owners who drive in under 30 degree temps
will need it to fix they're issue for good.

This is of course is good for me and my business sure,
but I need to vent here a little... As an AMERICAN, I am ashamed
at how this all washed out. More American business gone
to incompetent management. It's not the workers, or the Unions.
It's the way the management kept a blind eye on business. :>(

It boggles the mind how GM dangles the jobs of so many employees
in front of them, then pulls the rug out last minuite.
Like Snoopy pulling the football away just as Charlie Brown
tries to kick it, it's bad form, bad business and VERY
Bad planning.

I hope another company see's the value of keeping the
doors open at Saturn. This vehicle's sales methods
and practices were sound.

The parent company and it's leadership were not.


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