Plenty of Hatred on Internet for Honda Accord Crosstour


There haven’t been many new models that have stirred the ire of the internet as quickly as Honda’s Accord Crosstour. The crossover made its official internet debut yesterday on a number of blogs, including this one, Facebook and on Honda’s official website. The internet is an open forum, and people weighed in immediately with almost universal disapproval of the car’s design. Namely its ungainly front end.

We talked to Honda spokesman Chuck Schifsky about the reaction and if Honda might consider something as radical as reworking the grille.

“We’re confident with the styling,” Schifsky said. He suggested that people need to see the Crosstour in person and on the road before leveling criticism. He also said that it’s a little bigger than the Accord, so possibly the larger grille won’t seem so off-putting in person.

Schifsky said there was a lot of negative internet chatter about the new Civic when it debuted because it had small windows ahead of the door, sort of like the Toyota Prius.

Since then, Twitter and Facebook have opened up even more outlets for people to vent, and vent they did.

On Honda’s official Facebook page for the Crosstour, where more than 4,000 people have become fans of the page after seeing snippets and teaser images of the crossover, there was much disdain. Many of the commenters didn’t resemble the typical online automotive enthusiast — known to complain about anything and everything — either.

  • Leigha Brennan: And it's hideous. Great -- there goes my excitement about having a potential wagon! I adore Honda, but the Crosstour is strange and not attractive ... maybe it won't be as assaulting to my sensibilities in person??
  • Mike Rim: How do you become an UN-fan??
  • Eliot Tipton: Anyone else suddenly notice how good-looking the 2010 Outback is?
  • Grace Recasner: No, no, no.... I was waiting, praying that Honda would reconsider this when I saw the spy photos. I've been holding off buying because I thought this would be my perfect car, now I think I'll end up with a CR-V.

Even on our own blog post where we -- the jaded automotive journalists at -- described the Crosstour images as unsightly had readers leveling verbal bombs about the crossover.

  • No need to waste words: IT'S HIDEOUS!!!
    Posted by: tscurt
  • Honda's designers must be in a real bad funk. Maybe they're hoping the Pontiac Aztec owners will get excited and buy this beast.
    Posted by: eagle2x
  • I would prefer if they drop the "crossover" shenanigans and call it a station wagon, or even estate to be fancy.
    I can accept "commanding view" (think Subaru wagons), but this is an ugly mutation of SUV and station, with the pretext of crossover, not to mention awkward styling. Ho hum.
    Posted by: Mike

It doesn’t seem like any amount of public outcry via the internet will change the look of the Crosstour before it launches in late fall.

By David Thomas | September 2, 2009 | Comments (46)


Looks like an MKT, squished of course.

Where's the original design anymore?


This thing is DullsVille, man...




i hate people who put down the Aztek...& can't even spell it right! I would take an Aztek over this "thing" anyday..but that's my HO!!


looks like a bloated Prius from the rear with a face that had more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers.

OG Seth

Chuck Schifsky is a fool. What makes him think others will love this contraption?


i havent seen one good comment about this car...and i agree its hideous!


Big Honda lover, on my 3rd one. But it will be my last. Honda designers have gone bonkers. Hope this fails horribly. Like many have asked on the Facebook page, why didn't they bring over the slick Euro Accord Wagon???


So honda copies toyota. Prius w/ the insight and now stealing from the venza, c mon


that thing puts the U G L Y in the word UGLY


Is it just me or does that grille look photoshopped?

That is the ugliest Honda I have seen in awhile. Honda seems to really be on a "Roll" if you will, with the ugly styling. First the "Beak" on all the Acuras, then the redesigned Pilot, now this abomination! It looks like they mistook "Different" for "Good."

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The only positive thing I can say is that the giant front clip probably contributes to its safety scores. Talk about crush space.


Ugliest. Honda. Ever.
But it still might have good reliability, pricing, practicality, etc.
I still wouldn't buy one, though.


This is Honda's 2010 Pontiac Aztek!

Ben Miner

I think they should just call it the Accord wagon and be done with it. There is nothing wrong with wagons. Oh and make it available with a 4-cylinder starting around 25k. Not everybody needs/wants a V6.

Original sheth

I think its obvious that Honda feels they can put out ANYTHING and have it sell. I don't think styling is even a priority. They are confident that their reputation alone will move this vehicle. I think they are wrong. It cannot be hard to hire designers from other automakers.


Ugly! it also looks kind of like an Audi Q7 in mini form with the front end. Ugly!


LOL @ all the comments!

I guess the look is, um, ahead of its time?

IMHO the X6 pulls off the ugliness because it's expensive and you couldn't get anything that looked like that on the road (more unique than the too-common X5!).

most Accord buyers, i dare say, is NOT looking to stand out in that way.


This is a copy of the 2006 Hyundai Elantra GT. It is strange days indeed when Honda is chasing Hyundai.

Original sheth

Hyundai is now bigger than Honda worldwide so Honda is indeed chasing them. Folks in the states don't realize how big Hyundai really is-same for VW. Their share here isn't impressive yet but they are amongst the top 5 in the world in size.


Hyundai is bigger than Honda in terms of what? Not automobiles.



"Hyundai is now bigger than Honda worldwide"?

You know what? I would love to see you can come up with a supportive data for this nonsense comment.


I did - Google it before posting, check this out:

Hyundai doesn't own Kia outright. But Hyundai has gotten its act together. They have some pretty nice products.

Max Reid

This is Honda's equivalent of Toyota-Venza.

In Aug-2009, CUV's set a record sales. After all, Hatches and CUV's offer lot more space for a given size of the vehicle.

People will buy.
First CUV's captured the market of SUV's, soon, they may encroach into Sedan territory.
This 1 above looks good.

Original sheth

"Hyundai is bigger than Honda in terms of what? Not automobiles. "

Kia sales count as Hyundai sales. They sell more than Honda. Period.

Original sheth

This came from the link you provided Belly:

"The South Korean automobile industry is today the fifth largest in the world in terms of production volume and the sixth largest in terms of export volume. 50 years ago, its initial operations were merely the assembling of parts imported from Japan and the United States. The Hyundai Kia Automotive Group is today the second largest automaker in Asia, after Toyota."

do you even read the links you offer? Apparently not. 2nd largest in Asia means BIGGER than everyone except Toyota.


Ah, counting Kia along with Hyundai. That should do it.
But counting Hyundai alone cannot do that.
And I cannot see where Sheth has mentioned the Hyundai group. BTW, Hyundai do not own Kia completely.
Otherwise, we would have to count Mazda toward Ford; Hino, Daihatsu towards Toyota, then the whole shebang gets out of control.
Now see how pointless is that?
Hyundai vs Honda 1 on 1. Hyundai does not win.

Derrick G

The Wikipedia article does list Kia and Hyundai seperately in their big list, noting Hyudai no longer owns 51% of Kia, but the fact is that Kia is still listed on Hyundai's annual report as a consolidated subsidiary and under Korean law as little as 20% can be considered control. Plus other Hyundai-owned or controlled comapanies own part of Kia, just as Kia and Kia-owned companies own part of Hyundai. Even the Genesis has parts stamped with both the Hyundai and Kia logos. Ever looked up the street address for the two companies' headquarters? It's the same. So it's silly to consider them anything but the same group for determining size. All their engineering and most of their design are integrated, so it's fair to say that's bigger than Honda now.

Oh, and Hyundai was within 156 vehicles of Honda in Canada last month. Same period last year that was 5,986. No C4C up there, so Kia might not even be a point to argue soon.


"2nd largest in Asia means BIGGER than everyone except Toyota."

-Shet, your an idiot.

Derrick G


If you'd educated yourself by checking out the link first, you'd see that Daihatsu and Hino ARE included in Toyota's stats. Mazda isn't in Fords (they don't own a majority any more). Yet Volvo's are in the Wikipedia article even though the OICA list that list is taken from lists Volvo seperately. So even there it's the standard the person doing the list made for themselves.

Tell me which are more related: Most Kias and Hyundais or Volvos and Fords? Fact is Hyundai CONTROLS Kia outright and their cars are every bit as related as Buicks and Chevrolets are.

Belly, he meant bigger than anyone else than Toyota IN ASIA. And did you perhaps mean "you're an idiot."?


Derrick, thanks for the grammar correction.


And... if you add up the data from the OICA data Hyundai's and Kia's automobile production is not greater than Honda's.


But yes Derrick, thanks for the grammar.


Sorry, I guess I stuttered a little bit there.

Original sheth

"Belly, he meant bigger than anyone else than Toyota IN ASIA. And did you perhaps mean "you're an idiot."?"

Thank you. What else could anyone thought I meant there? Hyundai group sells more vehicles than Honda. Period. Its not new information and its not open for debate. Only an idiot would contend otherwise. In the US they have outsold Nissan/Infiniti several months in 2009.

Ford never owner the majority of MAzda, but it was the largest shareholder. I believe ford owned 33% of Mazda before selling off much of their stake. Ford never owned Mazda outright or controlled their product decision making. Ford and Mazda used their relationship to share a lot of parts and platforms to save money and exhange expertise. Hyundai/Kia is different.

Original sheth

"And... if you add up the data from the OICA data Hyundai's and Kia's automobile production is not greater than Honda's. "

You truly are a little slow. If you add up the numbers (2008 numbers! not current) Hyundai/Kia add up to about 4.1M units while Honda is listed as 3.9M units. What are you talking about? The link YOU provided states that Hyundai is the 5th largest automaker and the 2nd largest in Asia behind Toyota. Why are you arguing?


My goodness Shet, you can't get math straight either? Add up the numbers for automobiles, you know cars, not commercial vehicles, etc. I'll be here once you finish that... I know it will take you a while that's okay.


And 2008 numbers aren't current? Who makes business plans based on only half a years data? Hah, you stupid GM employee you!


Come on, Hyundai owns less than 40% of Kia, and you are saying that they control it?
FYI, Volvo's architecture are shared among Ford and Mazda.

Derrick G

Yes, I'm saying they control it. Again, let me point out that Hyundai's Annual Report calls Kia a "Consolidated Subsidiary". By definition, they control a SUBsidiary. That's why it has the "sub" prefix. Let me say it again: they're incorporated in S. Korea. The rules for control aren't the same as in the US. They're also a chaebol, with lots of other inter-connected ownership. The less than 40% is only what Hyundai Motor owns of Kia Motors. It doesn't include things like Kia's part ownership of Hyundai Mobis, which Hyundai Motor controls, or Hyundai USA's part ownership of Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia. Even Kia Motors Finance is just a DBA name for Hyundai Capital America. There's simply nothing Kia does that Hyundai doesn't have a hand in.

And yes, I know SOME Fords and Volvos share architecture. They don't typically share the exact same engine and things like window switches. Excepting the current Sorento and Borrego every Kia made is based on a Hyundai platform. And the Borrego is a stretched outgoing Sorento. If that's not control, I don't know what is.

Doggy Daddy

Honda's styling department must be run by Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. On one hand you have the FCX Clarity, Fit and Insight. On the other hand you have the Pilot, Ridgeline, The Accord (front end) and this abomination!! What happened to the Accord "wagon" that was supposed to compete against the Toyota Venza? That was a good looking vehicle! While we're at it, what about the diesel Accord? Looks like I'll be shopping the Jetta TDI Sportwagon next year and NOT Honda!!

Original sheth

"And 2008 numbers aren't current? Who makes business plans based on only half a years data? Hah, you stupid GM employee you!"

Hyundai has outperformed most of the market in 2009 which means its lead over Honda is larger. Once again I will repeat: the link you provided said Hyundai/Kia is the SECOND largest automakers in Asia. That means larger than Honda or Nissan. That is from YOUR link my friend. YOUR LINK. Still confused? Why would we leave out commercial vehicles if we are comparing TOTAL sales between the companies? Care to explain that?

Original sheth


"Come on, Hyundai owns less than 40% of Kia, and you are saying that they control it?
FYI, Volvo's architecture are shared among Ford and Mazda."

Ford has never owned Mazda. Ford was the largets shareholder and reaped some benefits from Mazda profits. Ford owns Volvo outright and Volvo sales count as Ford sales in the global rankings. Its the same as GM owning Saab even though Saab still has a presence in Sweden.


Come on, if you're talking ugly car designs that are styled and engineered by retards, then my vote goes to the 2010 Chevy Camaro. Just about the silliest looking car on the market. Please don't condemn Honda when other companies are building absolute eyesores!

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